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Steffan Lewis
Another sunny day. Looks like I'm getting my wish for a final Scottish summer hoorah :-)
Oh, I promised a baby meerkat didn't I... Brace yourself...
I need a phone that responds when shout it. I don't care what brand, a phone that shouts back "OVER HERE" would sell it to me.
But my iPhone5 experience has been disastrous. I reserve judgment on the iPhone6.
I use Apple, Microsoft, and Android devices. They all have annoyances but my preference sways marginally towards Apple.
My love/hate relationship with Apple continues.
There's I new Apple Store opening in Edinburgh soon! Now that'll save me many foreseeable trips to Glasgow.
My brand new iPhone5 started to do this yesterday. Pretty - annoying. It's my 3rd iPhone5 in 5 weeks.
It's far too early to be awake and in Twitter on a Sunday morning. What's wrong with me?
Took some photos of a cute baby meerkat today. Will post them in the morning.
OMG I have eaten too much today. Cooked breakfast, farmhouse burger and chips, an Indian curry & too much chocolate.
I hate listening to recordings of myself talking. It's a cringeworthy assault on my hearing.
Great to see some sunshine again :-) and it's Friday. Hence feeling particularly chipper today.
Hearing birds twittering in the early morning before I go to bed always makes me regret that my sleep will be too short.
It makes me a little sad when the long summer evenings start to shorten. But it's kinda nice going to bed before sunrise too.
Ah ha! Thought I'd forgotten to tweet? Not exactly. I have forgotten what it's like not to be frantic.
My wife @BarbaraRLewis is now on Twitter and needs a few followers to get started!
I have a dilemma- cornflakes or to steal some of the wee lad's coco pops. Hmm... A difficult decision... Coco pops it is, then.
Monday morning. I love Mondays when I'm working on a brilliant project (or if I'm on holiday).
There is more to life than melted cheese on toast. I just can't think what it is right now.