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David Hobby
Priceless. The FBI's own website recommends enabling encryption on cell phones, as the FBI director condemns it.
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Lead Poisoning at the Range: This issue will show who the NRA is ultimately serving—shooters, or gun manufacturers.…
If you love bees and yellow jackets, you should visit a pumpkin patch. You won't be disappointed.
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“Even more despised than the Brunch People are the vegetarians.” @Bourdain spills some trade secrets: #TNYarchive
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(The "ultrawide" notation on Amazon page below is a mistake. It is really a superfast—and narrow DOF—tele. Equiv. 127 f/1.4 on Fuji mount.)
Rokinon has released a Fuji version of their sleeper $299(!) 85/1.4 in Fuji mount. (I have Nikon mount; & love it.)…
For others deeply engrossed in @serial, Reddit discussion incl. Adnan family friend/series instigator Rabia Chaudry:…
With the new iMac Retina 5k display, you'd need a 24MP camera to make a WALLPAPER. A 16MP camera would not cover the long dimension at 100%.
Florida, I couldn't be more proud of you right now. Thank you for the never-ending stream of weirdness. #fangate
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Too freaked out about Ebola to go get a flu shot.
Weird-onomics: Chrome Fuji X100s appear to be selling out—back to full price now. Black, still $200 off:…
FBI announces new policy: Homes in USA to remove all locks, as locks indicate owners are hiding something.
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In a BBC interview, Jimmy Page maps out the writing of Stairway to Heaven:… #CreativeProcess
I'm (technically) in college! Mom would be so proud. RT @ASBAFfr: @strobist even follows me in my photo classes...
Trying some new @strobist and @zarias OneLight techniques for family Halloween Portraits.
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Whoa. Not Photoshopped: MT @pourmecoffee: Rescue/recovery atop the ash-covered shrine on Mount Ontake (Kyodo News)
Oh my God, people. The @serial podcast. It is, all at once, my favorite new TV show, movie & book. LISTEN YOU'RE WELCOME.
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Just walked in on my 13-yr-old working out a decent (4-stick) "Stairway" on his marimba. <WayneCampbellVoice>Excellent!</WayneCampbellVoice>
Fuji X shooters: Into landscapes? Check out David Cleland's blog, FlixelPix, at
Holy Smokes! You must, *must*, MUST check out @serial. No lie. Many thanks to @strobist for spreading the good word.
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A fantastic, concise (8-min. read) guide to punctuation:…
If you loved The Wire, you should be listening to @serial right now as it unfolds week by week. Just. Keeps. Getting. Better.
Next episode tomorrow: RT @BrendanMenapace: @serial is the best tv show that isn't on tv. Like if The Wire & Twin Peaks had a podcast baby.
Georgia journalist is served a “stalking temporary protective order" after posting his story about a candidate.
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"Lumens... I'm your FAH-ther..." RT @petapixel: A crazy looking macro flash adapter Darth Vader would be proud of:
Hey photographer friends: I'm learning a ton from @strobist lately. Love this latest post
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I joined a great group of sports photogs in extolling the joys of Tri-x - 60 years old this year - I love B&W
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New on Strobist: #StrOA168, a detailed walk-thru of a 2-speedlight shoot at an abutment.…
Amazon has dropped the price on the remaining Fuji X100s by $200. They prolly won't last long.…
Are we approaching "content shock"? A provocative essay
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Wish @serial would do a Netflix and release all the episodes in one go. Can’t wait for the next one - gripping stuff.
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My 16-yr old just announced she's knitting an art installation entitled, "My mother won't turn on the heat."
Yes. RT @petapixel: Photographer rushes field and gets in ref’s face during college football game. Did he go too far?
Seriously, listen to the first two (~30-min) episodes of @serial. Then see if you can walk away. #Transfixed
In a new podcast, producers from "This American Life" channel "True Detective"… via @MotherJones
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#Serial from Sarah Koenig is my new favorite podcast. Don't know if I can wait a week in between each episode. #thisishowcharlesdickensworks
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Not listening to @serial? Then you're missing the best thing 2 come from an ex-Baltimore Sun reporter since The Wire:…
End of an era: RT @Gizmodo: This is the first weekend in America w/no Sat. Morning Cartoons:
“You don’t think of water as privilege until you don’t have it anymore." // Stark thought, on California drought:…
Fantastic idea: RT @petapixel: Trash or Keep - Flic uses Tinder swipe interface to help you organize your iOS photos:
IPhone 6 isn't designed to exist w/o case. Surprisingly fragile. RT @_JC84: @strobist that sucks. I’ve always been case free with my iPhones
Guess I need to get it repaired, then immediately find a Kevlar case for it. #Bendgate #iFragile
Not just skinny jeans that are enemy of iPhone 6. Loose shorts, too. SITTING on concrete step, phone slipped 6" out of pocket. #BrokenScreen
Was photographing a Baritone (Steven Eddy) for HCAC; but also snapped a few iPhone pics. iPhone 6: legit camera.…