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Craig Russell of @tradier will talk about a new kind of brokerage at #stocktoberfest
Our weekly newsletter is out! "Being Prepared for Market Turbulence" See it here >
GoPro hit another NEW ALL-TIME HIGH today. It's up 250% since its June IPO pricing --> $GPRO
The $VIX is up almost 40% over the last 2 weeks. CHART:
The huge junk bond ETF, $JNK, is hitting a massive support level right now -->
Tonix Pharmaceuticals has just been cut in half. It's down 50% on a failed phase 2 study for Fibromyalgia: $TNXP
GoPro is releasing a new camera. It's called the Hero4, and it will retail at $399 --> $GPRO
MERGER MONDAY part 2: Vista Equity Partners is acquiring Tibco Software for $4.3 billion --> $TIBX
MERGER MONDAY: Encana is acquiring Texas-based Athlon Energy for $5.93 billion --> $ECA $ATHL
There's a huge rumor going around: SoftBank to buy DreamWorks for $3.4 billion. $DWA +20% pre-market
This chart shows how insanely quiet volatility has been --> $SPX $VIX
Here's how fast analysts have been slashing their earnings growth estimates --> $SPY
Bears have the edge, will they press it? via @EvanMedeiros $SPY $AAPL $FB $AMZN $TSLA
"@valuewalk: Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma On 60 Minutes $BABA"
This amazing chart shows how both stocks and bonds have reacted to each round of QE --> $TLT $SPY
The ultimate guide to the 10 most used investing terms [sponsored]
.@ivanhoff your @StockTwits Edge book with @howardlindzon was indeed excellent - we got it through Apple - #great read #investing
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Must see chart. 4Q in 2nd yr of Prez Cycle is strongest quarter since '50. $SPY CC: @StockTwits
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Sunday links: trading practice and the need for more coders via @abnormalreturns $JNS $BOND $YHOO
Nike, Lockheed Martin and GoPro each hit new all-time highs on Friday --> $GRPO $LMT $NKE
@StockTwits I believe it's actually 35 months since a 10% correction, normally an annual thing.
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@howardlindzon has a great team over @StockTwits - includes @scheplick , @chicagosean & many more. Engaging community for #stocks #traders .
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The US Dollar is up 7% over the last 3 months. It also set an extremely bullish new record --> $DX_F $DXY
What to look for in a good investment [sponsored]
The last 10% correction happened more than 30 months ago. The S&P 500 is up 45% since --> $SPX
The 3 best performing assets YTD: Coffee +68% Cattle +40% Hogs +25% CHART: $GC_F $KC_F
We’re with ya! RT @allstarcharts: Only us real nerds appreciate a good Saturday morning charting session
Saturday $STUDY Session: Advanced Level discussion on smart and prudent leverage techniques via AQR
Saturday $STUDY Session: @researchpuzzler on Decaying Beliefs and being on guard for Conceptual Changes
Saturday $STUDY Session: A great roundup of quotes from Howard Marks on being UNconventional via @dasan
Saturday $STUDY Session: The Gartner Hype Cycle, as viewed through the Bitcoin Saga. via @fredwilson
Saturday $STUDY Session: Equity vs Assets -- Know the difference. via @EddyElfenbein
Saturday $STUDY Session: You WILL be wrong. It's what you do NEXT that defines you -- a worthy rant by @allstarcharts
Saturday $STUDY Session: A brilliant dissertation on Supply & Demand forces on market price: via @Jesse_Livermore
Saturday $STUDY Session: @steenbab on keeping your head on straight during fast-moving markets & rapid P&L shifts
Saturday $STUDY Session: Enduring Lessons From The Fin. Crisis -- Bottom Line: "Investing is Hard" via @awealthofcs
Saturday $STUDY Session: Still lots of confusion out there on how best to trade volatility. This series should help:
If you've come across a great link worthy of further study, please share with the StockTwits Community & include $STUDY cashtag
StockTwits Saturday $STUDY Session: Sharing some great links from the past week that discuss Process, Mindset & Strategy....
The Best Reactions to the Departure of Bill Gross via @CharlesSizemore $JNS $BOND
Mark your calendars for a fascinating history session on rise of @awscloud #stocktoberfest
Nike hit a new ALL-TIME HIGH today. It's UP 26,000% since its 1980 IPO. $NKE
The AUSTERITY vs. STIMULUS debate as seen with one chart --> $EURUSD $SPY
Why the “active vs. passive” investing debate misses the point [sponsored]
.@EstateAssistUS will teach you how to protect your financial assets at #stocktoberfest
Win an ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to #stocktoberfest and beautiful Coronado Island. More info:
The market is saying that Bill Gross is worth about $700 million --> $JNS
Here's what has happened to message volume about Janus Capital today --> $JNS
$NKE great thing about #StockTwits #team_work. Congrats longs. Took 3 weeks. Boom Goes the dynamite
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Yesterday, Nike reported one of its biggest-ever earnings beats. Today, it's making new all-time highs --> $NKE