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Steffan Lewis
This week suddenly became somewhat tumultuous with impending upheaval. We require cardboard boxes. - Possibly wifi enabled.
Great article! @natalierosegil (inspirational) Student solutions to the world's food waste problem
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So today is #thisisedinburgh24 but I'm hundreds of miles away. I'll be there in spirit (or beer) later.
Oops.. on my soap box again when I promised I wouldn't.
Tony Blair trends again! Honestly, you couldn't have made it up... Oh, hang on, he did! (& he's the reason Labour is unelectable)
We find ourselves waiting for the sun to reappear.
“We have a healthy spacecraft, we have recorded data of the Pluto system, and we’re outbound from Pluto.”
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IBM creates the world's most powerful computer chip… via @TheDrum - Yes, but can it stop toast burning?
That's enough plugging my FREE app for now (did I mention it'll be out on Apple in a week or so) ... time to get sleeping. g'night
For anyone needing a #legup our money saving app is now completley free on Google Play…
A big lump of ice an exhibit in Edinburgh we visited today. The holes are presumably tongue imprints.
It's the weekend at last. And I'm feeling like I need to party with a cocoa.
1/3 of food is wasted, while millions go hungry. End supermarket #FoodWaste - Sign & RT!…
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Me after working to 2am. The wee lad ain't going to be pleased I ate it. He shouldn't have it around.
Be sure to get the updated Android edition… with improved shopping list, email & sharing functions.
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@SteffanGLewis This one is important: we aren't as old as we feel. please do the quiz and ReTweet
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The kid is clearly horrified by the interior decor.
Why, oh, why didn't I buy the whole shelf of chocolate oranges given that they were on offer at £1 each?
SPLENDID NEWS! Our (totally free) Android app has had an update, including the shopping list & sharing features.…
This is possibly THE most significant video clip I've ever shot. Look carefully and you'll see why...
Seemed like a good idea at the time.. fortunately we managed to extract the wee lad from the Sabre Tooth
The wee lad & I saw the Minions movie today. The adorable yellow multilingual freaks were a great giggle.
Hmm.. that last tweet was supposed to be about the video but it prioritised Google Play. I'll try again:
Yeay - we've got a new video about the app this one's for the Play Store:…
It's mid summer and our boiler packed in yesterday. Given the time of year I shouldn't be bothered. But this is Scotland!
@SteffanGLewis Come on guys. 38 Hours to go! Nearly finished! Get in there!
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Watched a programme about bohemians tonight and realised I'm a mediocre bohemian and mostly on Thursdays.
There's a big change looming. I can feel it, just like when you know a bill will arrive in the mail. Only this feels optimistic.
Happy father's day! Really? I thought I was two cup sizes smaller this year.
Finishing the Apple app next week - and final testing of new social features on both!
Just been to look at our app stats - really pleased :-) warm fuzzy feeling as a result thanks to Android users who're trying it
Is Twitter EVER going to solve this? Has 1 banner EVER been more annoying in human history?
Let's talk weather. It's mid June and feels like October. Seriously?
And pigged out on a Choc Orange. Naughty but very nice ;-)
Where has today gone? Chilling for a day the first time in weeks and it's 4pm already!
Good luck to everyone participating in the #Climathon competition - generating brilliant ideas :-)
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Most excellent!!! We're mentioned in the LA Times...
Sell-by, best-by and use-by dates are confusing and often misleading
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The #MagnaCarta paradox: Enforcing a notion of human rights empowers authorities who may, or may not, advocate civil liberty.
There were supposed to be chimps behind us in this picture. Not a chimp to be seen. Just a ...
Sir Christopher Lee will be remembered as a great actor after a brilliant and vintaged career with some of the best roles ever.
It's a beautiful evening here in Fife, Scotland. Enjoying the view.
Yes, today's queue was to pay for a parking ticket. It was doomed to be a disappointing experience.
Joined a queue today. Queuing either makes something more worthwhile or ultimately disappointing. Today's queue was the latter.
Another extremely long day... A beautiful day, but a long one. Time for sunny dreams.
@SteffanGLewis Have you seen this? We're off to Edinburgh, hopefully. We'd really appreciate a RT. Thanks 😊
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Occasionally I wake up feeling sunny. It's rare ('till I'm on my 3rd coffee), but today it's a sunny feeling sunny morning.
The wee lad took it upon himself to picket the school gate. Best Mondayitis workaround to date.
This is an amazing documentary projects that must get made: please take a look & help if you can

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