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Steffan Lewis
Brain scanner + musical instrument = ability to listen for seizures:
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The moonlight looks awesome on the water over the Forth. Apologies for the poor quality pic.
@SteffanGLewis Hi Steffan - So nice to meet you. Stop over and visit me & my gang on Facebook:… - <3 @grammypags1
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The result - I'm 27 hours behind schedule and it's driving me bonkers.
I've spent 6 hours on the phone today trying to sort out problems. And there's still no indication that tomorrow will be any better.
It's been a long and trying day. I can't access Apple services after log in and their tech support can't fathom it!
Where does the time go??? This day has flown by especially as it's mostly been spent eating goodies.
@SteffanGLewis I convinced one cold call I was Dracula. The conversation moved on to how I dealt with being 1000 yrs old before I hung up.
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All the best to #LondonMarathon runners today! Have a look at 1902’s finest athletic specimens
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Before 8:30 on a Sunday morning!! These cold calling PPI idiots must be desperate to receive verbal abuse from me.
I might just block every "unknown" caller from now on. The only unknown callers I get are automated sales scammers & junk.
I don't expect miracles but a day without a PPI, or accident claim phone call would be nice.
Oh dear, it's the last day of the wee lad's holiday. He's a little upset. I feel for him.
France with 35 hours working week now makes it illegal to contact staff outside working hours. Interesting.
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An awkward moment when I repeatedly hit the SHIFT button instead of ENTER in front of the Apple Store "Genius".
Back from the Apple Genius Bar- it felt like taking a puppy to a trendy vet. They were friendly, efficient & free! Good job :-)
Invasion of the Beefalo: officials struggle to control an unruly herd encroaching on the Grand Canyon
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The previous owner of the MacBook had left his password in so I'm locked out... Booked in at the Genius Bar tomorrow.
It's been a mixed bag of a day. MacBook arrived from Ebayer & had a nice picnic at lunchtime. Then it went downhill...
OMG it's 4:07am and I'm still awake. I need a late night lobotomy... And some electric shock treatment.