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Stupid Famous People
VIDEO: Cara Delevingne is surrounded by paparazzi while walking in Soho with Zoe Kravitz! @Caradelevingne
VIDEO: Cara Delevingne Chases after Pesky Paps in Soho, NYC @Caradelevingne
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VIDEO: Julianne Hough is Very Sweet with Fans after Announcing DWTS Return on GMA in NYC! @juliannehough #DWTS
VIDEO: Shawn Mendes has fans going CRAZY in NYC! @GMA @ShawnMendes
VIDEO: Shawn Mendes is SO NICE with fans in NYC! @ShawnMendes
VIDEO: We spotted Josh Brolin at Good Morning America!
Posting new video of @ShawnMendes talking to fans outside @GMA on our YouTube channel very soon!…
.@earlxsweat Nicki Minaj, for instance, is far more offensive/harmful to black culture than 3 seconds of a Taylor Swift video ever will be.
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VIDEO: Rita Ora & Chrissy Teigen at Pretzel Stand in NYC! @RitaOra @chrissyteigen
(10) NEW PHOTOS just added to the Chrissy Teigen Photo Gallery on SFP!… @chrissyteigen
(19) NEW PHOTOS just added to the Rita Ora Photo Gallery on SFP!… @RitaOra
.@RitaOra making sure everything is in it's right place...
Watch out @RitaOra -- The media is gonna say you're pregnant!
PICS: We spotted Rita Ora & Chrissy Teigen at a Preztel Stand in Madison Square Park, NYC!… @RitaOra @chrissyteigen
There's only 4 more 5SOS autographed photos left on the SFP Autographs web site right now!… @5SOS #5SecondsOfSummer