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For those leaving early #HappyThanksgiving from Stockguy22 & Team Enjoy your long weekend with family & friends
discussing $GPRO and #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday action- probably why moved up over $20 today..Note sympathy $AMBA earnings next Thurs
Exclusive - Three Goldman bankers leave for Uber as tech world raids Wall Street talent… via @YahooFinance #UBER $GS
Live with @stockdarts starting now Join us $VRX $JAZZ #oil $SPY $QQQ $KBIO $VLTC $PCLN $TSLA
Free #Webinar w/@stockdarts @12:30 pm EST markets & chart requests $VRX $JAZZ #oil $SPY $QQQ $KBIO $VLTC $PCLN $TSLA
$VRX back over $90 .. that was a nice drop this a/m into sub $84 almost nibbled on it but didn’t want a swing over long weekend
yup got alert when $JAZZ hit $150 .. now if can close over today — been happy with this play from $132+ nice % -may sell next wk @tpalmeri
nice $JAZZ almost $150 today (149.57) — was a laggard yesterday with the stronger market and other positions but into key resistance again
$TSLA up again & hitting over $223 this a/m .. missed the last few dips on it — was so close to my swing buy target again
oil was up yest on Russian plane shot down by Turkey news & had pushed thru $43 but down today to $42 #crude #WTi
weird movers this morning .. the ones thought may follow thru higher are down and the ones think continue dipping are up.. #DontThink lol
dipped in #Premarket $SUNE so maybe u get a chance again — also $VLTC down too after huge intraday run yesterday @Falcontrader
For those of you leaving early tomorrow or not showing up at all have a #Happythanksgiving - we’ll see the rest of you turkeys tomorrow
$SUNE continuing the intraday move and up #afterhours to $4.28 for 3.88% was up 21.88% intraday
$HPQ down #afterhours now down 5.19% to $13.88 erases the intraday gains of 4.05%
steady climber all day $VLTC 144 %+ - chart & notes — this is the one that @Carl_C_Icahn bought March & July
$ICON chart & suggestions for u - If u buy it scale in since risk-reward from $7 to $8 only 1:1 initially @riabuzz1
big miss last Q that’s why gapped down so much ..prior to that fundies ok & so/so—keep a tight stop $ICON @riabuzz1
Jerremy @newsomenuggets remember yest tweet on $KBIO ? finally down big today -47% & -55% from yest highs…
problem w/ $KBIO even if you wanted to short … its been a very tough borrow with CEO controlling so much now of those shares — nice drop 47%
doesn't look like much there but that's over 50% dip from yesterday's highs on $KBIO and notice volume shift
$CMG hit into $570 earlier .. still glad I had the put protection $540/$550 into weekend .. will make on covered calls but prefer a push up
Bill Ackman raises Valeant stake to 9.9% in show of commitment to embattled drugmaker $VRX - guess he found more $
#Futures big ramp up back to that 10amEST levels & higher - also push on $SPY $IWM ..
big % movers today DOWN $XBIT $EVLV $EFUT $DAKT $C TRN $ADRO $XCRA $KBIO $TECD $BLOX etc…
may be a bit of resistance $TASR .. will watch into lunch in case dips again intraday but our plan working well on this so far..
nice $TASR bounce .. we are in on this since last week but added on the dip sub $19 intraday today .. $19.44 now PERFECT bounce
5 things you need to know about the Russian jet shot down by Turkey
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#futures down this a/m into 8:30amEST #ES_F #ESZ5 #TF_F #TFZ5 & $IWM $SPY
busy earlier but a few #afterhours movers were; UP $XRX $DY $VRX $PANW down $BRCD
have a great night - REMINDER: Short week US Stock Markets closed Thurs for #Thanksgiving & Close early Fri 1pmEST…
a few #AFTERHOURS movers are: UP $DY to $89.80 $PANW was up but now about flat $172 $BRCD down to $9.22
yup agree on $VRX .. its made for great trading since the initial drop but i missed it last week - @ValeantTruth @manofbronze1
An analogy would be if everyone at a poker game is excellent & think alike- will be the most boring game ever Understand? @manofbronze1
Could talk more about this-it is an interesting topic but remember those differences in traders is what makes the market @manofbronze1
did anything really change on $VRX in the past 3 days ? same co. same mgmt, same issues but upgrades/support of funds helped @manofbronze1
perfect examples today are $KBIO but & ( $CMG hated Friday but bounced to key retrace levels today after fear/uncertainty ) @manofbronze1
Academics believe that markets have an EFFICIENT MARKET HYPOTHESIS (EMH) @manofbronze1… Traders do well w/inneffiency
hope that makes sense.. if everyone believed in one way we would never make money trading … read next tweet @manofbronze1
I know traders that do the riskier premium selling plays but they understand & accept the steamroller days —suits their style @manofbronze1
remember everyone trades slightly different with different thesis/plans and that’s what makes the action @manofbronze1
will work high % of time but once in a while get steamrolled as in the case of $KBIO — so has to suit Trading style & risk @manofbronze1
like those traders that short calls or short puts to collect premium on huge moves — @manofbronze1
The traders that did short it Paul will likely make money most times - very unusual situation but why risky when doesn’t @manofbronze1
We’ll see how it plays from here- not trading it either way $KBIO but definitely been some crazy action to watch @newsomenuggets
only reason was cash flow positive was the partnership deal w/cash they got which i believe expired $KBIO @newsomenuggets
Look at sales & losses for $KBIO — even that $10M lifeline would only last a Quarter or 2 IMO @newsomenuggets

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