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Steve Martin
Congrats to Eddie Adcock for winning this years banjo prize!…
Congrats to cast! RT @Borgias4ever: WOW, what a way 2bring down the house tonight @TheOldGlobe #BrightStar amazing all around!
"Bright Star," @ediebrickell and my musical has its first preview tonight @TheOldGlobe Theatre in San Diego!
How dare you. RT @KarenKs1957: hi Steve Martin, I am a huge fan.
Thanks to the Bright Star cast for these handmade banjo picks for my birthday. And a continuing salute to Robin.
I could not be more stunned by the loss of Robin Williams, mensch, great talent, acting partner, genuine soul.
Taking a hiatus from Twitter for a while to concentrate on @ediebrickell 's and my musical "Bright Star," opening in San Diego in Sept.
Dear @EricIdle and Pythons, have a great run in London, you influenced my life and comedy.
Sorry to hear about the passing of Gail Grate, a fine actress who appeared in L. A. Story.
See you at the @HollywoodBowl JULY 2, 3, and 4. Fireworks and @SteepCanyon and @ediebrickell!
Just gave up my first-class airline seat to the person who actually had the ticket for it.
Say wha..?RT @MitchFAnderson: Hrm? RT Uh...RT @dawgontap: What?RT : Huh? RT @Deeds184: huh?
Uh...RT @dawgontap: What?RT : Huh? RT @Deeds184: huh?
I was studying to be a guay, but now I think I'm just going to be a para-guay.
Shot of me when we first started the movie.MT @Jessica_Farwell: My boy's rockin' the hat!
Isn't it enough just to have the tickets? RT @scout813: Hi! We have tickets to your show at the Ho Bowl on July 2. And we're going!
Likewise! RT @snelsonus: Great talking art with @SteveMartinToGo before his conversation with Eric Fischl this evening.
Bad outcome in USA/Portugal game when Portugal had the ball, and it went into the stands, bounced off my head, and went into goal.
Really enjoying watching the world cup
Here I am obscuring a Lawren Harris masterwork today in the Nat. Gallery of Canada. It's what I do.
That was a joke. RT I think that's Harry S. Truman. Right?RT @DaBalloonatic: Why does it say Hunter S Thompson in the caption?
What I don't understand is why @rickygervais @SHAQ we're copied in the original tweet. RT @HouseHfuhruhurr
That's it! I was opening for Ann-Margret at the time. RT @wilberfan @kmatkin19 I believe that photo was taken in Puerto Rico.
I think that's Harry S. Truman. Right?RT @DaBalloonatic: @SteveMartinToGo @SHAQ Why does it say Hunter S Thompson in the caption?
Looks like Florida to me. RT @wilberfan: Can you tell where it was taken? @SteveMartinToGo @kmatkin19 @rickygervais @SHAQ
I have no recollection of this, but, dang, if that isn't me! MT @kmatkin19: @rickygervais @SHAQ
Steve's new diet! Choose any two items per meal!
Dear Bela, I hope you don't blow the 147 bar, 8th note, 13th fret. RT @belafleckbanjo: Telluride, we are ready for you!
Really enjoying watching watching the world cup.
This might be my ego talking, but I feel my weight-loss spambot followers care about me. They really, really, do.
Rangers just arrived in Portsmouth. They have been on a bus for 29 hours. The showers are running screaming from the building.
Now doing World Cup flops around the house when trusting wife bumps into me.
Sometimes I receive tweets I don't understand: RT @KKtrends: you best don't when you do get offered.
The person who bought the stamp for $9.5 million REALLY wanted to get that postcard mailed.
Two words: Friday, Albany, Palace Theatre, @SteepCanyon @ediebrickell
Enjoying listening to my friend/acquaintance Bryan Sutton on Sirius Bluegrass (61). If I were that good I wouldn't be that humble.
Last thought: I appreciate grammar corrections.RT @Finesse117: Your tweets should be in red, with all the typos & poor grammar you ridicule.
Last thought: 1 thousand followers, 4.99 million weight loss spammers.MT@amoflano: how is it to have nearly 5 mil. following you?
Signing off. Going into the bedroom with trusting watch Sherlock.
So glad you didn't put the space between the "g' and "e." RT @jeffredman5: you are a legend
I'll put it on my calendar! RT @Kathtastik: So excited you/re playing Ottawa Jazz fest this weekend!
At a place thingy. Jeesh. RT @JennlovesTWD: where in Hartford?
Oh man, you're really bugging me.MT @mickscal: my parents and I saw you in a restaurant 20 years ago. We didn't bother you.
All of them. RT @jperk1: any movies in the future?
Dude! RT @RDPomin: Did you get to keep any props from Three Amigos?