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Stephen A Smith
SiriusXM (Channel 85) coming your way at the top of the hour. Let's talk about this, ppl. 888.Maddog6 (888.623.3646). Buckle up. I'm coming!
AP. Rice. Abuse going on all over the place -- ad Black Athletes getting arrested for it. Damn! The Stephen A. Smith Show on MadDog Radio...
Floyd needs to stop showing everyone his hand. We know he got bite, but it wasn't his ear. Plus, his nose and lip got busted. #ugh
He will be for Manny Pacquaio . Book it. It's coming. Mark my words.
I applaud Floyd for acknowledging he deserved a C-minus grade for his performance. He didn't have it. He was slow. He could be better. And..
I had Maidana winning 1 round, which was Round 4....aside from being given Round 12 because Floyd simply stayed away.
Floyd wins Round 11. Same ole same ole
Maidana docked pt for throwing Floyd to canvas. He's swinging wildly but missing mostly. Floyd is just too elusive for this dude.
Floyd wins Round 9, but basically by default. Both are missing. Floyd looks slower and heavier than usual. But did connect a couple times
Whoa! Fight stalled with 19sec left in Round 8....Maidana BITES Floyd. Round goes to Zfloyd
Floyd wins Round 7. Left ear and mouth seems to be bleeding and Floyd looks to be fatigued. Getting in the corner too much. Maidana stalks
He can't breath after taking that shot to the nose is Round 4
Floyd moving. Hitting with jabs, counter punches and straight shots. Maidana answering with double l-hooks. Floyd wins round but is tired!
Okay, Floyd looks to be employing the rope a dope. Jabs to the body to set up the right. Maidana wins round though. Getting very interesting
Round 4. Maidana is on the attack. Floyd is getting hit. What the hell is he doing???????
Yes, I'm admitting it. Floyd got hit in the face.
Oh Damn! Maidana catches Floyd with a hard round to end around 3. Caught him. Floyd wins Round 3 but was dazed for a second
Maidana catches Floyd with a couple of looping shots. Floyd gets ticked off. Unloads check hooks and straight rights. Floyd wins Round 2
Floyd is running a bit more than usual. Will admit that
Mayweather moves and moves. Relatively boring round with nothing more than a Skip from Floyd. Maidana stalks though. #floydRound1
To be quite honest with y'all, I'm yawning already. If Maidana TOUCHES his face I'll be pleasantly shocked. Expect a boxing exhibition.
Ya know what: I think I'm gonna give y'all a round-by-round critic of the Mayweather demolition tonight! Stay Tuned!!!
2 different things @Gregory305. Ferry made a mistake. Sterling revealed he views himself as a plantation owner. Check the facts
Say behind closed doors @Jayncs. If you're gonna be quick to get someone FIRED over that, where the hell does that leave US! #THINK
You're not looking at the big pic @Jayncs. It's not about Ferry. It's about opening the box you don't wanna open. Ever think about what WE
Good TD pass by Hudson Mason. Damn good game. Just find myself feeling like neither GA nor SC will make much noise this season
That was not a damn holding penalty on #54 for Georgia. Should've been a TD for Gurley. Weak call by officials
Time into the new Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio (channel 85) at the top of the hour. 888.Maddog 6. That's 888.623.3646
The NFL's new drug policy and Cam Newton comments about Suh are on my mind
I can tell you one thing about my show today on SiriusXM @MadDogRadio: we will NOT be talking about Ray Rice. Steelers/Ravens, other NFL gms
It's coming your way RIGHT NOW
Another edition of the new Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM MadDog Radio (Channel 85). Rice, Steelers/Ravens, Paul George. 888.MadDog6.
Goodell cancels public appearance in Charlotte. League does not emphatically deny they received video back in April.#AwwwDamn!
Let's be clear: I specifically said Goodell should not have to resign ABSENT any evidence that he saw the rice' tape months earier. #UhOh!
I can't get to SiriusXM soon enough to do my radio show. I can't believe this. Talk to ya'll at 1pm. SiriusXM MadDog Radio (Channel 85).
As if I wasn't pissed off enough, now the National Organization For Woman is calling for Roger Goodell's Resignation. $&@ Ridiculous. Oohhhh
just the ignorant damn few. And you know who the hell you are. I'll be on the air at 1pm. SiriusXM MadDog Radio, Channel 85. # 888.623.3646
someone isn't ready to protest and call for someone white to be fired. Enough already. Obviously, i'm not talking about ALL or MOST of us.
And please be clear: I'm encouraging BLACK folks to call on this issue. I'm sick and damn tired of us attacking one another just because
of being juvenile, engaging in name-calling and all this other ignorance. I double damn dare you to call up. 888.MadDog6. I'LL-BE-WAITING!
That's the number to call. Not a damn soul is hiding this way. Let's see who has to courage to call up and make some damn sense instead of
Not a damn soul is hiding this way. I dare -- double dare -- Y'all to call me with this B.S. y'all are spewing. Pretty Please. 888.MadDodg6
See a lot of folks talking a whole bunch of smack. I'll be on the new Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM MadDog Radio (Channel 85) at 1pm.
It's SHOWTIME y'all. The new Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM MadDog Radio (channel 85) is coming on right now. Call: 888.623.3646
Entering the Political realm tonight. On with @seanhannity on Politics Nation with Rev. AL. Who knows what will be said. Buckle up
Ray Rice. Hawks/Levenson. NFL Games...all up next on the NEW Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM MadDog Radio (channel 85). Call: 888.623.3646
Props to the caller into my SiriusXM MadDog Radio Show last week who said: "They're not the DALLAS Cowboys. They're the DELUSIONAL Cowboys!
Aaaahhhhhh haaaaa! Accidents waiting to happen. Ahhhhaaaaa! How 'Bout Them Cowboys. Hhaaaa haaaa. They/Romo just never let me down. #Whew!!!
Can't wait for my shows tomorrow. Eagles, Steelers, Falcons, Patriots and, ofcourse, this owner for the Atlanta Hawks. Just can't wait.
Not the Pittsburgh part, though. Can't have my Steelers losing today