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my mom just asked me "is iPhone 6 from apple or samsung?" lmao *facepalm* πŸ˜¨πŸ˜’
when will my tummy pain ever stop ugh 😭
@SteveBlake3 lol sometimes I wish I could do that but unfortunately there are only 2 PPP including me in my class! #fail
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class is too boring even this guy is watching basketball 😴
hate taking the trains at this hour ughh
i just wish we could go back to a moment and relive it over and over again sometimes.
rainy days like this make me wanna sleep 😴
i need my iphone 6 already ugh 😭
@marshuhmcclain @SteveBlake3 hey I'll be there with you guys so you won't get into any trouble (& to steal ya xmas cookies yooooo)
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@SteveBlake3 dude just imagine Christmas together omg: cuddling, hot sbux drinks, good tunes, cuddling,
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freezing my ass off in this lecture ugh 😷
*prays the guys would do a good job in hosting the party in December* @SteveBlake3
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Last night's Halloween was a blast πŸŽ‰
Backstage passes to USS Halloween 😊�
coding is a fuckery !
i want my toffee nut latte πŸ‘‰β˜•οΈ
i'd build my on cafe in the middle of this island πŸ˜‚
starbucks's christmas drinks are out yay 😍�
this pain's a bitch
4 days straight of tummy pain πŸ˜”
@SteveBlake3 yo fazseril told me about what happened to you. Hope you'll have a speedy recovery!! Also hope to see you and the rest soon πŸ’ƒ
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When you remember an embarrassing moment, you're just like .
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ugh this is so hard 😭
in so much pain rn omg
what have i done to deserve this?
you'll never be forgotten. ever.
never thought this day would come 😭
thanks guys for all your wishes. got into an ATV accident. starting to fell better tho 😊
why am I getting fiverr orders when im being hospitalized?
Back in singapore and admitted to raffles hospital 😭
going for a safari buggy ride πŸ™†
@SteveBlake3 ohh damm.. man.. to far away for me.. unfortunately.. but really cool.. thx for sharing these pictures man - have fun !
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