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Stephen A Smith
Shut the hell up and stop lying @QadaffiDaKing @ESPN_FirstTake. It's the one thing we DON'T. We discuss news. What ppl are discussing
Great @Icantwait_SA @JordanTallberg @ESPN_FirstTake Can't stand phonies pretending to like me when they're haters. Keep it 100!
2 RB's for the Steelers arrested? For Marijuana? Are you $&@%# kidding me? Damn! Sick of this. See y'all on @ESPN_FirstTake at 10AM.#Damn!
Then turn the dam channel @mikeyv213 @ESPN_FirstTake. I won't miss you. Promise
We are about to discuss Ferguson, Missouri right now on @ESPN_FirstTake. On ESPN2. Yes, we are!
I tried to tell. @RealSkipBayless Wash were going to bring the kitchen sink at @JManziel2. Sacked by Kerrigan. But it's a long game.
This. Y 'all don't even know what y'all are in for. I can't wait. We'll see how much stuff folks have to say then. Y'all don't even know!
I'm going to leave it like this: my show on SiriusXM MadDog radio debuts Sept.2nd. I'll have MORE time to get into stuff like
Folks are ridiculous, @kingjc1987. I echo POTUS and I'm an Uncle Tom. Why? B/c I don't want US further harming ourselves. I'm done, man!
Just because someone is asking you not to look or vandalize, @24Librascales, doesn't mean you're being asked not to do anything.
I agree with that, @VTHokies4 @wideopeninc. That certainly appears to be the case.
Because things were getting out of hand, @PhilipMurphy95. So why is it a problem when I pt out what is being reported? Folks are something!
No it was not, @PhilipMurphy95. I know he was unarmed and shot. I know the protestors were peaceful. But why the hell did POTUS speak up???
Y'all don't like that position. Too damn bad.
Y'all better go someplace with y'all nonsense. Brown was shot. The officer needs to be pay. But I agree with POTUS. All sides needed 2 chill
Answer me this one question, @wideopeninc. Do you want someone else hurt? Think big picture for a damn change.
What the hell are you talking about, @BrackinBangBang @RealSkipBayless @espn? Everyone else comments, then you come at us with your nonsense
Iistening to @MikeAndMike. I love my man Cris Carter. Completely disagree on Pete Rose. AS A PLAYER, he never cheated the game.#HOFer
"Any black man who is successful at his craft, has learned to ignore the 'criticism' while performing a task" ~@stephenasmith #EspnFirstTake
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I did. @DCius5 @ESPN_FirstTake. I just got caught up in dealing with Skip talking about LEBRON
I'm staying bro, @Tominator81 @ESPN_FirstTake. Just switching from local NY radio to NATIONAL. Can't wait to start on Sept. 2. Believe me