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Strat Carter
So u were saying something about an all European final? Not a chance #worldcup
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Germany vs Brazil today = men vs boys smh #WorldCup
To all my Brazil fans....especially in #barbados. I say "what the actual fuck?"
Be thankful, patient and appreciative of the little blessings.
Be filled with enthusiastic expectations for your future success.
"@GaryLoper: There are those who dream and wish & there are those who dream & work ~ Jeune McIntyre" #truth
Mistakes will haunt u if you let them. Figure out a way to push past the fear and doubt.
Can it be that it was all so simple then?
It's usually best to let things play out how they will. Go with the tide and trust the course nature takes.
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Just because i'm a nice guy who enjoys ur convo and respects u as a strong woman doesn't mean I won't fuck u til ur legs wobbly.
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To all fellow overthinkers worldwide: every little thing does NOT have to carry some sinister hidden meaning. Live freely and happily.
Trust ur gut feelings. They are the guidance system of the subconscious.
Let gratitude become your most dominant habit and you will attract more and more reasons to be grateful.
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If u wake up lamenting what ails u chances are u will be ailing for the rest of the day.
Give love without fear or expectation
Let go of what u cannot control for it will control you.
Stop overthinking and trying to find meaning in every little. Sometimes it simply is what it is.
Accept what you cannot change or set urself back trying and trying.
Ego tries to force the unnatural and struggle against the tide. True self sees the goal with faith and detachment.
May all your wildest dreams come true
Pain only becomes an obstacle if u allow it to occupy ur mind. Focus instead on things that bring comfort.
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