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You ruining any chance at getting nudes if you expose a girl. Girls see it once and think it'll happen to them too
It's gonna take me a while to get my tweet game back. Shit takes talent
I hate when girls tell you to go talk to your hoes...if I'm wasting my time arguing with your dumbass.. I ain't got no hoes
People wonder why they poor though “@iAmSlimDeLeon: if im down to my last $20.. Its weed b4 food 😩”
Who got some good tweets? Link me some.
I need to get a squad assembled on here and make the come up together.
Her: hey I gotta tell you something... Me: wassup? Her: I think you got me pregnant.. Me:
When you tell a girl to calm down, she hears that as "bitch who you talking to?" And you just create more problems
Girl logic: "wtf that bitch fav'd his tweet?! I'mma go suck his homeboy's dick and tell him to control his hoes"
I see too many fat bitches smacking on McDoubles while their shirt can't even cover their stomach.
You on your knees praying right now, but was that what you was doing on your knees at that party? You disrespecting god.
Twitter supposed to be about tellin jokes, and laughing at them. Not sharing your opinion on shit, cuz that don't' mean shit to me
How these hoes got trust issues but be in the bathroom telling their life story at the club?
You not tellin us something faggot? "@Samoht6Yort: I wish a nigga would try and stiff dick me at a party"
YO TITTIES FALLIN OUT MORE THAN YOUR BABY DADDY! How that my fault I got a little bit excited?
Any bitch who post a selfie on twitter looking for compliments, yet once they get them they wanna try to make the guy look bad...
I must have forgot, y'all stay faking about what you want. You just try fit in, look good, and throw out thirst traps
Like how you about to get mad cuz a guy is trying to be different than everyone else. Ain't that what you bitches beg for on here?
I swear bitches only curve on here for attention, they low key love the effort guys make just for their attention.
For every bad bitch is a guy who tired of fucking her.
Let a bitch tell me some shit like this. You gonna take a break from life after I put you in a coma
Trying to love these hoes. It didn't work out so I'm making a come back “@SoCalGod: @YungFastball bruh where you been?”
Ain't no such thing as a good girl, they just good liars. Bad girls are just the dumb who get caught acting up
Bitches only need you when it's convenient for them. They either need money, attention, or dick.
Actually gettin some pussy. Had to enjoy it while it lasted “@DontSpamMeCuh: @YungFastball fuck you been slim shady???”