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It pays to follow. I do it all for my family & the fans β€œ@TaylorPrice: Here's our podcast.”
Serious πŸ”₯ @kyle_kruszewskii: Shoutout to@StevieJohnson133 and@hotpocketss for the hook up on some freebies!!”
Everyone congratulate Nathan H. who's taking home a @VIZIO as this week's #TDsForTVs winner!
Happy to announce Michele B. as this week's #TDsForTVs winner. Why wouldn't you sign up now?
That's crazy! Be safe β€œ@BIGGEST49erfan: @StevieJohnson13 Just doing what we do Stevie. #FantasyWorkLeague”
Heavy artillery πŸ‡ΊοΏ½#HBHFHF@Rhino_Capap@StevieJohnson1313 Stoked to see you as a Niner. Me on the upper”
Salute πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ my guy. Thank U@Steverinck1111@StevieJohnson1313 w/ the crew here in Korea between training sessions”
Needs a tasty @hotpockets β€œ@fitmindnbody: @c0dygeiger Is handling biz surviving the gas chamber w/smile in Bootcamp!”
RT it again this yr β€œ@JarrodChandler: @StevieJohnson13 headed to the field tomm to train but you RT this last year.”
My guy looks famished. My fam @hotpockets sending reinforcements β€œ@Tiiiip: @StevieJohnson13 bus ride home after work”
Epic product placement β€œ@TroyMartinez23: @StevieJohnson13 eating some @hotpockets next to my stevie autographed pic”
Man down. Have to get you some @hotpockets for a full recovery β€œ@NKosnow: @StevieJohnson13 never a dull moment!”
Need to toss some @hotpockets on that grill. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ@jorozco3131@StevieJohnson1313 getting ready for a”
Sending @hotpockets to u GI Joe β€œ@MrGill_PE: @StevieJohnson13 I'm a PE teacher now. 0 fazes me after being a grunt.”
Never really a bye week for you huh. Sendin some @hotpockets fuel to you β€œ@CactusJackOner: @StevieJohnson13 #ByeWeek”
Need to grab a @hotpockets after those! β€œ@JakeOzechoski: @StevieJohnson13 push ups Stevie. Lots and lots of push ups”
Easily a legend β€œ@skullcandy: It's safe to say @RobbieMaddison is a legend! See for yourself:”
Well fed and stylin with the SJ13 jersey #HBHF β€œ@MmaryMmighty: @hotpockets @StevieJohnson13 A Million Thank Yous!”
Of course I do. β€œ@NickNotto: @StevieJohnson13 pls say you remember this”
Adding $13K fine for not being @skullcandy β€œ@mikelphotos: @StevieJohnson13 My son got a $10k fine for wearing beats”