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Strat Carter
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The Grammys should now be over. Nothing in there should be left standing after Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons. #JustGoHomeNow
Now there's a whole trending topic on Kendrick and Imagine Dragons. #YaGottaLoveTwitter
So Kendrick Lamar + Imagine Dragons = EPIC AS FUCK!!!
When the bliss u are picturing comes, it will be better than u imagined
All in good time....
A greater awareness of self leads to a greater awareness of all. There is no need to rush, find happiness in each moment and enjoy.
I liked a @YouTube video 11 Signs of Spiritual Awakening
Be happy. Focus more on your blessings
When u stress n complain about what u don't like u put urself in a low vibration thus continue to attractive shit that matches ur energy.
Worrying about a problem = focusing on what u wanna avoid = making the problems hold even more weight. Worry solves nothing
Let your daydreams bring smiles to your face as u picture achieving ur goals.
Prosperity is a mindset. Do not speak og limitation speak of possibility
Always have faith in the visions and goals you set for urself.
Let me create a Hot RnB or Hip Hop beat for you for $5 on #Fiverr
Blessed morning to all. Recognize the beauty in everything while accepting that ugliness must also exist.
'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' & 'The Wolf of Wall Street' 2 best movies I have seen in ages! #classiccinema
I liked a @YouTube video from @NitroBarbados Nitro Evahype-Robbin Hood Diss Official Video
Why Artists Should Focus on Hot Singles rather than Just Mixtapes
Post Edited: Why Artists Should Focus on Hot Singles rather than Just Mixtapes
Need a great way to promote and SELL your music independently?…
INDUSTRY TALK: Artist Development
INDUSTRY TALK: Artist Development
As hard as it may seem, accepting the situation without fear or worry is the best way to figure a way out of it.