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Steven Johnson
Spending first night in our new Brooklyn home, bicoastal for foreseeable future. (Hey, it worked for Don Draper...) Good to be back!
Image of Schrödinger's cat made with entangled photons. Object was never directly photographed
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The finished books look fantastic! @stevenbjohnson HOW WE GOT TO NOW @riverheadbooks 9/30 @PBS series premiere 10/15!
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How We Got To Now book is the first of mine to have lovely full-color images. Also lovely words!
Just got gorgeous final version of the How We Got To Now book. In stores Sept. 30, available for pre-order now!
Problems my parents didn't have: my kids are fighting because one keeps spawning chickens in the mega-yacht they're building. #minecraft
read Invention of Air by @stevenbjohnson while on holiday. A scientific thriller that's a true story that inspires…
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Germans overestimate and Americans underestimate the number of poor people in their country:
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Last year, the British police *in total* fired their weapons fewer times than Darren Wilson did on August 9th.…
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It increasingly feels like I inevitably miss a good proportion of the good stuff my friends post cos I'm not staring at Twitter 24/7
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I think if I were Twitter I'd change 'discover' and 'activity' to 'best of your friends' and 'best of everyone' or something...
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Either way, #Ferguson is yet another argument against the "echo chamber" theory of social media.
Would be interesting to see if the story broke first through African-American Twitter circles, and then linked out to national media, etc.
Other factor in #Ferguson story--that @carr2n briefly alludes to--is the fact that Twitter has such a large African-American user base.
“Nothing much good was happening in Ferguson until it became a hashtag.” Great column from @carr2n.…
if this is how they behave with the whole world watching, imagine what they do when no one's looking.
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On Twitter, @zeynep's feed had much #Ferguson news; Facebook's didn't. "Algorithms have consequences." *Great* piece…
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Brilliant signup experience in new #foursquare app. Fun & smart to list actual dishes (not generic categories like "Italian.") Go @dens!
Wow, Vox wins my award for most innovative (and informative) chart of the month. On electric vehicle competitiveness.
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If your mental image of Medellin is still trapped in 90s-era Escobar madness--think again. Lovely, dynamic (and safe!) city. I'll be back!
From arrogance to collaboration - is this the real arc of Steve Jobs' journey? by @petersims
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About to jump onstage to talk to full house here at #HeroesFest2014 in Medellin
Just realized I'm slightly north of equator, not south. (Stupid, I know.) 1st time in my life I woke thinking I was in the wrong hemisphere.
On our 3-day road trip to Calistoga and Mendocino, we've had a 40 degree difference in daytime temps, from 98 to 58. Complicated packing!
Thanks! 50 yrs: differences and similarities MT @dwitzel nice analysis - Margaret Mead v. @stevenbjohnson…
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Headed to LA to preview #HowWeGotToNowPBS for the TV critics at #TCA14. Really psyched to talk about the series after 2 yrs making it!
Why thank you! RT @tartantroozers "How We Got To Now" deserves to be huge. Already thinking about the adjacent possibles
I wrote abt the mistake of seeing SV as libertarian paradise in this critique of George Packer's NYer piece:…
What @nathanheller is arguing, correctly, is that Bay Area tension is a battle between two different strains of liberal thought.
Thing that makes Silicon Valley and SF so interesting complex is precisely the fact that it's one of the most progressive places in the US.
The key to that @nathanheller NYer piece is that he doesn't fall into trap of thinking Bay Area tech scene is some libertarian freakshow.
IMHO, @nathanheller is doing the most nuanced job covering the Bay Area scene for an east coast pub, as in this:…
Our show The Future Starts Here just was nominated for an #Emmy ! #Emmys2014 We are So Excited!! @aolon
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"The big innovations of Silicon Valley are not technical but social ..." Super-important essay by @bryanboyer…
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“Using strong crypto, TunnelX offers a conversation tool that no one can snoop on.” Smart GigaOm piece on TunnelX:…
Like the world's most tortured breakup conversation MT @Veronica: @ryan attempting to cancel Comcast over the phone:…
Very smart bull case for Uber. I for one would give up my car if there was a liquid local Uber alternative.…
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God damn it. I really wish Pauline Kael were still alive so I could read her BOYHOOD review.
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Genius RT @thulme check out this 1657 ad introducing coffee to Londoners: via @vedrashko
Ah, West Marin, you are so golden and lovely, I just had to pull the car over to take this picture:
NYers: great conversation tomorrow night on privacy sponsored by TunnelX, with Lawrence Tribe and other luminaries:
Speaking of the MayDay SuperPac, y'all should read the full document that outlines their 3-year plan. Fascinating: