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Steffan Lewis
Wow... Today feels too long. Time for bed. Dentist appointment tomorrow - so that'll be fun.
I love random stuff; random people, objects, places and coincidences. Random is the antidote to my routine.
It's strange Scotland doesn't have the Easter Monday bank holiday. It's as vital binge eating recovery day (I'm discovering)
BTW, if you'd like a cartoon portrait check out @_TheCartoonist_ who created this one of me. I Love it!…
Post a family picture on Facebook & get 1 or 2 Likes. Post a photo of a plate of beans on toast & get a record number. Weird.
It's great when someone you really want to follow back follows back... It feels good...
There's nothing like eggs for breakfast - even if my share is less than 10%.
I hope your Easter chocolates have a better taste than my sense of humour.
Happy Easter Sunday. Christ would turn in his tomb if he saw how commercial Easter became ;-) Have a great day.
Having a lovely evening drinking larger in the sunshine. I've missed this.
I'm only human. A fabulous one, yes, but I make mistakes. Preparing to make the "eat some of my lad's chocolate eggs" mistake.
Light up balloons... Needn't have bothered with presents!
The wee lad's birthday was a success. But I'm exhausted after it.
@SteffanGLewis ah, I’ve just told the kids that not being good today is an offense punishable by god. Keeps the sprogs in line.
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#19 @SteffanGLewis Good day! ^__^ This is really random but I hope you like the cartoon I made of you:
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The wee lad is understandably more excited about his birthday party tonight that apparently will make it a "better Friday".
Having a hard time explaining to the wee lad what's "good" about the public execution of a prophet and son of God on a Friday.
One final thought before sleep - It doesn't matter how deep you can get if it's the bit you see that you have to live with.
Today's #Okeanos dive is ON! Exploring Keathley Canyon. ROV launches in ~ 30min. Get ready to watch the show:
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It's random - but great to see Google celebrate the 63rd anniversary of @peakdistrict National Park
That's my moan over. It feels good to stomp one's feet once in a while.
Come on Apple! I'm already hopelessly busy - it's just a DB entry that needs adjusting. I'll come there & do it myself!