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"My favorite meal of the day is dessert"- @scottrandolph83 #sotrue #yeahdude
@spfan20: @steveo Just finished your book. Was absolutely awesome! Loved every page of it!!!” Thank you!
I've said this before, but it's so true-- this video fuckin kicks ass!!!…
Best stand up comedy EVER & I got his book... Can't wait to read this shit!! @steveo #sendmedickpics
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@noodia_: Legit though, @steveo was fucking awesome, hilarious show” Thank you! xoxo
Here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they have huge fireworks stores. I'm gonna have to go check one out...
Playin this back, because it's the best trick I ever pulled on a coffee table. #yeahdude #steveo
Thanks for this awesome article, @eonline !!!…
If doing this was wrong, I don't want to be right! #SeaWorldSucks…
@AG_HighFly5: @fbhw that @steveo interview was best interview I've heard you guys ever have” thanks!
I'm now in Grand Rapids, Michigan-- ready to crush my shows out here! Come see me at Dr. Grins Comedy Club tomorrow night (Thurs) thru Sat.
Have you seen the video of me pulling off this awesome crime? It's on but maybe not for long, check it out quick! #SeaWorldSucks #yeahdude #steveo
Exclusive: Steve-O Blasts SeaWorld With A Very Clear Message via @dodo…
I filmed myself committing a crime in the middle of California's 5 Freeway. It took me five tries to finish the job-- here's one of them-- the rest of the video is on -- it might not last long on there, so hurry up and check it out now. #SeaWorldSucks #yeahdude #steveo
I wanna be a Dad. But I don't want kids. Can I be a Dad with no kids?
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TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO GOT MAD AT ME FOR THIS VIDEO: Since the ice bucket challenge began, over 15 million dollars has been raised for ALS research. I think that's great, but when you consider the countless A-list celebrities who have actively gotten behind this cause by posting videos-- the fact tha
@Neeesh: Amazed that @steveo 's book "Steve-O professional idiot: a memoir" is actually really fucking good!” Thanks!
Tomorrow morning I'm launching a controversial video, and it's going to be fuckin rad. #newsoutletsgetready #yeahdude #steveo
@steveo That ALS video was straight up awesome, just for the fact that it left us to think: What really is ALS? Awesome vid bro
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@SamPiccone: @steveo has the best ice bucket video out there” Thanks!
So that's what happens when favorite a tweet! Happy B-day! “@paulinagomezzz: Woohooo😍🎉 best birthday ❤️❤”
I've been reading about drones in the news, so I bought a couple. #someoneshowmehowtoworkthisfuckinthing!
Playin back this incredible skateboard trick I invented and named "The Kryp-Flip". #yeahdude #steveo