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Steph Dawson
Guys help.. Should I splash out Β£90 for this coat for New York or not? I hate spending so much money at once but I think I've fallen in love 😍πŸ˜₯ #reducedfrom700quid #shouldi #help
Dismantling the B1πŸš‚πŸ”§πŸ”©πŸ”¨ Surprisingly, being sat up there wasn't as comfortable as I had first imagined #b1 #nymr #black5
If I were a cat I’d spend all 9 lives with you.
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It truly makes me sad when young people want to make a positive change & their parents won't let them & force them to live they way they do
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Easy peasy halloweeny #halloween #lastnight #overallselfie
Up close and personal @thecolormorale @garretrapp @aaroneugene #newcastle #learnedbehavior #thecolormorale #o2academy
@aaroneugene from last night at newcastle @thecolormorale killed it #thecolormorale #thewordalive #likemothstoflames #newcastle #o2academy
Newcastle bound shortly, see you soon @thecolormorale #newcastle #o2academy #thecolormorale #thewordalive #staymetal
In love with my new wallpaper, thanks daddy for agreeing to the expensive one #damask #teal #fiftyquidaroleoops #wallpaper
im in a volleyball group so i can play, not to receive a notification every day from random people promoting their nights out #fuckingcunts
avoiding people at all costs tomorrow because every tiny thing im hearing or seeing on facebook is driving me crazy tonight #seriouslyfuck.
2 viruses and a bad allergic reaction later and i can hardly walk or bend my elbows.. maybe i should put the lottery on? #comeonme
Never had such bad look in the space of a month my name was read out incorrectly on sky sports AND then proceeded to lose a coin toss
I'm meant to be working tomorrow dressed up as a fabulous wartime woman, been so excited for weeks but i currently look like a burns victim
just bought @Jordan14Tait an xbox one, top girlfriend award goes to... #iowehimmillions
Still can't believe I actually won last week, just typical that I was joint first, for the first time in the season too 😬 Live on Sunday I will be letdown as I lose the coin toss and don't get put in the draw for the Super Bowl I've been far too lucky already so it just won't happen πŸ˜‚ #nfluk #sky
β€œ@TeamSky: Grazie @DarioCataldo! It’s been a pleasure. Good luck in the future from everyone at @TeamSky” aww πŸ˜”β€οΈβ€οΈ
So currently I'm winning the uk nfl fantasy football team this week, very unlikely I will still be there after tonight's game but hey, fingers crossed #bringitarizona #superbowlXLIX #nfluk #fantasyfootball
Have to say that this was up there with one of the best gigs I've been to due to how good much everyone got into it Little unsure on the basement venue with only red lights and large glass bottles but hey #beartooth #thelines #thekeyclub #leeds #smashedglasseverywhere #climates #deadharts
Tail cushion #cats #catsofinstagram #instacats #cute #demcutsiepawsdoe
Come on boro, I need to pee so badly
Complains about no money > complains about no job > says "can't be arsed" going to interview > cycle repeats - seriously? Some people...
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Another successful volunteer weekend, being given the job of 'catch him if he falls' wasn't ideal but hey.. Can't say it's boring Top it all off I got to light one of the black fives and the B1 #nymr #dieselgala #overallselfie #yeididthat
Oh and sorry to the woman I think I headbutted. Very kind of you to give me back my favourite @cvndsh sunnies after I slammed in to you.
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Girly nails and skirts all gone, back to the overalls this weekend #highvis #fakenails #overalls #swingskirt #delticweekend
3/3 37,000 deaths a year from obesity, 15,000 from pollution. 116 cycling. Use a helmet, don't use a helmet, but ride a bike.
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We're wearing black armbands at #LaVuelta today to honour Giovanni "Nani" Pinarello. Our thoughts are with his family
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Can't believe that paramore have the other 3 band members above the logo in complete darkness.. Whut #wheresthebandlove?
Would happily go back to hamburg for a weekend, some beautiful architecture #whydontwehaveshopslikethis #architecture #beautiful #hamburg #tbt
It is important to wear a helmet and wear it right, specialy the kids.
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I've always had a thing for trains Not sure why I look like I'm having a poo though.. #socute #trains #chubby
Huge congratulations to @GeraintThomas86 for surviving a late flat to win the road race for Wales at #Glasgow2014!!
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Well, that couldn't have gone any better. First Tri win!!! πŸ† happy with how I felt.
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20days after my crash in the Tour,I downloaded the file and could see the exact speed of the fall:76,8 km/h! πŸ™ˆ
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Getting to dress feminine while volunteering was very odd, much happier in my overalls and high vis #juniorvolunteerweek #supervisor #catering #selfie #throwbacktothursday #nymr #northyorkshiremoorsrailway
As always, you can watch highlights from today's #TDF time trial stage in our video section at
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Danny Pate was 11th on stage 20. Nibali's all-but won the #TDF with Peraud 2nd overall (+7:52) & Pinot 3rd (+8:24). Martin won the stage.
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When people Instagram 20 photos in a row. πŸ˜‘#unfolloww
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Great ride Mikel! Recap all the action from an exciting 18th #TDF stage with our highlights:
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My working days are better than yours #northyorkshiremoorsrailway #nymr #sirnigelgresley #heritagerailway #trains #grosmont #nofilter