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β€œ@RVCDSCA: @steveo awesome interview with @realjaythomas” I agree, and thanks!
β€œ@ChannelMeter: #Congrats to @steveo for crossing 50 Million views on #YouTube! via @ChannelMeter” Thanks!
I ordered a ping pong table, and I cannot wait to play. #showupalready!
Thanks so much @thekatvond ! Now I'll be able tell my little suitcase apart from everyone else's! Woohoo!!! #thankyou
THE BEST MAKEOVER WITH @steveo : (You can see the full video on Steve-O's YouTube channel!πŸ˜ƒ
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Why can't I have an automated greeting for my iPhone that says I'll never listen to your stupid voicemail, so you should just send a text?
This photo was taken in Buffalo, NY. This weekend I'll be in West Nyak, NY at Levity Live. #yeahdude #steveo
β€œ@SamMacaroni: Watch this utterly amazing new vlog from @steveo immediately!…” Yeah dude!!! Woohoo!!!
As "vlog" videos go, I'd say I've really outdone myself with this:…
β€œ@crystaalgee: Steve-o's show was literally the funniest experience of my life, can't wait till next time! @steveo” Thank you!
β€œ@paulinagomezzz: @steveo hmmm, new vlogs?” Editing the most epic vlog in the car while @scottrandolph83 drives me, Walter and Bernie home!
Such a great weekend-- thanks, Tempe, Arizona! #yeahdude
Arizona is intense.
Who says you can't surf in Arizona! Tempe's @BigSurfAz is the 3rd largest wave pool in the world, and we shredded it!
Who says you can't surf in Arizona! Tempe's @bigsurfaz is the third largest wave pool in the world, and we shredded it today! #yeahdude #steveo
Here's one for @_ShitNobodySays -- "I met her on Tinder, and I think she's the one."
Nap time with Walter and Bernie on the road is pure magic. #ilovemydogs #yeahdude
Today looks like a great day to go film a prank in Tempe, Arizona. #yeahdude #steveo
This is the funny face I made when I was getting beaned the Arizona Diamondbacks' pitching machine yesterday.
This is the funny face I made when I was getting beaned by a baseball from the Arizona Diamondbacks' pitching machine yesterday, right before their game against the San Diego Padres. #chasefield #yeahdude #steveo
When someone starts a sentence with "I'm not gonna lie", should we assume everything else they've ever told was complete bullshit?
I got to join the Arizona Diamondbacks at their batting practice today, and I didn't even have to ask to get beaned by pitch. You'll have to wait till tomorrow to the see the funny face I made for that. #ouch #yeahdude #steveo
Big thanks to @IamCodyRoss for an awesome time at @Dbacks batting practice today. Thanks for turning up the heat on that last bean-ball!
β€œ@Dbacks: Don't try this at home. @steveo just crashed #Dbacks batting practice.” Thanks for letting me get beaned!
It's so fucking hot in Arizona today, I'd gladly refilm this old classic right now... #ff #extremeiceskating #yeahdude #steveo
β€œ@boomerangbeontv: @steveo Hi Steve-O - how do I reach your agent please? Could you follow back and DM me? Cheers” My reps are easy to find.
Feeling sexy this morning in Tempe, AZ, wearing my bitchin new red corduroy shirt! It's on this weekend at the Tempe Improv. Woohoo! #yeahdude #steveo
β€œ@jaureguisaurus: remember when @ddlovato found @steveo in a stairwell in some type of bondage attire Lmao” I'll never forget!
I love this #steveoartwork by Taylor Thompson from Vancouver, BC. #wildboyz #wbz Let's see more #steveoartwork folks!
Wildboyz was an epic time in my life, and I love this #steveoartwork by Taylor Thompson from Vancouver, BC. Thank you, Taylor! @chrispontius #wildboyz #wbz Let's see more #steveoartwork #yeahdude
β€œ@UncleBuck_: @steveo is your standup show tonight?” You bet it is! Tonight through Sunday.
I'm in Tempe, Arizona right now, here's a little video from the last time I was here-- get ready for something new and come see me at the Tempe Improv this weekend, I'm headlining tonight through Sunday. Info on
Getting ready to drive from LA to Tempe, Arizona...
Bernie and I fuckin love this spot.
Bernie and I fuckin love this spot. #yeahdude #steveo
Whose dick do I gotta suck to get arrested? #SeaWorldSucks
Sometimes you just gotta say #fuckit #yeahdude #steveo
I asked the cops to arrest me at the airport when I landed today, so I could get a little break from work, but... #noluck
That's a good-looking T-shirt this guy wore to my show last night. I'm on my way home from Canada now, if the cops want to arrest me at the airport, I'm scheduled to land at LAX at 12:58pm on Air Canada flight #1880. Let's do this! #yeahdude #steveo
The incredibly talented airbrush artist named "Archer" from Victoria, BC brought this amazing painting for me to pose with backstage at my show last night. #thanksarcher #yeahdude #steveo
Not so many people know I was born in England, grew up in five countries, and spoke three languages by the age of three. #forgot2bytheageof5
β€œ@JTechApple: @steveo You're in Victoria today?!” You bet I am! At 9ONE9 tonight, show starts at 8pm. #yeahdude
One of the first stunts I ever did for @xyzclothingusa -- I'm stoked the company is back. Follow @xyzclothingusa -- they won't waste your time. #yeahdude #steveo
Hey @HarveyLevinTMZ -- I gotta say, this is some top-notch journalism:… Big thanks!
I said it before, and I'll say it again. #SeaWorldSucks #yeahdude #steveo
I just got to Vancouver and I'm going all out tonight at the Rickshaw Theater. Showtime is at 8pm, see you there! Info at #yeahdude #SeaWorldSucks
But yo, on the strempf? #SeaWorldSucks
The California Highway Patrol has requested that the District Attorney file charges against me for helping out this sign. Bring on the publicity, because #SeaWorldSucks #yeahdude #freesteveo