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Constantia Oomen
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It's real and I intend to use it for spaghetti - mega #Zucchini
Now this is what I call a #Zucchini - Spaghetti ingredient πŸ‘
just finished a Runtastic race cycling of 40.22 mi in 3h 47m with #Runtastic Road Bike PRO Android app:…
Back in #Winters again. This time with properly inflated tires. Great biking!
AFD 2014 Teaser… via @YouTube - πŸ„πŸπŸ“πŸ‡πŸ–πŸŸπŸ³πŸ‹πŸ¬πŸ… Animal Freedom Day July 26 and EVERY day! πŸ‘
#Davis Freewheeler had me on the road again in no time!
Flat tires are caused by flabby tires. Guess that explained my front flat... Rear tire was too flabby inflated too.
While waiting for Jeroen, I could admire some other bikes in #Winters
... with inflated tires!
My rear tire was on only 2/3 of its air capacity... no wonder my last 2 rides seemed to be slower & heavier. Looking 4ward 2 next bike trip!
California Drought: They Were Trying to Conserve Water, Then This Happened - @weatherchannel
Home again and bike at repair shop, ready in 20 minutes already. Will bike again tomorrow...
just finished a Runtastic race cycling of 22.79 mi in 2h 23m with #Runtastic Road Bike PRO Android app:…
Discovered a second thorn in my flat tire!
This is where I discovered the flat tire. So a blessing in disguise. Jeroen is coming to pick me up by car.
Great! Flat tire caused by this thorn. I was very fortunate to have just arrived in pleasant #Winters
Taking a break from biking. Warmer than I expected it to be. At #Winters
Big Moon Is Watching - US Military Once Planned on Building Surveillance System on the Moon - ABC News via @ABC
It's raining softly in #Davis. It's a miracle - it never rains in July... (here)