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Steffan Lewis
My wife @BarbaraRLewis is now on Twitter and needs a few followers to get started!
I have a dilemma- cornflakes or to steal some of the wee lad's coco pops. Hmm... A difficult decision... Coco pops it is, then.
Monday morning. I love Mondays when I'm working on a brilliant project (or if I'm on holiday).
There is more to life than melted cheese on toast. I just can't think what it is right now.
Travel broadens the mind - but a broad mind doesn't compensate for stupidity. Especially on first dates.
Insomnia and amnesia is a bummer combination. I've forgotten why I couldn't sleep.
Another windy day - what's going on? I want an indian summer and I want one now.
Part of me yearns to go outside and do something exciting. Another part needs to work. I may return to bed until I decide.
Nostalgia for "Donkey Kong" and "Call of Duty" will inevitably play a role in the future educational curriculums.
The educational system installs a sense of nostalgia for "great" literature.
I love books but the multidisciplinary aspects of digital media must be embraced & will be, eventually, equally cherished.
Research shows that reading from paper is better than reading from screens:… Jury's out on that for me.
I've fitted a "tempered glass" screen protector to my phone tonight- £2.90 from eBay & it's amazing.
Earth was pounded by asteroids a billion years longer than we thought
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The novelty of getting bigger stops when you stop getting taller and start getting heavier.
The www lad has grown more than 1cm during the holidays so he's less wee!
The wee lad is back at school next week. I'm already dreading that morning.
I'd totally lost track of the days this week 'till I saw the FFs! Despite working weekends too I still love Fridays.
Behind the scenes of @WIRED’s secret photo shoot with Edward Snowden
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Goals are important in life. Without them nothing ever gets done. But make your goals achievable. Mine now, for example, is lunch.
Fridge selfie update on my blog: Thanks to everyone so far. still need more- Especially from the ladies!
We're practicing our poses for an imaginary Hello Magazine photo shoot.