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have a great weekend everyone!! I will be out of town this weekend so there will NOT be a Saturday webinar tomorrow.
saw that $iBIO on my scans the other day but not my type of trade .. @kenr0966
$LEN almost back to that key $42 resistance .. really held up well over 200day sma.. vs. other #builders $DHI $PHM $KBH $TOL below 200day
those Hazmat suit stocks lost a bit more today I see -15% to -19% $APT $VSR $LAKE .. I didn’t trade any but typical parabolic news moves
even though most stuff is green today .. this afternoon's action has made charts look unsteady .. $IWM is red on the day since past 2pm
#futures dipping back a bit past 3pmEST .. on 5min chart.. We were looking real good into lunch and faded right back across the board
I’m willing to give $GOOGL a shot next week if can hold over the April/May lows.. pretty close on daily chart @Dexfromhalifax
Yeah I liked the chart as well but more for longer term swing trade - in past gap downs recovers well @Dexfromhalifax $GOOGL $GOOG
Busy this weekend so I may have to cancel this Saturday's webinar but if get a chance I'll email you $GOOGL chart & notes @Dexfromhalifax
Even after the $GM restructuring locked up some profits multiple times trading it & kept some shares longer term @justchartsalso
yes , I've found same thing - use to trade some higher risk ones off bk -but shorter term & intraday @justchartsalso
good morning .. $GOOGL bounced back a bit to $530 .. was watching it for a swing trade if tested into $500
one of the other guys went short too on $GOOGL but needed sub $505 i think .. a range bound play would’ve worked out @kenr0966
… I’m going to lose on $GOOGL calls options play .. oh well giving back the $NFLX profits from today .. Blah
just heading out .. —a few #afterhours movers so far UP $IBIO $LAKE $SRPT $XLNX Down : $URBN $COF $SNDK $GOOG $GOOGL
I’m actually still considering a short into Nov-Dec on any $GPRO bounces .. not bad 2 day support but don’t like it @riabuzz1
I missed a great short play on that with Oct options while we were still over $90 so no opinion on $GPRO long @riabuzz1
RT @andreascseh: @stockguy22 At the same time I ordered 15 new Huawei Ascend 7 for my Office Slaves—>lol not exciting event that’s for sure
listened to a bit of that #Apple Event while having lunch -
Not convinced we bottomed completely but willing to take shot at some swing trades from here with decent risk-rewards @ozzyissuccess
SEC accuses high frequency trading firm of manipulating closing price of thousands of stocks
what a fast #oil spike that was.. pushed $UCO back to $25.90 briefly (24.85 now) when was considering more was sub $24 —$USO high 31.91
RT @CNBC: BREAKING: Apple Pay will launch Monday, CEO Tim Cook says. $AAPL #ApplePay
starting to really like this market action and the risk-reward setups on the stocks I mentioned on the private feed this a/m
if we can fade back a bit into the close or tomorrow .. I’m going to use up some of that capital on sidelines and put a chunk to work
#Dow #Nasdaq $INDU $COMPX now both in the green on the day into 1pmEST .. very nice uptrend all day .. thought we were looking better
I’ll DM you @buzz339 but I’m liking this action today even though Dow Nasdaq are both still red the action is steady & off lows
#oil bounced nicely off that key $80 area today .. we did test below but back up.. $UCO $USO formed support yesterday/today
but no one made 2,000%+ overnight since new shares readjust accordingly ..but i’m sure some traded intraday volatility @justchartsalso
RT @justchartsalso: @stockguy22 Thank you —> no problem, yeah seen this happen before & ok for day-traders &/or sympathy stocks
yeah it was deceiving for those that didn’t read the $EGLE disclosure -but overall helped other competitors move today too @justchartsalso
$EGLE did have approx 20%-30% intraday volatility & did help sympathy moves on $DRYS $TNP $FREE $FRO etc. of 6%-12% @justchartsalso
here’s disclosure on $EGLE with .01076 new share for each old one & why the crazy move & confusion @justchartsalso…
have to do more protection plays like I did on $EBAY yesterday — thanks to @stockdarts for the guidance on it - $71 hedge worth $700+
on the bright side as I mentioned to you in the chat the $EBAY hedge u had me put on working perfectly sub $48 protection @stockdarts
I should have listened to you & let it all expire too .. I did great on the 1st 1/2 but took a chance on open put on $NFLX @stockdarts
great job on those Rob and nice analysis @stockdarts You won’t be happy w/me only did 134% & after the calls expire will be sub 100%
nice $XONE pop 12%+ now .. $VJET $SSYS also up a bit ..but $DDD is lagger on #3Dprinters today ..
been saying $IWM acting better on past few days weakness.. Almost tested 107.50 again.. great comeback off that key 104 previous few days
careful w/ the partnership ones like $SDR - I played that one a few times & made $ on it but had I held would be down even w/ div @dacw0
chart better yesterday & today but careful if you are just after dividend but all energy ones hit.. $QRE - $CHK big move today @dacw0
#futures dipping back a bit past 10amEST-would like to see $NFLX fade towards $340 to close rest of overnight play.Worked well @stockdarts
#futures push .. $IWM back over 106 .. it actually held well even in premarket over that 104 area— looking much better in this weak market
$EGLE incredible push on that restructuring news .. almost 2,000% ( 1,975% its up ) to $14.11 on 253K in volume…
#futures weak ahead of open -- some of the premarket movers : UP $TLT $vXX $ABBV $CHK $IBIO $NBG $CMRX .. Down $NFLX $GS $SPY et al
$NFLX little bounce off that sub $325.. back to $335 .. ugly drop but nice after-hours bounce off lows — good one to watch tomorrow
may be able to position on $YHOO into that $37 or below after all… tested low $37s & small bounce here to 37.50’s…also watching $TSLA $NFLX
$YHOO $GRPO $LNKD $TSLA $AMZN $QQQ .. all down #afterhours .. pressure from $NFLX , $EBAY $AXP also down too — $LVS $URI up
guess the could go with “Red is the new Green” for $NFLX original series .. that was some #afterhours drop —tempted to swing trade if holds
“Red is the new Black “ new original series for $NFLX coming soon.. Nice way to start earnings Thanks @stockdarts for Netflix & $EBAY hedge