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فراز حبيب
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zindagi ne zindagi barr gamm diye, jinthinay bhi mausam diye, sabnam diye
are there any proper girls left lmao ?
hoon mainu neend raath nu aavay naah
You aint the person you said you were :( you lied bout everything
Bein a good person dont mean others will be good too, you have the power only on yourself and how you choose to be,
Can't believe you walked away on my almost last breath.
When I was 10 I would be prepared for Halloween like 20 days earlier and now it's like"oh it's Halloween."
When you get your heartbroken, you don't miss the person who broke it. You miss the person you were before it broke☝️
Girls, send your boyfriend booty pics before you go to sleep then watch you wake up to a 5 paragraph goodmorning text in MLA format.
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Life has ups and downs, like sunsets and sunrises, if you find a sunset in your life.keep your head up high because it always rises back up.
Ijazat is a song I'll never get bored of
Sabse chhupa ke tujhe seene se lagaana hai Pyar mein tere hadd se guzar jaana hai Itna pyar kisi pe, pehli baar aaya hai
Fuck tha police (until I become one)
"we all wanna be different so why do we let society try and make us the same?"
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Truth is, if I could be with anyone, I'd still be with you.
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I swear to God you're dead to me if you don't retweet this
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Why you standin there with your face screwed up
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@rahmaaa135 talk to me directly and cheap games? I'm not playing no games, you're a stupid bitch that's in need for a beating
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@StraightEdgeRVD @rahmaaa135 she's a cock sucking bitch who needs to stay away from my boyfriend 💯
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Good people go through the most bullshit.
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Love yourself and work for yourself before you love another.
I got no time for bullshit.
Baby mainu Yaad na karri, magar pul na jawi
Mohammad Salman Hamdani - a Muslim-American - died in the WTC on #September11 He died while rescuing other Americans
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thanks for making me feel like crap (((:
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Once you're attached it's hard to let go..
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There's no such thing as "knowing" until it's past tense, like sometimes you think you know someone but you really don't.
@kylegotjokes: What the fuck is this ?” Is that Ariana bruv
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I don't hate you, I'm just disappointed you turned into everything you said you'd never be.
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If a person keeps coming back & you love each other enough to keep forgiving past mistakes, maybe you were really meant for each other.
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Main tenu Botha pyaar dita phir vi tu mainu dukh dita