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Steffan Lewis
“HAB” you heard? Our new video shows how harmful algal blooms are predicted and tracked: @NOAA
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Doing biannual massive purge on spammy accounts (and people who've churned me) If I unfollow you accidentally let me know!!
"Naughty in a really intelligent way" - Dir @JasonReitman on Emma Thompson's voiceover in Men, Women & Children #lff
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A lovely Autumn day - I love this time of year so long as it's sunny and not foggy or wet or windy - so about 30% of it.
Tonight's sunset :-) vimeo:///videos/108270797
The Violin Teacher by @B_Diril - looks brilliant. Help fund a great #IndieFilm project.
ROV video footage - this is what I sometimes get up to:…
Naturally, I'm fishing for some free psycho therapy - Twitter style.
This chip, for instance, was perfect in every way. It was the best chip in the box by about 1.5 inches.
Paradox of perfection: An imperfect detail doesn't necessarily detract from the perfection to which all the details contribute.
And while I'm on the subject of perfection...
Why the saying 'the devil is in the detail' when perfection is necessarily the sum of the details?
Our trip into Edinburgh this afternoon was great but consequently the wee lad now has a very long list for Santa.
The more I think about it, the more appealing a pet giraffe becomes. It couldn't sleep on the end of the bed though.
And a pet giraffe would also be jolly useful for recovering kites that've become entangled in trees.
If giraffes were pets then presumably they'd become the pet most likely to be hit by lightening while being walked in a storm.
Realising that a giraffe is a viable pet for first floor flat dwellers.
A bit of shock to find that my 2nd car is now considered a museum piece. (Mine was in a classier white)
Bummer that my rain coat is still being fixed up and re waxed at the store.
Time to turn the heat up - literally - it's cold, wet and miserable out there today - à bientôt summer.
Allow a way out from street life to the youth of South Africa support follow @TurningPointDoc
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Where there's a hole there'll be my foot attached to a twisting ankle. I guarantee it.
It's kicking up a storm outside! The final hoorah of summer is over. Time to find my thermals.
Ironic: Clacton council scrubbed a Banksy allegedly because someone thought its message was racist. Oops.
It's not normal, apparently, to spontaneously burst into song during a conversation about social media platforms.
Who'd have thought we'd be getting this heat wave in Scotland at the end of September? Lovely. Now where's my knotted hanky?
Time to dream about apps and code and world domination and stuff.
@SteffanGLewis PLS support MUMS & raise awareness for babies in pain with #REFLUX & #CMPA SIGN & RT e-petitions Xx
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My thoughts are going out to the staff at Blackpool Airport, UK, who face uncertainty partly because of one dodgy contract.
Today I've learned the technical term for clunks from the rear of my car is 'knocking'. No doubt it'll knock my bank balance.
It was a challenge but we managed to leave the carriage phlegm free.
Enjoying a busy weekend as the wee lad's grandparents (my mum & dad) visit.
... I had to stop myself agreeing to buy the bunny.
Wee lad - "Daddy, I really, really, really want to take that bunny home and call it Hoppy."
I should be sleeping but buzzing too much after discovering a random solution in Bangalore to a problem I have in Scotland!
It's beginnings to feel like autumn today. Time to order some extra warm underpants from an extra warm underpants web store.
RIP Dowager Duchess "Debo" of Devonshire who will be fondly remembered by all those who knew her gusto and enthusiasm.
When you can't get enough of something one day and too much of it the next... Not applicable here.
Finally! I can follow back now. Done loads so far will finish off soon😎
Another test tweet! Interesting stuff eh?
This is a test tweet - test tweet, test tweet, 123, test tweet.
I'm still getting notifications! - oh, no that's the post traumatic @twitter flash backs.
Time to sleep & contemplate the meaning of everything (except Twitter & the less painful, unexplainable bruise on my thigh.) GN
Putting my phone into flight mode while I sleep to avoid @twitter's barrage of security notifications!
I've got @twitter password changes, temporary passwords and 6 digit login codes keeping me awake at night. Really?
I've now had to change my @twitter password 3 time in an hour on 3 devices. Any more of this nonsense?
I am almost at the end of my tether with @twitter's sign in procedures and security madness.