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jackass is nominated for an oscar let that sink in
Canada honestly looks broken like thats no way to run a country
when will boys understand that fat is an emotion?
ok louisiana needs to legalize weed so the saints can go to the superbowl and maybe WIN ON THE ROAD FOR ONCE
So the 2 teams going to the Super Bowl are from the 2 states that legalized marijuana this year... Coincidence? I think not!
Audio: leightonmeestervevo: I cannot FATHOM how Ke$ha never released this true MASTERPIECE
Photo: "it’s called fashion look it up"
"@bertieisme HHHH" the only vine that truly speaks to me
we're going to be 3gether 5ever
@DMVconfession: "Oak crest? Whats that?"” Haha joke crest
Nathan twerkin' in a tree 🌳#twerkteam #nature
When you see them same damn tweets that people have been tweeting for years
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yeah of course I smoke. I'm not a loser.
"Maggie O'Rear I want that rear cuz it's so fine."
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"it's so hard finding obedient minions"
It's 2014 and I still can't block people in real life
Why yes I am watching Shrek thanks for asking
do u ever want to puke blood on someone
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if u live tweet pretty little liars tonight i hope u get poop in ur eyes
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Stop trying to make me interested in school. I'm tired of yo presence. Dismissed.
"Why can't you just wear what you wore today?"
Rate My Professor lied my teacher is not hot
puppies are touchable happiness
If you haven't added me on snapchat you're missing out. I am an artist
"Can blind people trip"
fuck marshawn lynch i hope he gets fat when he retires
do you think odd future will ever host SNL?
Photo: 'don't make me flip my bitch switch'
Photo: diploandfriends: wisconsin: closed the entire state is closed
"@thecampaignbook In light of the recent attacks against my artistic integrity, I am retiring from all public life."…
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favorite pick up line: "i put the sex in dylsexia"
can 2 am be an emotion?
there are some clothes that just make you sigh and say "god i wish i was 10 lbs underweight"
Photo: The most important part of the #Zedd concert #theD
The most important part of the #Zedd concert #theD
my cell & molec professor just e-mailed me telling me to bring leaves to the first day of class
I just found my Instagram password so lemme just upload everything right now #walltwerk #highschool