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Doug Bowman
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Those first 41 tweets? A salute to our past, and a look toward our future. #41shades #4285F4
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Holding my old 5s. The screen seems really small now. But the size of the phone in my hand is so much better. iPhone 6 mini, please.
This is that Giants voodoo the Times wrote about last week.
Away #WorldSeries setup: game on Fox (muted), synced to KNBR broadcast via the MLB app, audio pushed to Jambox via Bluetooth.
Brussels and bacon flatbread with caramelized onions and goat cheese. So good.
Aside from Pinterest, Findery is the only service that my wife joined and became active on before me. Take note.…
Ten years ago, who would have thought retail merchants would be swapping out Visa and MasterCard logos with Google and Apple logos.
Cool new iPad, Apple. But does it bend? #bendghazi
Sorry folks. I cannot @stop ebola.
New shirt requires my best James Earl Jones voice to announce to my daughters, “*I* am your father!” #ForceForChange
Just a little friendly east coast / west coast rivalry. And a touch of ignorance from the Times.…
Adios for the final time, #BrooklynBeta. You were awesome, as ever. Hugs to @shiflett and @FictiveCameron.
What a shuffleboard club in any town, let alone in the middle of Brooklyn, should look like. Meet @RoyalPalmsClub.
No sleep till…
Calendar notification for the birthday of my former roommate, Senior Art Show-mate, and great friend, lost to cancer. I still miss you, Jay.
Congrats, Giants. You earned this one.
@stop Sincere apologies! This was caused by a bug in our system. Pls email from your account email & we'll fix right away.
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Vimeo just deleted my account, calling it a “mass grave”. Really @Vimeo? You couldn’t come up with better wording?
Forget about blend. Will it bend?
Only try to realize the truth. There is no iPhone 6 Plus. Then you’ll see, that it is not the iPhone 6 Plus that bends, it is only yourself.
The form factor of the iPhone 6 (thin, rounded) and the size of the iPhone 5 would be my ideal phone. Bummed it doesn’t exist.
Hey, Samsung. The next big thing really is here now.
Truly great conference with humble, friendly, and talented people. Thanks, #Circles2014 - you were an amazing group.
“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” —Socrates, via @leesteffen
Right-wristed watch wearers “can choose to have the watch face orient itself for use on the right wrist”…
If you missed this the other night, watch it now. Good people helping others.…
Inside the white box outside the Flint.
I’d like to go for a run and track my route/distance/splits without having my phone with me. Is this going to be possible?
“We wish we could say more” (in Chinese).
Conspiracy theory: the live blogs paid to bork the live stream.
I guess Apple’s current front page is their own way of retweeting. Six retweets so far. Two by fashion accounts.
The white box that Jony’s been trapped in all these years… it’s sitting right outside the Flint Center!
Before restarting the modem and airport: 12mbps down / 5 up. After restarting: 94 down / 12 up. #moderntech
Watch this. Story of pro surfer @izzypaskowitz and what he’s doing at @SurfersHealing + kids with autism.
Tonight, I’m grateful that my group number is NOT reporting for jury duty tomorrow morning.
Meet some of the residents of #Ferguson through a series of beautiful photos from @mai
This week’s content calendar for tech news sites: M: Apple event: What to expect. T: Live blog of Apple event. W-F: Critique every detail.
Just completed a 3.26 mi run - First #GiantRace 5k. Pace: 9:32/mi. Felt good. #RunKeeper
Is it any wonder that most of us who live in California choose to stay here? Stunning CA time-lapse, via @motherfuton
“Featuring Pitbull” has become the Intel Inside of hip hop and dance.
Stand down, Standard Markdown.
Because sometimes, it’s just as enjoyable to cheer for your own team, as it is to cheer for whatever team is playing the Dodgers that day.