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Stephen Colbert
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I'm on break next week so get ready for some reruns. Don't worry, the commercials are brand new!
Last night's show, my best yet.
I knew there weren't any orcs in the audience tonight because Sting wasn't glowing blue.
TONIGHT: Is botox good for your mental health? And @OfficialSting performs a song off his new album. @ComedyCentral 11:30/10:30c
Let's see...what to tweet about, what to tweet about? I got nothing. What's new with you?
TONIGHT: @OfficialSting discusses his new album & musical, "The Last Ship" and the 25th Rainforest Fund Concert. @ComedyCentral 11:30/10:30c
#Heartbleed Safety Tip: Change your passwords and your mother's maiden name.
If @sherylsandberg really believes women should Lean In, why isn't her entire book printed in italics?
I'm not worried about hackers stealing my Twitter password. It's useless unless they also somehow figure out my username. #Heartbleed
TONIGHT: Barack Obama plots to close the income gab between men and women. @ComedyCentral, 11:30/10:30c
TONIGHT: @sherylsandberg discusses the #LeanIn movement. @ComedyCentral, 11:30/10:30c.
FBI documents allege @TheRevAl was a mob informant. He must have joined @msnbc as part of the witness protection program.
Nevermind. I decided just to buy a new phone.
Quick, does anyone have a phone charger I can borrow? My battery is almost dea
I've never been a fan of maps. If they're at 1/10,000th scale, then why am I supposed to pay "full" price?
The only time I opposed fracking was when I thought Marcellus Shale was a jazz musician.
Who cares if 85% of Americans don't know where Ukraine's borders are on a map? Neither does Vladamir Putin.
TONIGHT: Americans can't find Ukraine on a map & common core tests confuse parents and teachers. @ComedyCentral 11:30/10:30c
TONIGHT: Jane Goodall discusses career studying chimps & new book "Seed of Hope: Wisdom & Wonder from the World of Plants" @JaneGoodallInst
Last night's show, my best yet.
A NJ middle school suspended a student for pretending his pencil was a gun. But in their defense, it WAS full of lead.
One in six Americans can't locate the Ukraine on a map. Why bother? In a few weeks it'll just be labeled Russia.
TONIGHT: @JebBush takes a controversial stance, @nytimes prints divorce announcements and @edfrenkel talks math. @ComedyCentral 11:30/10:30c
TONIGHT: Mathematician @edfrenkel discusses "Love and Math," named by @amazon & @iBooks as a best book of 2013. @ComedyCentral 11:30/10:30c
My safe opens when I say the safeword. But you don't want to know what it does to me before I get to that point.