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Stephen A Smith
The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio right now
Gotta give props to one of the best fitness Guru's in the business, Obi Obidike. Check him out right here:…
Thanks again to the G.O.A.T. for coming on my show: The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM@MaddogRadio today. Much appreciated.
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Buckle up. The start of the NBA Season is here, and so are the Cowboys following their loss. Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM@MadDogRadio
By that I mean spreads the floor for CP3 to operate even more. That will benefit everybody, especially Blake Griffin.
And I'm picking Doc Rivers and CP3 to take the West....beating the San Antonio Spurs. Spencer Hawes is key acquisition. Spreads the floor.
Yes! I said it. Assuming everyone stays healthy, I'm picking DERRICK ROSE to beat LeBron's Cavs and take the Chicago Bulls to the NBA Finals
You know what, it's just so beautiful to see my man @RealSkipBayless today. Just wonderful. Check out ESPN_FirstTake at top of hour.#Haaaa!!
Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! How 'Bout Them Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! Hey @RealSkipBayless. Looking so so forward to seeing you in the AM.#Ahhhh!!!
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All the NFL Games, the World Series and the start of the NBA Season. Need I say anymore! The Stephen A. Smith Show in SuriusXM@MadDogRadio
The Chicago Bears are a disgrace.....led by their QB Jay Cutler. Just pathetic.
Haaaaa! Frank Caliendo is fantastic. Love him:…
The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio begins right now. 888.Maddog6.....888.623.3646
Oh, and the lively Jeanie Buss will be on my show to discuss @kobebryant, her Lakers and, of course her brother. SiriusXM@MadDogRadio.#Holla
I'm watching you guys @MauriceBenard. Always remember that :-)
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For the record, @ESPN_FirstTake wasn't the place to address Russell Wilson's "Blackness." My radio show is an ENTIRELY different matter.
on @MadDogRadio Channel 85. The number to call up, as always, is: 888.Maddog6. That's 888.623.3646. #HollaAtYaBoy
The World Series. Michael Sam. Kobe. The NBA. And Mississippi State Coach Dan Mullen, coming up on the new Stephen A. Smith Show
The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio is coming on right now. NFL, MLB and @kobebryant, @KingJames and D-Rose. 888.Maddog6
The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio is coming your way right now. 888.Maddog6. That's 888.623.3646
I'll be there from 1-3pm. Nobody is hiding. It was the right call damnit
Save a fury/questions for me on Monday. Don't talk trash here. The # is 888.Maddog6. the Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM, @MadDogRadio
My God, what a game. Right call on the Off. Interference. Props to FSU for coming back from deficit 5 times. ND should still be in Top-4.
The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio starts right now. 888.Maddog6. That's 888.623.3646
Call-in # 888.Maddog6. That's 888.623.3646
The MLB Playoffs. The Jets/Patriots. And this blasphemous nonsense being spewed about @kobebryant. The SiriusXM @MadDogRadio channel 85.
The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio is coming your way right now. That's all I feel like saying damnit. 888.Maddog6.
Appreciate the Birthday wish from @joehaden23 too. Thank You
Appreciate all my Happy Birthday wishes. Thank y'all so much. Sincerely!
Jameis Winston. The Cowboys. The 49ers. The MLB playoffs. It's all up next on the Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM@maddogradio Channel 85.
The absolute worst day of my professional career, without question. On my Birthday, no less. See why on @ESPN_FirstTake coming up right now
Y'all wanted me to respond to @FloydMayweather on @ESPN_FirstTake today, you got it. It's up next on the show right now! Nobody's hiding!
Damn! Damn! Daaaammmmnnnnn!!!!!!!!!
I said Dallas is "abusing" these boys right now. Don't know why it came on Twitter as "abiding"
To hell with the bet w/ @RealSkipBayless giving me 8 pts.the Seahawks might not win the game at all. They're getting their asses kicked.
Where the hell is the Legion of Boom? Dallas is abiding these boys right now. Doing whatever they want. Wow! I can't even front! #Shocking!
Another thing: Dallas' secondary is doing the job. Wilson has plenty of time to throw. He's just had nowhere to throw the ball.
Dallas' off. Line is legit. Seattle's pass rush is non-existent. Romo is in the pocket calling on the wife, checking on the kid, etc.
I can't deny that Dallas is looking good right now. They keep running the ball well behind that massive OL, Seattle could have some problems
To keep saying it. Since I'm just a critic, @FloydMayweather shouldn't give a damn. He's still the best. I wish him well.
That is the fight we all care about....not Amir Khan. If that's gonna get me cussed out, I'll be getting cussed out for years b/c I'm going
Out, feel free. It's not going to change my respect for his greatness as a boxer. I said what I said and I mean what I mean: WE WANT Pacman!
He would knock out Pacquaio. And that he's one of the greatest ever. If @FloydMayweather wants to go on Twitter or anywhere else cussing ne
Folks are wasting their time if they expect me to get into it with @FloydMayweather. I've repeatedly said he's the best in the world. That..
Petersen, Gurley will be discussed on @ESPN_FirstTake now. Need I say anymore.
The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM@MadDogRadio is coming on live right now. Call-in# 888.Maddog6. That's 888.623.3646. #HollaAtYaBoy
SiriusXM @MadDogRadio from 1-3pm. Call-in#: 888.Maddog6....or 888.623.3646. Holla.