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Portfolio manager shares his top investing tip [sponsored]
More than 2,000 charts will be shared on StockTwits this weekend. View them all here -->
These 10 stocks saw the biggest changes in social volume last week --> $FDX $ADBE $VHC
This chart shows the utter collapse in Russell 2000 net futures positioning --> $IWM $RUT
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Here's how Alibaba compares to Amazon, as seen on one enormous infographic --> $BABA $AMZN
Sunday links: a healthy media diet and market divergences via @abnormalreturns $PRU $BABA $IWM $SPY
The S&P 500 hit a new all-time high this week at 2,019.26 and this chart shows one reason why --> $SPX
In 2013, more than $200 BILLION was processed in mobile payments. And it's only expected to grow --> $EBAY $AAPL
On Friday, Alibaba's market cap hit $231 BILLION. That's more than: Facebook $200B Amazon $150B eBay $65B --> $BABA
There have been 77 healthcare IPOs this year. The most of any industry BY FAR. Biotech is a huge reason why --> $IBB
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Saturday $STUDY Session: Introducing Borel's Law, and why you should ignore it -- for now... via @mikeharrisNY
Saturday $STUDY Session: For you 'Fundamentalists' - beware of companies piling on debt! via @jposhaughnessy
Saturday $STUDY Session: Veteran advice for developing your Trading Plan courtesy @stockBEE
Saturday $STUDY Session: Next time a pundit screams "CRASH!" in a crowded theater, read this: via @RPSeawright
Saturday $STUDY Session: Advantages & Disadvantages of "Mechanical" Systems via @Swansjr
Saturday $STUDY Session: Nurturing a Success Environment - Part 1) Part 2) via @ShareWealthSys
Saturday $STUDY Session: @kunal00 shares 10 common traits of successful traders he's witnessed first hand --
Saturday $STUDY Session: 21 Useful Rules For All Traders and Investors
Saturday $STUDY Session: How to recognize being "on tilt" and ways to snap out of it. via @OptiontradinIQ
If you've come across a great link worthy of further study, please share with the StockTwits Community & include $STUDY cashtag
StockTwits Saturday $STUDY Session: Sharing some great links from the past week that discuss Process, Mindset & Strategy....
Wanna thank everyone on the @StockTwits stream for another great week! Thanks for the RTs, mentions and follows! I breached 2.5k followers!
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J C Penney Back on the Decline After Credit Suisse Note > by @anirvanghosh $JCP
Microsoft closed at $47.52 today. That's another new 14-year high. It's up 27% YTD. $MSFT
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Your dollars are getting stronger and they're about to set an incredible new record --> $DX_F
There are 1,751 followers on the StockTwits Alibaba stream. Here's sentiment and msg vol $BABA
Top ticker on StockTwits? $BABA. #3? $YHOO. But #2? $DPS. Wouldn't Jack Ma and Marissa Mayer like to be a Pepper too? $KO trending too.
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This chart shows that American households are getting back into the stock market --> $SPY $DIA
Amazing to watch the growth of the stream on @StockTwits, just an unstoppable force of raw content, very powerful philosophy and community
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Huge traffic & message volume on StockTwits wore out our hamsters. But they've been watered and we're back! Sorry for the inconvenience.
You can't help but be bullish on @StockTwits and fintech companies watching the $BABA stream. Going absolutely insane.
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Oracle’s Ellison Steps Sideways, Not Down; Investors Wary of New Roles > by @anirvanghosh $ORCL $MSFT
ALIBABA is now trading! $BABA First Print: $92.70 Follow the furious action on StockTwits here:
We're experiencing very heavy traffic due to the Alibaba IPO. We're working to fix any page load issues. Should be at full speed soon. $BABA
The price of silver is down nearly 10% over the last month. It hit a major 4-year low today too --> $SLV $SI_F
Oracle is getting slammed. It's down 5% and hitting 5-month lows. Founder Larry Ellison retired yesterday --> $ORCL
Amazon is up about 2% right now. It's also trending on StockTwits --> $AMZN
Yahoo is up over 21% since June. And total message volume about $YHOO is going parabolic.
Alibaba IPO: 3 risks investors should know [sponsored]
Everything you need to know about Alibaba in 3 charts: 1. 2. 3. $BABA
The New York Stock Exchange looks like this right now --> $BABA
Bitcoin just dropped below $400. It's now at its lowest level since last April. CHART: $BCOIN $BTCUSD
The 1-day returns of the three largest US IPOs before Alibaba $FB -1.5% $HCA -0.14% $GM +0.02% →
There's a massive line outside the 5th Ave $AAPL store right now. These 2 photos show it: &
The Alibaba IPO is going to make these 2 men the richest people in Asia → $BABA
Yesterday, the $USDJPY hit its highest level in over 6 years. Today, the $GBPJPY is doing the same →
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