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Doug Bowman
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The form factor of the iPhone 6 (thin, rounded) and the size of the iPhone 5 would be my ideal phone. Bummed it doesn’t exist.
Hey, Samsung. The next big thing really is here now.
Truly great conference with humble, friendly, and talented people. Thanks, #Circles2014 - you were an amazing group.
“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” —Socrates, via @leesteffen
Right-wristed watch wearers “can choose to have the watch face orient itself for use on the right wrist”…
If you missed this the other night, watch it now. Good people helping others.…
Inside the white box outside the Flint.
I’d like to go for a run and track my route/distance/splits without having my phone with me. Is this going to be possible?
“We wish we could say more” (in Chinese).
Conspiracy theory: the live blogs paid to bork the live stream.
I guess Apple’s current front page is their own way of retweeting. Six retweets so far. Two by fashion accounts.
The white box that Jony’s been trapped in all these years… it’s sitting right outside the Flint Center!
Before restarting the modem and airport: 12mbps down / 5 up. After restarting: 94 down / 12 up. #moderntech
Watch this. Story of pro surfer @izzypaskowitz and what he’s doing at @SurfersHealing + kids with autism.
Tonight, I’m grateful that my group number is NOT reporting for jury duty tomorrow morning.
Meet some of the residents of #Ferguson through a series of beautiful photos from @mai
This week’s content calendar for tech news sites: M: Apple event: What to expect. T: Live blog of Apple event. W-F: Critique every detail.
Just completed a 3.26 mi run - First #GiantRace 5k. Pace: 9:32/mi. Felt good. #RunKeeper
Is it any wonder that most of us who live in California choose to stay here? Stunning CA time-lapse, via @motherfuton
“Featuring Pitbull” has become the Intel Inside of hip hop and dance.
Stand down, Standard Markdown.
Because sometimes, it’s just as enjoyable to cheer for your own team, as it is to cheer for whatever team is playing the Dodgers that day.
I support a baseball stadium that blasts The Outfield’s Your Love in the 9th inning. Even if it is in Colorado.
Love this photo of Tea Time at Twitter from five years ago with @ev in the foreground.…
In modern typographic measurement, suggesting that there can be more than 72 points/inch is like claiming there are more than 100 cm/meter.
The satisfaction bar raises with every new experience. What delighted yesterday is expected today.
Early bird for #wd14 goes up Friday night at midnight. Don't miss @stop, and many many more amazing speakers
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Clever balloon work in front of a children’s dentist office.
A very fitting and worthwhile tribute to a man to whom we all owe so much gratitude: @zeldman. Thank you, Jeffrey.
On the culture of the web: “When you’re working, when you come up with something cool… you don’t hold on to it. You share it.” —@adactio
I still love this question, posted to Quora in 2010: “Will Twitter be relevant in 5 years?”…
Just completed a 4.58 mi run - First time around Lake Merced without stopping. Last mile, all mental. #RunKeeper
I’m returning to Web Directions in Sydney this year, along with other fantastically interesting speaker-people.
Had no idea a gadget like this existed for preventing airline seat recline. Even its name sounds passive aggressive.…
Newscaster just tapped a link in a tweet hoping to show an earthquake video. Got a Facebook login screen. “Oh, we don’t want that!”
Is there a line forming outside Tartine yet?
A 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred 3.73mi WSW of American Canyon, California. Details: Map:
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Only one course and two glasses of wine into our experience at @ElPaseoMV, and we’re already enamored with this place.
Just in case you ever need a pair for yourself, the best shower flip-flop I’ve ever owned and worn is made by @Crocs
Whole lotta favin goin on.
Farewell, @design. I leave you in good hands. And thanks for the wings.
Heading to my last interview on the calendar with someone named Exit.
It’s been an honor to serve as Twitter’s creative director for the past 5 years. On my last day here, I offer this:…
Maybe I’m in the minority. I’ve actually been enjoying using Docs and Sheets on iOS.
My fortune cookie from this week: “The world will soon be ready for your talents.”