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Steven Johnson
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I'm using @Medium as my primary writing tool, I draft *everything* there. Somehow this makes me feel like the kid using GameStop as a bank.
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While we're strolling down memory lane, here's a cartoon about @stevenbjohnson, circa 1997: #diamondsonsilk
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Plus I would love to see Apple reinvent the Finder from scratch for multitouch UI. Wide open space for new visual metaphors, etc
Re: iPad as tease, I've always felt iOS lack of file system was bigger impediment to "real work" than lack of built-in keyboard.
Speculation: iPad volume - not just share - down in Q1CY14. Q: If so, why? A: The iPad Is A Tease
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How can #communities create places that foster great ideas? Join Knight & @stevenbjohnson on 5/2 for a free webinar
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The Venice glassmakers & the “connection btwn creativity and the density and diversity of cities.” My post at Knight:…
Knight Foundation is funding/collaborating on a site on urban innovation accompanying "How We Got To Now":…
Also if you're in the Bay Area, this is the week to hike those grassy ridges in Marin. Full wildflower bloom:
Took this pic while hiking western slope of Mt Tam yesterday. Next Windows desktop image perhaps?
Cooking a big breakfast and listening to early Billy Bragg. Good times. "Between Marx and Marzipan in the dictionary there was Mary..."
Pynchon on Garcia Marquez: one of the best book review opening lines of all time:
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So our first rose of the season turned out well...
I did Colbert twice, and was never quite sure if was supposed to adopt my own fictional identity, feign outrage at his, or just ignore him.
If Colbert drops his persona it'll be the end of the most surreal interview in media, being intvw'd by someone pretending to be someone else
PHX-area people: I'll be speaking about innovation next Thursday @SkySongConnect in Scottsdale. More conversation at #SkySongConnect14
“We shouldn’t think of ‘the web’ as only what renders in web browsers.” Smart guy, that @gruber.…
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My 8yo son knows about software version numbers (eg Minecraft 1.7.2) but not decimals. So he thinks all decimals are "a kind of version"
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“Is the Oculus Rift sexist?” — Brilliant, fascinating piece from dana boyd:…
Enjoyed Ghost Map? Def check out The Remedy, Thomas Goetz’s “fascinating & entertaining new page turner” (LA Times):…
Double-take! America’s Underappreciated Entrepreneur: The Federal Government @stevenbjohnson Ideas book said same
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With very rare thunderheads above, Angel Island looks like it's in the South Pacific right now instead of SF Bay
Interesting that, after 9 years, relatively few sitcoms have aped HIMYM's nonlinear storytelling (vs, eg, The Office's mockumentary).
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