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Doug Bowman
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Farewell, @design. I leave you in good hands. And thanks for the wings.
Heading to my last interview on the calendar with someone named Exit.
It’s been an honor to serve as Twitter’s creative director for the past 5 years. On my last day here, I offer this:…
Maybe I’m in the minority. I’ve actually been enjoying using Docs and Sheets on iOS.
My fortune cookie from this week: “The world will soon be ready for your talents.”
I like the concept behind the new PayPal logo, but the execution doesn’t feel finished.
I have always pronounced URL by calling out its letters, U-R-L. This piece makes me want to humanize it to “Earl”.…
Want to see this in person now. #chemistry
Spending my morning blocking the users who auto-tweet a Pacman video using “@stop #motion”. How about you?…
It’s finally heating up in SF. @KarlTheFog is clearly on holiday.
The best way to kill an idea is to take it to a meeting. —Unknown
Few people enter your life and significantly change your outlook for the better. For me, @trammell is one of them.…
In case you haven’t eaten this morning… a pumpkin oatmeal waffle with candied pecans, caramelized bananas, and cream.
My first public speaking appearance was on a panel 12 years ago at @MeetTheMakers with @t and @arun. Looks like @brianalvey is reviving MTM.
Stop designing websites like they’re Powerpoint decks.
It’s impossible to develop a brand’s point of view when you insist on incorporating everyone’s point of view.
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Beautiful products that started by designing a single playing card: the jack of spades.
Beautiful “Letter to a Junior Designer” by @Cennydd that every designer should read, regardless of seniority.…
Thought exercise: Apple has no intention of designing/producing a watch. Rather, it offers embeddable tech for any upscale wearable device.
This. This is how parenting makes you understand that time can’t be held, and is just slipping through your fingers.
Conspicuously missing from this space: propped up skis and snowboards dripping with melting snow.
Made my once-per-year pilgrimage to Google+ tonight. Deleted a few posts from 2011. Stayed about 90 seconds. Onward.