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hey peeps can you all check my friend annmarie singing, she has a beautiful voice! please retweet
im Sagittarius, this says it all really!!
if you could be a McDonalds food item what would you be and why?
social media is being sat there staring at a screen. scrolling, judging silently. that's not very social
favorite this if you saw it and didn't wanna rt it,
Its so unfair when you love singing but you was born with a voice that sounds like a choking parrot.
i hate it when the joke doesn't come off and you're stood there like a potato
I hate it when I'm laughing so hard at something I shouldn't be and then I spit like a lama, not cool. #stillfunnytho
Some chick on kik called bobthebuilder6654332688 wants to chat to me........ Oh my god wait!! I'm heading right over there to chat now! Lol
You cannot succeed without at least having a go at something, if it goes tits up at least you had a go!!
Hey peeps can you all please please go follow my new business account @dinofinds because i would really appreciate that very muchly!!
NEW Mini Bluetooth speaker and hands free kit rolled in to One! 5 striking colors. £25 Uk
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that awkward moment you double tap on instagram with the intention of zooming
check out this Bluetooth mini speaker and hands free kit, great for your holidays
Hey people after 8 months of hard work my new business is a GO, if you like gadgets go check it out thanks
Whenever your feeling down or you feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders just remember this, You could be a fly.....bzzzzzzzzzzz
My sisters cat has been missing for 8 days in the Wigan area, he's my best pal and I'm heart broke Please Rt
Zombification complete.
I had a great time in magaluf and I even got some new white flip flops
#USA go out if #WorldCup but America Can be PROUD of each and every single one of them players who gave everything for their nation!!