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Keep sending my snapchats to the wrong people 😂 fs
Balancing your innate need to have all the details in place wi... More for Virgo
When you're trying to tell your friend a joke but u can't stop laughing
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When you give up on trying to be the family wizard and become a model
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I've slept like all day and don't feel any better 😑
It's a brand new day and you can make a fresh start handling f... More for Virgo
No matter how much you want to follow your prearranged schedul... More for Virgo
@TweetLikeAGirI: a photographer that takes photos of dogs mid jumping and ive been laughing for about half an hour
I just want to lie in bed and not participate in life
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"you wore that before" yea because it's my shirt and i have a washing machine
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we need friends who tell us what we need to hear. not what we want to hear. your eyebrows suck. that shirt makes you look wide. dump him.
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i am the most stressed out laziest person ever i don’t even know how i do it
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@tumbIerposts: Puppy head tilts are my weakness 😍�” ❤️
When the teacher thinks you're doing work but you're actually making pancakes
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Friend: "what are you getting for Christmas" Me: Fatter
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"big boobs don’t count if you’re fat" neither does a big dick if half of it is your personality
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You're the smile on my face🎶