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Stephen A Smith
What a baseball game, ppl. What a game. Americas Natl Pasttime back in full swing
Wait a minute now. Just went back to watching the Game. A's up just 7-6. Just a 1-run game. Anything can happen.
So much for my prediction. Ventura comes in a gives up a 3-run blast to Moss, and Herrara can't get anybody out, either. A's up 7-3. #Over!
The Beard @JHarden13 on the mic now: "I have to be better. Got to be great on both ends." #RocketsMediaDay #Pursuit
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If you take pennies from your pockets and invest them in your mind, your mind will fill your pockets with money. -Benjamin Franklin #success
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So listen in, stick around and call 888.Maddog6. That's 888.623.3646. Buckle up and get ready. I'm coming
Hope bunch of stuff to talk about today on the Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM's @MadDogRadio. Patriots/Chiefs. Harbaugh/Primetime. MLB
The number to call in. 888.Maddog6. That's 888.623.3646
All the NFL Games. Some college football. Some MLB playoffs. The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio is coming your way RIGHT NOW
My bad! I had no idea that N.O.'s defense couldn't stop @RealSkipBayless if he were running the football. What the hell happened to Rob Ryan
Are y'all ready for this Saints' comeback on your Cowboys :-)
Haaaaaaaa, @mp_poland. Love it man. Absolutely love it
My Pleasure @Keuntaye79. Always appreciate followers/listeners/viewers calling in. Always. Keep the calls coming
The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio is on right now. Call in# 888.Maddog6. 888.623.3646
Tony Stewart, Lance Stevenson and Derek Jeter? The Stephen A. Smith Show is on it's way. SiriusXM. @MadDogRadio on channel 85. 1-3pm. NOW!
Will Eli show up tonight, or simply get outfield by Kirk Cousins? Will tonight's loser be destined for last place in the NFC-East? What abt
Call into my show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio tomorrow (from 1-3pm EST) @THEBostonJew. I'll be happy to explain it to you.
Want to thank all the wonderful folks on ABC Chicago's WindyCityLive for having me on as a guest today. I had a blast. Thanks so much!
I glanced at it, @riehllheir. Not bad. Keep pushing
Stand up and APPLAUD Derrick Rose for this please:…. Just the latest example of the good a lot of pros do!
The new Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio is coming your way right now. 888.Maddog6. That's 888.623.3646. Holla at your boyyyyy
Dungy wouldn't touch Jameis. Tomlin embraces Harrison. And, somehow, Derek JETER is being criticized. What the hell is this world coming to?
The line to see @stephenasmith at U of I is so long! Def worth it though! #MyHero
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#ESPN Sports Journalist @stephenasmith has arrived to #UIUC and U of I students are crazy anxious to watch him speak
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Jets/Bears. Ravens Investigation. Hope Solo and so much more. The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio coming now. 888.Maddog6.
Factually incorrect, as usual @nybrav
Will you shut you damn mouth, @GioUmattino. What the hell are Goodell and Bisciotti? Grocery store clerks? It IS sports. Grow the hell up!
Topic of Ravens' owner - and Hope Solo - coming up on @ESPN_FirstTake. Buckle up people!!!!!
Call-in #: 888.Maddog6. That's 888.623.3646.
The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio (Channel 85).
On the 49ers? All that, plus Goodell's Presser on Friday, ESPN's OTL investigation and what will happen to the Ravens now. Listen in on the
What's wrong with the Pats, btw? Does Cincinnati have the best team in Football? Should I get excited about the Cowboys? Should we give up
Finally, some real football matters to discuss. The Seahawks/Broncos, Eagles/Redskins. Has RG3 lost his job, btw. Or is Cousins just blah?
Just be damn quiet, @Bellodaflyfello. Race has nothing to do with it. We're talking performance. Grow the hell up.
This Skins/Eagles is off the chain. Garçon and Maclin are balling. D.Jackson has done his thing. Foles has been on pt. Cousins? Not bad. But
Congrats to all you Cowboys fans. Ya barely escaped vs. a 3rd/string QB. Btw....I did pick'em for this game, but who wouldn't. #LuckyAsHell.
Hey ppl. The Cowboys just scored. And they're giving D. Murray the ball. There's hope ppl. There's hope :-)
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Just saw the pick 6 by Tony Romo. You-just-can't-make-this-stuff-up. Haaaaaa!!! Beautiful. Just Beautiful.
I know this much: Kirk Cousins is looking pretty damn good right now. Seriously.
Florida putting up a far better fight vs. Alabama that I expected
Call-in # 888.MadDog6. That's 888.623.3646 for the new Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio Channel 85.
Buckle up! The Stephen A. Smith show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio begins right now. Channel 85
Beautiful return by Hester. Beautiful tribute to Deion with the dance into the end zone. Leave it to the Control freaks to ruin it w/ Flags!
I'm turning to the Auburn game right now. Let me watch some real football.
Lord! 3 Turnovers in last 5 1/2 minutes. Why waste our time like this Lovie? Why!
So much for a dam football game taking place. This is absolutely positively over. What a waste of Thursday Night Football.
Tampa has no answer for Steven Jackson. Zero
Damn! What an EASY drive downfield by the Falcons. Where's Lovie's Defense. 7-0.....Falcons
Showtime!!!!! SiriusXM @MadDogRadio Channel 85 right now. I'm here. Told y'all I wasn't hiding. 888.Maddog6. That's 888.623.3646.