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I ain't callin no bitch bae until her mouth is the foster home to all my abandon kids. That's love right there
Don't be calling her bae until she asks for a cumshot. There's no better bonding moment then her waiting for your kids to be on her face.
What that tells me is these bitches only good for one thing. Making me cum.
Porn looks great until you bust. Then you just feel dirty and turn it off.
This is why people are rioting. Police mistreat the people... Here's an example. #Ferguson
Can't take any chick serious if she showin off her body in her avi. She lookin for attention that i don't got
Only things hoes are good for is a quick nut, a quiet mouth, and a successful night
The only hoe's opinion I've ever listened to is Barack Obama but that nigga in charge.
There's a reason hoes got more followers on IG than Twitter. We like to look at y'all, but don't give a shit what you got to say.
@YungFastball you are just going to town on women.
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You can't even tell a girl she pretty no more. All you can do is like the picture and beat off to it on your own. Shit is wack
Never in my life have i met a guy who willingly shared their chick. Tf you expect a guy to want you when you showing your shit to the world?
Y'all letting your egos get in the way. If y'all wasn't so worried about how many likes you get on your pics, a guy might like you.
Ain't no such thing as nice guys no more since you bitches wanna complain about us saying you pretty and sliding in your DM's
If a bitch already full of herself, she got no place for you.
How you gonna date a cocky bitch? They already full of themselves, and any nigga that spit game at them becomes a thirsty one
Once a bitch cocky, then she gonna start setting out thirst traps. She know she look good, so she gonna show off.
Confident girls are sexy, but as soon as they cross that line.. They turn down the hoe path.
I'm trying to be nice here and you wanna act like the whole world know you look good. That's what hoes do.
Cocky girls are the worst. How you gonna agree with me when i call you beautiful?
I need to get my followers back fucking with me. Got a bunch of ghosts now. That's what not tweeting does to ya
It's all fun and games til you @ the wrong dude. Twitter serious enough to get you shot nowadays. Shit's crazy
Whatever you do, just don't get fucked up about twitter. It's just Twitter.
All the good tweeters on here just speaking. You corny mf's are the ones always trying to stir up shit
Tweeting from personal experience so much better than people who try and preach shit they never went through