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some #afterhours movers I was watching: UP $CSCO $KATE $NTAP $XIV $TSLA DOWN.. $CNAT $FSFR $NDLS $XONE $AMGN $VIPS
was busy this afternoon but checking what I missed & looking at the #afterhours mover now
I missed easy $XIV Trade ..up 5%+ today alone— was ready to do it last week on the $ViX spike
RT @rugerclyde: @stockguy22 Nope its sharkweek! lol —> good one Mike $SEAS
Amazing to see when co’s like $SEAS don’t adapt to changing perceptions & customers — what an ugly weekly chart
Animal circuses & co’s like $SEAS have lost customers since i was a kid while visionaries & circuses like @Cirque have done so well
glad didn’t trade $SEAS for a bounce.. not bouncing & seems no one interested in Killer Whales today
$XONE under $29 alert #3Dprinting — see if holds today but looks weak today
$RAX back to $30 today — may not be bad spot to add to position — potential to $33-$36 again ..on higher push back to $38 again
@MMASSASSIN check your DM when u get a chance ..
Just in webinar with @stockdarts — Join us -Market Recap & chart requests $KATE $TSLA $GOOGL $YHOO $TWTR $FB $AAPL
Join us for a Free webinar w/ @stockdarts @ 12:30pmEST covering markets & chart requests as usual $SPY $TSLA $STUDY
see how over $31 went to almost $31.70 (31.69) — maybe done now for the day .. $KATE ..impressive move tho but without me @to_trader
other concern someone said in chat:he licks himself during council meetings.. but hopefully doesn’t get a crack habit @MONEYEMPIRE
yeah thanks for the salt just what i needed.. now put some stitches on that wound lol @MMASSASSIN
RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: Dog elected mayor in MN... —> only concern is embezzling dog treats ?
wow Congrats.. yeah no complaints here. Have had a great summer of trading but bit worried going forward though @MMASSASSIN
May8-9th I had a great read on $TSLA nailed the $200-$220 & $240-$260 targets but didn’t enter @MMASSASSIN argghh
yup I see that congrats .. I didn’t like recent action but I almost rebought the May dip & support at 200day sma—May9th $180 @MMASSASSIN
yup Paul & Paul .. seems u guys named Paul are the smart 2 of the bunch.. experience? @manofbronze1@5sma50
a few in the chat that held it overnight took some off over $31 to be safe $KATE ..which i thought was good decision @to_trader
I’m not in it now but if retraced back to mid-low $30’s I may try it again.. for now not trading it at this key resistance $KATE @to_trader
seems to be having trouble over $31 which was the same key resistance yesterday on the 2nd bounce ..over this is $31.70’s @to_trader
well I messed up on that $KATE yest. but didn’t regret the decision to take the loss..I’ll be careful next time on stocks named after women
As you can tell I enjoy those sessions too ~ was so good we lost track of time but family said to tell you ..You’re Welcome @davnger
RT @davnger: @stockguy22 Thanks so much for your time mentoring me! Appreciate you sharing your experience and knowledge! —> no prob
yup Paul, agree on that comment @5sma50
well $KATE over $31 .. I was watching in premarket and would have taken another shot at it if the gap had filled from yesterday
I got out earlier Ian on $KATE — may watch it again this week, if bases out, pops $30 or dips to $27 @IanNelson9 @CNBCFastMoney
a few other movers $F up a bit to $17.36 #afterhours — & $KATE moved up a bit to $29.38
look at $CZR bounce past 2:30pmEST .. that’s the bounce we were looking for but needed to trade really ugly fundamental stock $11.21-11.97
just checking #afterhours movers —
@stocksage3 people in Europe and around the world would disagree with your soccer but applies to US fans for sure
good luck !!- initially i took off 1/2 & was going to hold 1/2 as well overnight but changed my mind @Electricmood @AdrenalineTrade $KATE
going to crowdsource fund $KATE loss today & start pawning off the wife’s designer $KATE $COH & LV bags- any interest? I’ll post
figured if pops in a/m to $33-$34 i make ~$2k-$3k but if dips lower to $27 lose another $2k which I didn't want to risk overnight $KATE
Would have been better off to spend the money on some overpriced designer $KATE bags then play the stock today ..Yuck !
i took my hit on $KATE today — $2,545 loss — which was $1-$1.5k more than I wanted to risk on this play vs. the risk-reward initially
3:30pmEST move ? $29+ $KATE finally a decent green candle over a whole # level
Marketing Idea 101: the entire store on sale tomorrow to match the 25%+ off the stock price action today only at $KATE #KateSpade
ok good one Lori, @lrober12 who said "if you become a bag holder, at least its a Kate Spade bag” $KATE
prior to 2013 profit $KATE had..lost money for previous 6 yrs so lower margins more important vs. $KORS who has turned profit the past 5 yrs
one thing I may have missed on $KATE analysis since was only to be an intraday trade is ….
yup agree @AdrenalineTrade & if the algo programs kick in.. could be initially what kicked it so low too along with margin calls
do we get a late day short covering rally on $KATE is the final question..3pm-3:30pmEST & take the pain medicine with a loss
i think i would have been better off to let wife go on a $KATE shopping spree than try this for a bounce today — OUCH this is hurting!
$KATE chart — rare to see such a HUGE bearish engulfing with little bounce .. intraday or overnight
have not seen a HUGE bearish engulfing candle like $KATE in a long time --especially on a stock that has traded so well over the 200day sma