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David Hobby
My Lynda Travel Photo videographer learned the hard way that cheap tripods are ultimately very expensive. Looking at you, @VanguardPhotoUS.
On @Photogardner's recommendation, took a side trip while in London to Greenwich & Painted Hall. Much recommended.…
This makes you think: In Hope Solo Case, Soccer Turns a Blind Eye Toward Domestic Violence, via @nytimes…
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FYI, here are cheap, 3rd-party vented shades for Fuji's 35/1.4 (…) and 23/1.4 (…)
1. Totally want the upcoming Fuji 140-400mm zoom. 2, Just KNOW it'll come (sigh) w/a flower shade. 3. Found mah fix:…
"Alright, let's get this over with." <- Me, heading to the living room to watch my Gators play Bama. At Bama. #HouseOfPain #FingersCrossed
When @tonycorbell was younger he studied at the feet of Dean Collins. You can so see that influence in this BTS vid:…
Here's the HuffPo pic (now removed) that @dangillmor was pointing at:
Huffington Post's aggregation ethics: scroll down to #9 (quick, before they get embarrassed enough to remove it):…
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I am surprisingly okay with this, because: a) it's California, and b) it's really pretty decent Photoshopping.
Awesome BTS, from the @NewYorker: "Putting a camera just forward-facing on your helmet doesn't cut it any more."
Somebody needs to take a class on the history of photography...
.@BorowitzReport: Queen Rips “Scottish Bastards” in Angry Televised Address
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Some guy named Peter Hwang made the cover of my local paper. Kinda feel bad for him. Bet his mom is pissed, too.
IT'S ABOUT TIME. Now I can finally switch to Canon. RT @petapixel: Rumor - Canon to release 46MP pro DSLR next month:
"Decide how you want to live and then see what you can do to make a living WITHIN that way of life" Hunter S Thompson. Cheers @gregfunnell
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Pay no attention to the glow stick hidden in @zarias' beard.
@strobist 25,000fps view of a strobe. This is where the magic happens.
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Yep. RT @isajeep: @strobist Film modes aside,are those just the untouched jpegs straight outta camera? Because good lord, they're beautiful.
FYI, here's Fujifilm's Classic Chrome (bottom) in the context of other film modes. (Top: Provia. Middle: Velvia.)…
Just saw a money change booth in London with a $USD<->£UK spread of $1.58-$1.98. The sign may as well read, "Welcome Idiots!" #criminal
[NSFW: Nudity] RT @FujifilmXLive: Zack @zarias getting passionate during his talk on the #fujifilm stand at #photokina2014.
WTF Meter: 13/10... MT @PopPhoto: Today, Leica announced a digital M-series rangefinder camera with NO SCREEN.…
Holy crap that'd be 210 to 600mm. RT @FujifilmXLive: Hiding in plain sight: a mockup of the upcoming super-tele zoom
Kinda feeling "Apple-patriotic" here: Tim Cook on privacy at Apple: "You're not our product"
Smart photographer: Dude shooting window displays on Regent St in London travels w/2 reflection-killing assistants.
In London? Was just blown away by (Pakistani) @LahoreOneRest on Commercial Rd. It's as close as you can get to Ravi's w/o flying to Dubai.
Just realized I had two tweets (one tweet and one RT) about typewriters this morning. Thus using up my quota for the century.
With his trusty typewriter Luke Winter (@petitprance) creates pay-what-U-wish custom stories on the Thames in London.
This is remarkable... What Paul Smith does with a typewriter will make you want to cry, and it's not what you think.
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Shooting at Trafalgar Square for @lynda. If you're around, we're handing out free shrugs.
(o_0) RT @petapixel 18-year-old retrofits an old Konica rangefinder with a Sony NEX APS-C sensor, and it works:…
It's Barry White's birthday. You know how to celebrate.
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Analog photography is alive and well at @lynda! New course explores the fun of shooting and processing B&W film.
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.@andrewtomasino, upon seeing Dan Winters' Instagram: "Soo, do I SLOWLY like every single one of his photos or carpet-bomb the whole thing?"
The "contract-free" iPhone 6 on the Apple (US) preorder page, although full price, is *not* unlocked:…
Argh. No SIM-free option on just-live iPhone 6 pre-order page. Anyone know if the T-Mobile SIM'd, off-contract phone is a standard GSM?
Dan Winters is on Instagram and he only has 281 followers. (H/T @Benpaul_t)
Luxurious eve filming Lynda Travel; shooting Big Ben. Met two Strobist readers - Todd and Stas. Always a cool thing.
9 years old cousin wanted to be shot like "one of your models". We got the dress, but had to improvise a bit
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Whoa. Incredible shot of Yosemite's Half Dome at night, lit by a forest fire, by Susan Holt.
For the record, I have yet to see a Fuji X100T (*cough* RumorSites *cough*) But @zarias has been playing:…
Please tell me the #Watch uses Google Maps.
The whole of $AAPL investors right now can be reduced to two stockholders (one long, one short) sitting at a table playing Russian Roulette.
Apple event is 1:00 pm ET. You should now be at computer in the dark surrounded by lit votive candles with Hallelujah playing on repeat.
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My (non-smart-) watch battery died this morning. Apple is too good at this.
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For those following The Traveling Photographer series: The Dubai episode has posted on @lynda…
As of today, your current (less-than-$4490.00) 85/1.4 lens is a pile of poop and you are hideously under-equipped:
Can't decide if this @Medium piece by @imaliveoutthere is utterly sincere or best NFL Opening Day troll EVER:…