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S/O to @StevieJohnson13 having one of the freshest Instagram profiles out there πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
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Ladies a breast exam is #FasterThan a pass from 7 to 13. Raise awareness for early detection:
This week's #TDsForTVs winner Joann F. got the @VIZIO P series upgrade. Congrats! Sign up at
Everyone send their Wolverine super human heeling powers to my guys @CJSPILLER @Fred22Jackson and @DanielKilgore67
We are going to get it right. Gotta keep pushing #StayFaithful #HBHF
we might have an epic World Series trio here Matt. You ready, or nah? β€œ@Logancouture: @StevieJohnson13 @matthewjansing Let's do it bro.”
what do you say @Logancouture? β€œ@matthewjansing: @StevieJohnson13 I'll bring you if you bring @Logancouture”
Best World Series offer so far β€œ@J_Dayye: @StevieJohnson13 your self and your wife.”
Who's taking me to a World Series game? #SFGiants #BeatTheRoyals
BOOM!!! Monster HR by Ishikawa. @SFGiants going to the World Series! #TheNextBigThing #OctoberTogether #SFGiants #SFUnite #WorldSeries
Build your own Football Franchise by adding Coolie & Smooth to your WR corps. #fballfranchise
Woooo. Throwing that @Kaepernick7 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ to strike em out. @SFGiantsants are rolling. 3#OctoberTogethert#SFGiantsa#BeatSTLtSTL
Steve D. wins 2 times. 1st by being named Steve. 2nd by being our #TDsForTVs winner. Enter:
Another W for the home teams with this @SFGiants win today. #SFGiants #OctoberTogether
Huge thanks to @StevieJohnson13 and @mophie for hooking me up w/ this #LimitedEdition San Francisco power station!
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1 more out β€œ@BayAreaFan2: @StevieJohnson13 We're dying out here man. #SFGiants”
How are my tweeples feeling tonight? #HBHF
that @skullcandy is πŸ”₯ @Breeahhkneee: Saw@StevieJohnson133 promoting these. My new gym”
That hair tho β€œ@bills2683: @StevieJohnson13 just came across this in the old team yearbook, a young yeevie”
Congrats to this week's #TDsForTVs winner Mark H. He wins a @VIZIO P-Series TV! Get your TV
A winner each week, but this week the @VIZIO TV gets upgraded #TDsforTVs β€œ@msjeannerogers: @StevieJohnson13 Somebodys gona win a TV. woohoo”
GameDay tomorrow. Make sure to join my fantasy league to win πŸ’°πŸ’°
The @PSDunderwear fam sent that exclusive custom briefcase. Join the movement #wearyourlife
Want to test your team building skills & build your own Franchise #fballfranchise
.@MRojas10 I'm going to have the @skullcandy fam connect with you to get you some buds/headphones for getting this billboard pic.
Thanks to @StevieJohnson13's TD yesterday, the @BGCA_Clubs of San Francisco will be receiving a VIZIO TV! Learn more:
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I bet Kevin L. is going to love his new @VIZIO P-series TV. Better sign up to get yours
Ya'll definitely Handled Biz this week, scoring big work points. Time to Have Fun. See you Sunday. #HBHF
Brilliant, locks my win HBHF β€œ@Giants55: @StevieJohnson13 Tense meeting in the conference room about a deadline..I brought a nerf football.”
39 for tests, 13 for nuturing, 5 for avi mustache β€œ@ChristieDiane: A's on 3 exams & now taking care of my sick kid. @StevieJohnson13”
On the squad #HBHF β€œ@cmackguire: @StevieJohnson13 Went to all my classes on a Friday and aced a quiz. Ushering at Levi's stadium Sunday!”
Bringing burritos & tacos for the team = 1300 pts β€œ@tacoguy209: @StevieJohnson13 I folded bout 250 burritos this week & sold 450 tacos.”
Costing me points, gotta bench you β€œ@tshoe8: @StevieJohnson13 My fault man... I haven't done SH-- today, I'll do better next week!”
πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜© You'll do better next tim#HBHFHF@Slinger61919@StevieJohnson1313 just failed an accounting exam, my bad for the negative points..”
Pts for the early days interview, thx again β€œ@LauraOkmin: @StevieJohnson13 Talked w frmr BUF pr @drinelli re how much we like a certain WR.”