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I’ll upload today’s webinar later today or tomorrow —used charts from @tymorapro today to share a new feature that was added #VolTrails
yup Jeff saw that a few weeks back and even last month — Definitely be watching that $VIX early week @desert_drifter
Thanks to those that popped into Sat. webinar today—Recapped some of the things I try to focus on during market drops / Hope you enjoyed it
Join me for FREE Sat #Webinar @ 10amEST Great way to learn strategies/markets & I answer questions #learn #charts…
Maybe at tomorrow's Sat. webinar I'll discuss how I deal and prepare during these type of market drops & what has helped me over the years
was tempted today- glad you are looking at the same thing with $XIV -- been a great free money play for us on extended VIX pops @Jsharks23
we thought if it hits $30+ early next week $VIX then will start that $XIV again.. similar area VIX hit last Oct if you recall @Jsharks23
good luck on it JS for $XIV been a great trader for us on $VIX pops over the yrs multiple times .. was considering it though @Jsharks23
We spoke about $XIV in chat this afternoon —Decided to hold off on it till we see $VIX Early Week action @Jsharks23…
excellent Dan , yeah perfect @DanielFitz4
I’ve been more "cash on sidelines mode" for some time now -Saved us lot of $, capital & aggravation for sure @HedgeBound @dumbmoney77
you definitely not understanding my tweets .. I’m waiting for confirmation of bottom/reversal but love this drop @HedgeBound @dumbmoney77
If u listen to beginning of June/July Sat. webinars you will see how i’ve analyzed markets & why been so cautious…
Those of u following for a long time can appreciate the patience it takes to not overtrade trickier markets- Hope you found tweets helpful
I’ve been saying this for quite a while now & nice when it plays out — only regret is i didn’t roll my July $IWM $SPY put spreads into Aug
Those of us that have kept more money on sidelines will be better positioned to take advantage of buying opps from here & can scale back in
May be hard for a lot of younger/newer traders to understand this but these are the type of drops experienced traders love ..
Even though my remaining positions got hit this week .. I’m feeling great about this market drop—Since i know some great swings await
They will do some buybacks again too but thought this sub $100 pretty key area to watch .. again see how it holds early week @iamblissss
actually not a bad idea too @notoriouspaulie .. maybe see how it holds up early week and wait past the weekend ..…
Thanks Tom for descriptive analysis on $DIS - so is that strong buy or strong sell /please @ElPasoTom…
the #refiners gapped down today .. I’ve held $VLO $HFC but was almost ready to lock the 2 profits up & didn’t .. $TSO also dipped
$DIS had dipped sub $97 earlier but back over key $100 now .. really nice key level if can close over that today-Tempted to buy some Mickey
I don't want to..but tempted to buy back a $DIS position & hold till end of year into StarWars = if @ElPasoTom joins me I will -Tom lol ?
anyone shocked to see #FearGreed Index at Extreme Fear ??? lol .. haven't checked it in a few weeks
yup be interesting to see what happens next week on it but definitely interesting push today on it @d4ytrad3 @riabuzz1
They could be automatic but seems they took more off May-Aug @trinh_pham13 check bottom of link & see past sales…
#oil still hovering at this $40 level .. that’s longer term support I mentioned a while back so unless we close under today @ozzyissuccess1
its actually doing well today $LOCK in this weak market & based well — News exptected ? don’t see anything but those lawsuits @riabuzz1
May need to lol .. Hey I’ll DM you some information on a strategy I’m considering that you may appreciate @ozzyissuccess1
see Markets back to the lows again .. like i said earlier important into afternoon and how we close .. No commitment
tiny bounces off lows into 12noon but more important into afternoon and how we close ; $INDU $COMPX $IWM $SPY
Old saying in action & great lesson for young traders Markets go UP like escalator DOWN like elevator Add "in Real Time" @MarketFried
Most new traders don’t realize that PATIENCE, not forcing trades & preserving capital for opportunities are great strategies @MarketFried
It definitely is tough not to have forced many trades from Spring-Summer but glad i kept buys minimal-lowest in 6 yrs for me @MarketFried
I’ve been saying this for a while that I didn’t like the risk-reward setups & had actually considered taking the summer off @MarketFried
I think the older we get the easier it gets to be patient or just slower to make @MarketFried…
#futures & #markets should give us clear signal when happens - but notice even today how weak bounces are & gives back quick @MarketFried
need to see a bit more panic or a true capitulation day as we mentioned yesterday which is not happening yet @MarketFried
Exactly & we drop quicker than we go up as you are aware but feeling more excited the lower we go & scale into some…
been discussing $GPRO key levels with a few members & thought this $50 may be key area — lower would be better but waiting @MarketFried
I like the catalyst on $GPRO into 2016 with Drone Cameras — we are just below key $50 and under July lows but watching closely @MarketFried
I agree with you on $GPRO I had bought in spring and almost nailed lows but stopped out too quickly & missed the move up @MarketFried
ah ok thanks Mark, was not sure when you posted the ticker - @MarketFried
looks like they sold 16.42%-19.4% of their stakes - 3 of them / Not sure if they normally do that $WWAV… @MarketFried
This is a red flag to me Mark on $WWAV all the insider selling Aug10-14th- seems they nailed good levels @MarketFried
I’ve traded $WWAV in the past and worked well but haven’t traded it in long time @MarketFried
Being patient at times like this unless we get some quick recovery is best IMO - but watching key zones helps @CuberSam @stockguy22feed
yes @CuberSam definitely very key levels across the board- I’ve mentioned that previous week that we were nearing key zones @stockguy22feed

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