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let's get the meek mill diss track bingo card ready fam.
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I've seen 3 selfie sticks within the last 2 hours. Can I go home now?
"I'll give ice cream and candy endlessly"…
If you're gonna play your music so loud everyone can hear, please don't play young thug
Happy 4th 🇺🇸�6Gas
Its The 4th Of July 🕔🇺🇸 And These Fireworks ✨🎉 Aint The Only Things Popping💥Tonight🌙Send 📩This To 🔟 People That Make your Pussy😏Pop👅💥
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Surgeon General: Smoking Fine As Long As You Only Do It When You Drink
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me: *eats cookie dough* some weak ass person: “you’ll get salmonella poisoning!!!”
Blue Ivy legalized same sex marriage at the age of 3 at her age I couldn't read, or write. She's such a Queen.
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Board games are so petty
Haven't slept in 3 days and I can't stop thinking about how Marcus called Anna lord farquad
My mom and I have a 15 x 15 in box of all the failed diet pills and cleanses we've tried in the past
What's your moma name? RT @KingTralle: Even tho you don't claim me happy fathers day @ochocinco
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#TweetYourUnpopularOpinion yellow starburst are my favorite. I don't understand why everyone hates them.
Why isn't fresh prince on Netflix yet?????????????
Me: I hate drama Me when shit starts:
It's LBJ and Delly time! 🏀🏀
how many times have you brought an entire bottle of wine into the shower
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New York is where you can't tell who's going to gov ball and who just wears a fanny pack and a flower crown bc that's their look
.@MarinasDiamonds 🍎🍏🍊🍋🍒🍇🍉🍓🍑🍐🍍
Slay Klay Thompson slay
"If I was sober I could have receiptsl"
I didn't notice until now
So in my senior portrait you can clearly see that my bracelet says "popped a Molly"
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Vance joy looks like Vince from entourage
Is @KingMarcusXIII really gonna talk shit during Charli xcx's entire set
Ass flat Yea I know
just rewatched the last episode of game of thrones and I think Sam and Gilly may have fucked in the same bed maester Aemon died in...
Riley curry was the real mvp last night
Watching a daenerys scene vs a Sansa scene
I burnt myself on all the tea tn #gameofthrones
Margaery is about to call cersei the b word

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