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Steve Martin
Thanks for the nice review! MT @JohnLawMedia: Steve Martin & Martin Short at @NiagaraCasinos |…
View from my window. And it's not Kansas.
I know the answer; just can't remember it right now. RT @NiagaraCasinos: Trivia: how many times has @SteveMartinToGo hosted the Oscars?
Fun at my friends Bryan and Sandy's wedding celebration.
You are living a delusion. MT @ConanOBrien: I thought that hosting the MTV Movie Awards would guarantee they spell my name right on my pass:
TW opens door, dog crooning, me on floor holding PB laden knife between feet. TW says, "What a night I've had." All is well.
Trusting wife approaching, forcing dog to smoke pot while gorging myself with knife-fed peanut butter.
FYI, I appreciate all alerts of grammatical or factual errors. MT @AmyTx8: @JanetB722 Calling me rude? ha! Did you notice he thanked me?
Going now with the knife into the peanut butter.
If it's not called pot, then what is peanut butter called? RT @Sudsy_11fan: Steve it's not called pot anymore lol. Old vocab here too.
I hear Trusting Wife pulling up outside. Quickly smoking pot to cover the smell of peanut buttter.
Second toast going in the toaster. #JamesFrancoTypeLife.
It's in the sequencing. RT @SonyaH79: how do those even go together lol
Fixed, even after I read it 100 times. . Thank you. RT @AmyTx8: Someone is going to point out your typo, but it won't be me.
Trusting wife is out tonight, so I'm having a dinner of my own choice: Matzo ball soup and peanut butter on toast. Plus red wine.
Will Colbert start paying back the money that Letterman owes me?
Eric, that was a puny tip when I got you your coat. RT @EricIdle: @damitdutch @SteveMartinToGo He rarely charges at his house...
I'm signing off now before anyone finds out I've been tweeting.
I see you're using the English spelling of "laudie." RT @morgavine: @SteveMartinToGo Ohh discussing art were we? Well laudie bloody dah...
Sometimes following is not for the meek. RT @NickRatatouille: @SteveMartinToGo Thank you for sharing. We are thrilled.
Had a great time tonight discussing art with Eric Fischl and April Gornik at the Phoenix Art Museum.
It says this house is "famous" for being in The Godfather and The Bodyguard. Harrumph. It was also in The Jerk.…
In Arizona with a fake Saguaro cactus that is actually a cellphone tower. Good job Arizona.
Letterman's win over Wisconsin was amazing.
Oh Billy, I think everyone like him. RT @BillyCrystal: Just had great time with@letterman. On Friday. No one like him.