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Steffan Lewis
It's my little sister's birthday this weekend (though she's 3" taller than me). We're all off to celebrate with her.
#Unforgotten could be a hashtag for reminder app! Forgotten stuff in your fridge?
Use the Givvit app to send your mate a pint at their local pub. Download now
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Eating flesh at Halloween is good for the environment ;-)…
the observant will notice the change of levels in the bottle of red wine in different pictures. That was a creative decision;-)
The actual pictures we're using had a glass and bottle of red wine in shot :-)
Oh, and we did some PR photos and I got to eat the props after ( but not the raw items :-)
Been designing the Apple Watch app all night. Knackered! This already happens BTW.
It looked a bit "rustic" but tasted amazing with an unhealthy dousing of hot custard. Good times.
But it still amazes me that gigabytes of binary code flawlessly travels thousands of miles at the speed if light.
Waiting for my Macbook to update is like watching a kettle that never boils...
Grr... I hate it when I miss out on eBay because I forgot to bid. Especially when it goes for a song.
You Have the Power to End the Global Food Waste Scandal… via @HuffPostGreen
One can of fizzy drink daily 'can increase heart attack risk by a third' | via @Telegraph…
Wouldn't it be great if you could favorite peoples' retweets/faves of your own tweet - as a kind of "cheers dude(ette)"?
Comment submitted to The Sustainable Food Trust in reply to "Let them eat waste"… via @EatByApp
Wow... Beautiful moon!
If the sun is setting on you now and you wave I might see your shadow ;-) Please don't start explaining umbras & penumbras!
I was trying to say that Earth is casting its shadow on the moon and it's looking great.
Siri well and truly screwed up my last tweet (deleted) !!!
I enjoyed the Rugby. Best 2nd half ever - if your Welsh (& not injured).… Even my head is sore this morning
I've no doubt the spider scuttled away unscathed. |
Is it me or are spiders getting even larger this year? Taken 2 beasts out tonight. Going to need a bigger glass at this rate.
An awkward moment tonight- Dad asked if anyone wanted pop corn but I heard it as porn. Problem with my hearing or something else?
I can't get "An olive grove facing the sea" by Snow Patrol out of my head! Great song even after 30ish mental replays.
Just seen an old(er and wiser) friend on Jools - proud of her :-)
#Bond Don't forget the courgettes. EatBy App now available for Apple and Android :-)
#Bond probably has satellite weapons systems mobile apps & of course, the EatBy App. Be like James & get
For those that haven't already download the @EatByApp! Brilliant little app tht is easy to use an wil save you money!
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New free @EatByApp keeps track of food in your kitchen and reminds you to eat it before it's past the use-by date!
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#futureofDTT There'll always be a need for broadcast providing what's broadcast is needed! On Demand provides variety (potentially)
#futureofDTT The question should be regarding the future of broadcast, not the method. And this is down to parallel viewing indices...
I especially love our traditional family autumnal dishes- Slow cooked lamb & roast veg. Beef hotpot. Sticky toffee pudding...!
Well, according to the Google doodle it's the first day of Autumn. Goodbye summer :-( Hello autumn :-) I love all our seasons!
@SteffanGLewis have you seen our #crowdfunder for our cookery school and urban garden, please retweet!
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@SteffanGLewis Hiya, we have 68 hours left of our campaign. Can you please RT and get some eyes on it? Thank you…
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If I was in charge I'd synchronize the world's time zones and have just the one - mine.
A 4am start today - feels far too early to be conscious!
The EatByApp server is being worked on for 1 hour which may cause the app not to work. Really sorry for any inconvenience.
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The #WatchOS2 is certainly an improvement. Time will tell if wearable tech will leap us into a new era. It's a step closer.

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