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David Hobby
Totally want one of these @suitcasesound systems. Gonna lurk the stream until I see The One that calls my name.
So Marcus Haney held an AMA to defend No Cameras Allowed. Even tho stocked with suspected shills, it was ... brutal:…
He's currently introducing and featuring all his "other" band members. (@zachdeputy is a solo act, an insane looper extraordinaire.) #BOSS
Presently being blown away live by @zachdeputy, who, quite amazingly, totally lives up to his Twitter bio. #BeastMode
In Wilmington to catch @M4MB. Got to hang out at soundcheck. DAMN dat band is tight. Beyond stoked for tonight's show. 2 8th graders in tow.
Of course. Ex-NSA chief has "unique" skilz, will help you secure your computers. For $1,000,000.00 a MONTH.…
Once again, here's the dog that looks like Vladimir Putin
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"Help yourself. It's nice. White people are addicted to it." Cocoa growers taste chocolate for the very first time:…
Just found out via @dpsingle that ShopHouse, AKA the Asian Chipotle, is coming to my local Columbia Mall. #trembling
In withdrawal from Game of Thrones, stumbled across the History of the Crusades podcast on iTunes. Pretty much the same thing, w/o dragons.
The previous RT for the Reddit AMA was from from the guy in the [real or fake] No Cameras Allowed documentary. cc @dlcade @petapixel
@strobist @andeewells @DustinGenPhoto hey boys - head to Reddit tomo 9 AM PST for an AMA... Would love to clear some of this up for ya :)
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My teenagers have been trying to figure why our wifi signal pretty much vanishes after 11pm. Maybe the Xmas light timer I put on the router?
You are not too late: RT @Medium: “In terms of the internet, nothing has happened yet.” —@kevin2kelly…
Weekend Reads: Check out this interview with photog @melissalyttle (one of many good reads, actually) on Fuse Visual.…
Searching for photographers creatively working outside the bounds of traditional photo biz ecosystems. Know one? Hit me w/good examples.
@strobist Maybe you should sneak into the theatre to see it. :)
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No Cameras Allowed AND Marcus Haney are TOTES real y'all. It was just confirmed to me by a *journalist* named Tiffany who writes for MTV.
"Marcus Haney" dude in music photog *doc* is looking more like whole-cloth fiction. Twitter acct looks fishy, too.
In addition to blatantly ripping off @Apple hardware (& even website) design, @xiaomi stealing photogs' images, too:…
Common sense, if you respect ur customers: MT @PopPhoto: @FujifilmUS X-series lens road map tells you what is coming.…
Totally agree w/photographer Matthias Hombauer, who is calling bullshit on the new "documentary" No Cameras Allowed.
Apologies for the NSFW link. Apparently the 50 Shades of Grey trailer is not at all about the Zone System.