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Strat Carter
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Do not despair because u fear an unknown outcome. It takes the same effort to think negatively as it does to think positively
Problems get bigger the more you focus on them. Don't look at them, look past them #LOA
We all vibrate with energy. The more positive and hopeful ur energy, the more success u will attract
Always be on the lookout for opportunities. We are all creators and ideas are the seeds of success and wealth. Go get it!
Be grateful for the health and wealth u have. Focusing on what u lack makes lack the biggest part of ur life
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Meditation just a few minutes a day is a great way to calm and focus ur energy
Everything u see and experience begins first as a thought. Know your true power as a creator.
Can't expect to have the sweet if you focus on the sour.
Be eager to appreciate what you already have. Doing this aligns ur energy with and attracts more abundance info ur life.
I'm number 5 on the ReverbNation Hip Hop charts for Bridgetown, BB.…
I'm number 5 on the ReverbNation Hip Hop charts for Bridgetown, BB.…
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Patience and understanding are both so important in any type of relationship
"@Earth_Pics: Elephant Rock in Heimaey, Iceland" Awesome
Too often we spend our lives trying to get to some place different without ever experiencing or appreciating where we are in the moment.
Building dreams everyday. Venture outside ur comfort zone but understand when it's time to be prudent.
Stop letting ur thoughts stray to images of ur fears and doubts and train ur mind to seek ur joy instead
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Happiness is the ultimate goal. Dwell on the things u desire and not on your fears or doubts
Ice buckets aside, how about we challenge ourselves to be more giving and more loving everyday? #imjustsayin
If it feels right, do it.
Do not be afraid to vulnerable. Do not be afraid to feel.
Fuck subtweets. Call some names and start de war! Lol!
Ur desires and dreams become reality when u dwell in the emotions of ur happiest daydreams.