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NASA to award Space contracts to $BA #Boeing and SpaceX after 4pmEST today…
if was a factor we would be having much more worrisome markets leading up to Thurs but look up +119 #DowJones @tradethecycles @JTAldridge46
use to affect much more w/any little move in the Euro but has not been the case.. its been all about the Fed @tradethecycles @JTAldridge46
we went a bit higher while i was at lunch .. bit higher than I thought we would .. guess markets like pre #FOMC tomorrow so far
ok off to lunch .. I call intraday top here .. see if we dip before 1-2pmEST
RT @tradethecycles: @stockguy22 Scottish Independence Vote Thursday @JTAldridge46 —> yup Joe may affect more UK then US markets but big vote
yup crazy mover that stock.. have not seen anything like that on an #IPO in a very long time at least that % pop — @SKITHEG
nice play — i’ve still kept both $YHOO & $SFTBY but very key levels hit yesterday for sure .. I almost did YHOO covered calls @_IAMBATM4N
about time $UCO pushing back up 4%+ today on this #oil push .. $32 will be a key level on UCO to watch & $95+ oil if tests again —
Strong #futures and market action today into lunch which is odd timing.. still a very busy Economic week though RE…
that crazy mover $RWLK seems to be double topping on the daily chart .. can’t believe that start sub $11.50 Friday and $41.93 today—WOW !
very key resistances hit on $YHOO yesterday $44 .. and on $SFTBY $42+ .. today both down but holding over whole #’s so far $42 and $40
strong #futures bounce into 10amEST — see if continues past or if we bump our heads into resistance up here
$EBAY dipping a bit today .. $AAPL sub $100 on #iphone6 China delay
Reminder: Busy week PPI Tues CPI & #FOMC Wed Housing, Jobs, Philly Fed Thurs & Quadruple Witching & $BABA #IPO Fri.
$RAX had a push into the close — didn’t see that earlier but was right into the end of day on volume - to $40.50 & closed $38.96
not much #afterhours action tonight.. $ZU up , $AA down There was a run into close on $SINO may be tiny $DRYS sympathy move to $2.90
just poking harmless fun @ them but wonder if $AAPL at least got them a FREE $SBUX for being in line for days lol @MarketFried @dcbandor
glad i got rid of $RKUS and locked the profits on Friday .. worked well as didn’t want to make a tougher decision if 20day sma failed -3.87%
bit of a #futures push up past 2pmEST but still lot of red across the markets ..
Very busy week: PPI Tues CPI & #FOMC Wed Housing, Jobs, Philly Fed Thurs & Quadruple Witching & $BABA #IPO Fri.
$TWTR testing under $48.50 alert .. was looking good last week but did top out a bit into that over the key $52-$53 areas
$AAPL linerUppers Reality Show— They line up during the day at KrispyKreme to buy day old donuts next day @backyardhockey2 @bblawrence8
$AAPL linerUppers Reality Show— How they line up at DollarStore Sun to get first dibs on new stock on Mon @backyardhockey2 @bblawrence8
Someone should track those $AAPL LinerUppers for a post interview— I predict a new Reality Show #iphone6 @bblawrence8 @Financial_Orbit
I doubt they trade or mow lawns..They may have smoked grass during 4 days in line but that’s the closest to lawns they saw @backyardhockey2
funny , but if they were trading they’d be setting up their $BABA buy orders today for Friday.. They are quick on the draw @backyardhockey2
HockeyDad you had the funniest comment on $AAPL linerUppers. U think they line up today for Sept 19th? #iphone6 shipments @backyardhockey2
maybe they were in desperate need for a new #iphone5 cable.. I know mine break all the time so worth 4 days in $AAPL #iphone6
if #iphone6 could not be pre-ordered till Sept 12th & doesn’t get shipped till Sept 19th How silly were those in line for 4 days?$AAPL
#3dprinters can't seem to bottom out today $VJET -5% , $XONE -8%+ $DDD -5% .. Only $SSYS only down 2.22% -- ugly candles today
stepped out for a bit .. I see #3DPrinters got much weaker since I left .. down under 20day sma on $XONE $DDD $VJET .. only $SSYS holding up
typical of biotechs so make sure you project out when next offering is since they will run of cash @yonatantsegai…
lighter volume play then I would normally do $ADHD. Chart is ok but no fundamentals -zero sales & lot of losses is the prob @yonatantsegai
$YHOO hit right into that key $44 but faded back so far after the open .. really happy with this $SFTBY push today too $41.65
Good morning - a few #premarket movers UP $AAPL $YHOO $OTIV $AXP $RWLK $LOCO $TASR $TRW $BUD $RSH ... Down $TEX $SHI $NPSP $GILD $TSLA $FB
Have a great weekend everyone .. again REMINDER if you read this late.. NO SAT WEBINAR tomorrow- Previous webinars:
If I don’t sell $YHOO I may consider to sell some calls (covered calls) against partial position if we push over $44 early wk @_IAMBATM4N
As I said I’m not greedy & test of $44+ next week on either $YHOO $SFTBY & I’ll scale out & start locking profits pre $BABA @_IAMBATM4N
yup I was happy with $YHOO $SFTBY closes —probably last minute pre-weekend shoppers / we’ll see next week @_IAMBATM4N @salman_merchant
REMINDER: NO Sat. webinar tomorrow but you can listen to recorded webinars here: Learn from past strategy/analysis
The trades that work well just reinforce that you are on track but don’t sweep bad/tricky trades under the rug —learn from them
I spend more time analyzing trades I could have done better on or lose on ..most traders try to forget those but important to RECAP & learn
I had swing trade $RKUS that I sold March 7th, rebought dip,sold again today & shared w/ members 2 key things I should have done differently
#TRADINGTIP: I recap trades to make sure I’m on track with targets, sizing, timing, chart read etc. & what I would have done differently !
had a nice 18.79% avg trade today on my $RKUS swing but shared chart notes/chart with members of 2 key things I would have changed w/trade
what a choppy #futures afternoon — we’re off the earlier lows but a weak Friday
nice $EBAY bounce over $52.. a few of us added on the fib retrace into the afternoon — Congrats if you added too .. looking better
Just a quick reminder : No Sat. webinar tomorrow —have prior plans that I can’t miss but maybe we will do an early week webinar instead
#oil was looking good earlier but dipped back and dropped $UCO back into low $30’s from over $31 intraday