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Canada. Meeting the local puppy. Nice to be almost home.
Canada. Meeting the local puppy. Nice to be almost home.
Morning commune with the Great Sea. #gichigami #motorcycle #riders
Going back to the days of yes y'allin'.
Whomever stepped on all the spiders or had a rain rave, thank you for the free bike and helmet wash ;) #saskatchewan
Just letting you know, Ask Naomi episode 11 will be going live today 👍😆�
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About to hit the rainy road ;) Embroidering burning cars with paint #artistoftheweek
And...‘Last Goodbye... Lover, You Should’ve Come Over, Hallelujah'. A classic turns 20 #Grace
Wanna meet tonight's drunkest guy in the world? Meet the dude talking to me. Takeaway: He's ok with Putin, not Ukraine, loves to arm wrestle
Alright Chamberlain, Saskatchewan! #Canada
Based on everyone in this diner's reaction to @willallenphoto asking for a Perrier, I'm afraid to order a veggie burger. #NorthBattleford
Peace to Calgary. Heading north to Edmonton. #Riders #CANADA ... Feels like a beautiful autumn day in Alberta :s #motorcycle
Peace to Calgary. Heading north to Edmonton. #Riders #CANADA ... Feels like a beautiful autumn day in Alberta :s
Watch # THEKNICK tonight on @Cinemax it will NOT disappoint
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ST. LOUIS COP THINKS PROTESTERS SHOULD "BE PUT DOWN LIKE RABID DOGS." 😓#standupp#peacefulprotestt#fergusonn 🙏
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On the anniversary. Much #LoveHopeOptimism in this 2010 convo with Jack Layton, days after he announced his illness
Closing out the week with @strombo's interview with Jake Gyllenhaal 11:30 pm on @CBC #Enemy
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"If you're after gettin' the honey... then you don't go killin' all the bees" Happy Birthday Joe Strummer (via @strombo @Hunterundead)
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@WBrettWilson: Sitting with @strombo to watch the world premier showing of @SWEARNET - ? #ClassicCanadianTalent nice to see you again pal:)
Back in 2010, I played a little game called #siblingrivalry with @teganandsara in the #redchair #tbt
In honour of the @SWEARNET world premiere today… the last bit of @trailerparkboys mayhem from the show:
May the afterlife sound like dingy basements, dingy streets and dragging handclap over every dragging beat! Happy Birthday Joe Strummer
Tim Leiweke's on his way out… here's 40 (!) #redchair minutes with the man from earlier this year
Fucking pumped for the world premiere of our Swearnet Movie tonight in Toronto. Swearman is fucking coming!!
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Love This kids bio and future! Follow @sawyerlevy428 @SugarMichael
@elonmusk you are a superhero. give me 5 years and i will be along side you designing top clean energy and aerospace technologies.
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I hope everyone is very much aware of the terror that the Police are bringing to the community and organizers of #Ferguson. Actual. Terror.
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Happy birthday, Joe Strummer and thanks. Eternally inspired, The @strombo Show #TheFutureIsUnwritten
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Halifax Pop Explosion adds Cold Specks, Tanya Tagaq and Zeds Dead to the roster @HalifaxPopX:
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Always wonder why Little League World Series doesn't go with all-kid announcer booth. Three kids, talking baseball, Capri Suns, tater tots.
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ACLU: Officer who threatened to 'f*cking kill' #Ferguson protesters taken off duty
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Justin Trudeau gets lesson in security from Jean Chretien | National Newswatch:…
Could @drvandanashiva 's refreshing ideas save the world? Great discussion with @strombo on @CBC
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Best part of stopping for the night after a long day on a #motorcycle roadtrip is finding a quality nap buddy #riders
Stopped for the night. Found a nap buddy. #riders #dogsofinstagram