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Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones kicking me in the nuts is never going stop being awesome...#GOT #GameOfThrones
@ashleekryystne: I feel like everyone on earth just met @steveo ... I'm so upset that I didn't get to.” One last show in Louisville tonite!
Why the fuck can't non-iPhones send a text without it showing up on my iPhone in all different pieces in the wrong order? #fuckinbullshit
How fuckin awesome is this cloud! Woohoo!!!
'Game of Thrones' Star -- Slams Steve-O's Frost Giant
Retweeted by Steve-O
It seems like every day I'm told someone looks exactly like me, and it's never even close to true. I suppose it's the thought that counts!
I took my pants off for @jessicaalba @SophieT and a good ol' fashioned kick to my nuts. Check it out:… Thanx Ladies!
.@TomMabe Big thanks, Brother, great to see you!
@NotStoppingMe: @steveo is growing up! Nice change from throwing up... Ha ha” Ha! Thanks!
Hey @SophieT remember that time you kicked me in the nuts? Check it out right here, + thanks again, you did great!…
@gbayol: @steveo will you be adding more tour dates?!” Yes, I have some more tour dates that I'm getting ready to announce.
Even though this is a photo-shop job (and I hate fake shit), I really do love this pic...
I thought I was eating pretty healthy for the last 5 years but now that I'm making my own homemade almond milk and hummus and shit, it's on!
I finally found a dogsitter to watch Walter and Bernie at home, no more boarding them at this place-- I never want them to be in a cage ever again. #ifuckinlovemydogs
@spencer2thewest: Look who was bkstg at the #demiworldtour @steveo so nice to meet you man!” Likewise, Brother! TY!
"My struggles do not define me as person, or as an artist." -- @ddlovato I enjoyed that so much, thanks again, Demi!
Thanks to my dear friend @ddlovato for inviting me to her awesome concert in Louisville, KY tonight! #girlonfire!!!
Louisville, KY is having a big week! Thanks to my dear friend @ddlovato for inviting me to her awesome concert tonight!
@HEDJuggalo: @steveo is in Louisville.. Wish I could meet him sometime before he leaves.” I stick around after every show to take pics
Louisville, KY! I'm already here and it's on this weekend! I'm headlining The Laughing Derby this Thurs-Sun, info at
I can't respect people when they pay others to manage their social media and pretend to be them. In case you wondered, I do all this myself.
That time Knoxville blew his first-ever fireball, using my burning hair as a torch... #bestphotoever
I just hate it so much that people go and film fake staged shit and try and pass it off as if it's not fuckin fake bullshit. #fuckfakeshit
.@edbassmaster is the man, and so is @Jessewelle -- when they team up on a video, it's the greatest shit ever. Enjoy!…
I just did some serious manscaping. #smoothchest #hairlessnutsack
I'm enjoying watching football today.
Playin back the Canadian head climb, because it was really fun...
@Ambyr34: @steveo dang it.. In lexington tonight and your show is sold out!! What's up with that😢” One last show tomorrow night!
@kmgray0047: Had a blast, thanks so much @steveo hope you like your pic I painted for you <3” Love it, thank you!
I spend so much time on airplanes, it's just plain fuckin crazy. #beenallaroundthisworld
Hangin with zombies in Lexington, Kentucky!
Lexington, KY has epic street art, I'm digging this place. #yeahdude
I love it-- more dudes need to do this... “@JoeHowells_: @steveo what you reckon to our attempt? Masterpiece?
Hey @HowardStern and @jimmykimmel -- microwaves aren't completely useless after all! #roadsquats #squattypotty
It's been over four and a half years since I drank a soda. Yeah dude, fuck soda! Woohoo!!!
Lexington, Kentucky, here I come! I'm headlining all this weekend, Thurs-Sun at Lexington's own @ComedyOffBWay and it's going to be epic!
Lexington, Kentucky, here we come! I'm headlining all weekend at Lexington's own "Comedy Off Broadway", info at
"People who aren't alcoholics don't wonder wether they are alcoholic or not." -- That's a great saying.
Playin back this bitchin skate trick!
We got waves in California! #SurfsUp
I surfed this wave today, and I loved it so much, it is ridiculous... #fuckyeahdude
Walter is taking a baby nap on my lap...
How could Walter be any more gorgeous?
Thanks again to Shane O'Neal Photography for this bitchin photo! #idfuckme! #yeahdude
I'll be in Tampa the weekend of January 8. “@MattMotush: @steveo are you going to be coming out to the Tampa or Orlando area anytime soon?”
Back home in LA with my beautiful babies. Get ready, Lexington, Kentucky-- you're next! Check out my tour dates on
Ryan Dunn's gravesite in Brecksville, Ohio. I love and miss you, Brother, rest in peace.
With @scottrandolph83 at Dr. Bob's house in Akron, Ohio. #bigtimeyeahdude
It seems like every time a celebrity gets accused of doing anything wrong, they accuse their accuser of trying to get 15 minutes of fame...