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nice #futures & market recoveries past that 1-2pmEST i mentioned & into 3pm — check earlier $SPY $IWM charts i posted -we held key support
we’ve watched $MOS $POT $AGU $IPI $MON past few days .. nice candles forming on daily and very nice bounces from the earlier lows today
How I felt about the #Caterpillar $CAT gap down today .. been good trader prior to this #steamroller action
Mark thought “Hope and Prayer” works as a strategy for stocks, No? Geez, I’m going to have to re-evaluate my strategies @MarketFried
discussed $BABA Sat. & dipped less then i thought this week .. tested almost the Aug 24th lows today into $58..will watch it @IanNelson9
saw $BABA earlier sorry with this #TweetDeck i miss some tweets/mentions ..not sure why saw message on $TWTR screen…
I like the larger banks pre Oct-Dec was considering $MS $BAC swings again —I’ve looked at a few regionals but no adds yet @MarketFried
I’d need a much bigger market drop to add to those like 2011 or 2009 type dips — If one more flush this year I’d add to them @MarketFried
Longer plays i’m not worried about at all like my Health Stocks which i’ve had for years but didn’t add to them on Aug dip @MarketFried
told u was worried about a bigger market drop in 2015—glad i positioned for it but hurt some of my longer plays tho @MarketFried
same Mark..I did add a bit more a few weeks back sub $21 ( 20.69) so was glad to see it back over $20 today—been tough/tricky @MarketFried
I use to trade the weekly $AAPL options on a regular basis but was a bit too stressful to watch it all day @lindersrun CC: @MMASSASSIN lol
I think personally it pins higher tomorrow $115 $116 since didn’t fade much even with todays’ market weakness $AAPL @lindersrun
oh you have $112 puts ? - i don’t like that into tomorrow since holding so well at the 20day sma & need a mkt fail Fri to work @lindersrun
hopefully no afternoon market fade..if we can close off lows and recover some of market drop today than you’re ok on $AAPL @lindersrun
if you are in the $112’s hold them - based on market action & $AAPL consolidation here I’d take chance we pin higher Fri @lindersrun
u have a good shot at getting a $115 or $116 pin on $AAPL into Fri. expirations so if u didn’t pay too much on $112’s u’re ok @lindersrun
if we had dip to $105-95 again i’d be a buyer on $AAPL could move $5-$8+- back to 200day or $105 so I’m waiting on new add @lindersrun
$AAPL caught in 20day/50day SMA pocket past 10days - won’t likely stay but risk-reward not great here even tho its support IMO @lindersrun
$AAPL been very good to me over the years i maintain a key core position & would re-add to swing but only on bigger market drop @lindersrun
Mixed on $AAPL read -got key core position left & added swing on Aug24th that I sold pre: #iphone6s event for a quick 8.02% @lindersrun
keep an eye on $GPRO this afternoon Almost tested that $34 key resistance - $33.88 earlier - u could decide past 1-2pm if momo @lindersrun
Thought I’d share $IWM $SPY charts w/notes- see clear support today but if fail we risk a quick dip to Aug24th lows
itching to put more $ to work but want a clearer market setup which I didn’t see this week yet .. We may today if hammers form @NCSUSC
gave back a bit on recent buys but since I locked up $19k+ profits prior to #FOMC have a nice $ buffer even with unrealized losses @NCSUSC
Ray, if we test Aug24th market lows again between now and Oct & come back quick, i’ll be a larger buyer than my buys Aug24/25th @NCSUSC
$HOG $53+ alert — OINK OINK nice bounce off the lows today and closed the overnight gap
or last Sept/Oct dips into the Europe weakness, Fed uncertainty & Ebola scare @NCSUSC in that case Oct/Nov were both good bounces off lows
use this link & look for few bad months then look 1 or 2 months out & see what happens Ex. Aug/Sept2011… @NCSUSC
Ray many good opportunities set up then —I’ve noticed if I have a few ugly or slow months its usually followed by big pops @NCSUSC
#Futures bouncing a bit here as we pass #EuroClose at 11:30amEST seeing some positions coming up a bit too
$AVAV $20 alert — wanted to see this alert so badly today .. now if can close back over $20 & get to $22-$24 again — been a tough chart
Watching the key whole # ’s $DE over $75 and $CAT nearing $66 -- small bounces off lows but nothing too exciting yet as we said earlier
Ugly #futures & #market dip into 11amEST Oil bounced off the lows to test back towards $45 but was sub $44 earlier
$190 alert just hit on $LNKD had a great bounce from Aug 24th lows & back over $200 but was key resistance Fri/Mon - dipping into 20daySMA
no problem .. past Oct i think more opportunity to try $GPRO options week to week even on any extended drops again…
with that scenario those $35 would be worth $2+ nice potential for 300%+ but if doesn’t work u risk bit more than $34s $GPRO @lindersrun
I like extra week since could easily squeeze to $37 on a decent push or market bounce to help get momo but may take few days @lindersrun
if no bounce today those will decay quickly by this afternoon & into Fri. morning - but its quick & u’ll know right away $GPRO @lindersrun
bit riskier -I’d say take $35’s into next week since gives u more time @ .59c now - if we push $35 then shot at quick $37 pop @lindersrun
depends too which strikes & how far out you want to go — into Oct we have #FOMC again & that lingering Gov’t shutdown again @lindersrun
I’m already in $GPRO-i sold 500 shares last Wed for $1,385 8.44% overnight & then added back .. Calls a good way to play it too @lindersrun
$GPRO still in the green today — even with this market weakness — that’s twice this week its been stronger than market action / $33.35 now
Do we see a dead $CAT bounce today ?.. probably not but it is basing well over $65 right now.. so just watch how it handles whole # levels
#oil tested below $44 earlier but back over now $44.30 — that $44 was key support to watch #crude #wti
this is definitely major dip this yr but I’ve done well over the years buying the extended weaknesses on $DE & $CAT @waltersmithy5 @buzz339
one co. blah.. avg is still $80 tgt with other analysts unless they haven’t sharpened pencils yet on $CAT -ok w/adding weakness @buzz339
yup sub $75 now $DE — also $URI I mentioned another sympathy dip to $CAT today down 5%+ to $60.11 Very ugly dips…
to put in perspective how major this drop on $CAT is — the low on Oct 4th 2011 was 67.54 which was brief-we bought that day & testing below
I hope that was a joke @buzz339 or did someone actually target that ? ..seems too low with a Div Yield over 4.2%…

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