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Jerrette Lee
β€œ@jerrettelee: Quincy is lightskin” wtf Jerrette
Retweeted by Jerrette Lee
Quincy is lightskin
Columbus is the real Glo squad what you mean
My diamonds pikachu
Who's trying to play putt putt
My second half has returned to Twitter @AutraMckinstry
playing computer games with Drew bc what would Drake do
Bro I don't even know how to play chess
The moment you open your eyes and realize you're the chess club president and you ask yourself what is going on in my life πŸ˜‚
I'm switching to @JerretteL in a few
My mom figured out how to use emojis about to be some awkward conversations
Quincy is a black boy name tbh
iOS 8 made me delete all my blackmail pictures :/
white girl wednesday
How the hell are you the president of the chess club?… @jerrettelee
Retweeted by Jerrette Lee
It's lonely at the top
My cinnamon apple
bish you guessed it
Red Octobers ❀️
Quincy won't add me on Facebook though
Play yayo or gtfo
Oklahoma you can dance, but can tou twerk
Retweeted by Jerrette Lee
Putt Putt tournament coming soon
Mississippi repping
Miss Tennessee is the only ten I see ;)
who wants to see my yearbook picture from this year lol
When you realize you've been white your entire life
Who else do I have
When she trying to touch you and your boy's Wii 😈
Missing music midtown for a tournament 😐
Atlanta this weekend πŸ‘Œ
I don't trust Mailee and Jerrette anymore
Retweeted by Jerrette Lee
Currently looking at your vine accounts πŸ˜‚
Quincy is kinda cool 🌝