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Steffan Lewis
My hair is the longest it's been for years, like it was when I was a sprightly youth. But tomorrow it's for the chop.
Could a Monday morning be any colder, wetter or darker? Probably not. Unfortunately staying in bed isn't an option.
Today is #SmallBizSatUK Great. But support for small/local business all year round greases the cogs of a healthy macro economy.
It's a rainy Saturday afternoon and my tea break - a good time to follow people back. Sorry it's take until now.
Going to need people to try it out and give us feedback... will let you know when it's available (free obviously).
The App is in the last stages of development and should be ready soon. We're very pleased with it... quite nervous too, though!
Please accept my humble appologies for being away from Twitter for a little while - so busy with the App launch soon.
The Paddington Bear movie didn't disappoint - we absolutely loved it! A brilliant family movie.
@SteffanGLewis AUDITIONING NOW | Kingdom School of Arts | Screen-Acting & Theatre Training | Click link for details!school/cnyl
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Paddington Bear is my movie event of the year. Looks fun and I can't wait to see Nicole Kidman being wicked!
After a mad busy few days I'm due a day of fun. Looking forward to taking the wee lad to see the Paddington movie...
Servers are 100% up and running. System is being installed this week for testing. 110% excited about it.
Working until 5am makes me feel pretty hardcore. Building up to the big launch! Totally knackered now. Time to nap now.
Pint 1 + 2 = no change. Pint 3 = a discernable difference. There must be an equation for the effect of beer on the bladder.
European network is now ready... USA and Canada next week. And then Aussie. It's all happening at once(ish).
We now have heavyweight servers ticking away deep in the depths of a secret data centre. Exciting for me. But I'm a geek I guess.
Been away for a few days! And now I'm back. I'm probably the only person who missed me :-) Time to relax.
OMG! We're out of chocolate! This might mean a midnight drive to the local filling station.
My little sis (she actually inherited the tall gene I missed) has joined twitter. Please give her a follow:-) @BethanBertrand
@SteffanGLewis Thanks for following our #bipolar film We're at 75% funded, love your help & RT!
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@SteffanGLewis HOW TO GET YOUR FILM DISTRIBUTED free book and free video series watch this video for information…
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France eh? Great food, wine and people. Shame their data centers are run so inefficiently. Will go with UK for Europe now.
.@SteffanGLewis Any where near Edinburgh next week? Historic Writers abound and share their knowledge.
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It's approaching. Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey arrives in UK cinemas 28 Nov
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Today's sunset walking with the wee lad from his school. Not a bad school run.
I hate it when a tap suddenly pours out a load of drips for no apparent reason. Jumped out of my skin.
I always regret being away from Twitter for a day or two and finding I've missed some good Twitter banter.
I love Friday nights. Especially when it's spaghetti Bolognese for dinner.
The new power button position on the iPhone 6 gets me every time. My ring volume is highly inconsistent.
I feel smug after a phone call with southern family who've had terrible weather during our day of sunshine here in Scotland ;-)
This month we're celebrating the man who won the Palme d’Or at Cannes 2014:
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#Penguins haven’t changed much since 1924, as illustrated in this clip from The Great White Silence
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It's November 5th. Off to see a bonfire & fireworks display tonight when a toffee apple will feature as 1 of my 5 per day.
The wee lad and I ate pizza tonight. Yes, now that's what I call a real pizza. 🍕
In one of those philosophical moods when stuff I write seems clever until I read it in the morning.
It'd be so simple if life wasn't complicated, but also just a little too dull.
After one whole day traveling we are safely back home. Had a brilliant weekend with the family.
Discovering that 4G is amazing. No need to pay ripoff hotel Wi-Fi charges now :-)
The wee lad and I are planning our first heist. Donuts!!
Today's a special day - 3 birthdays and I become the godfather!
My iPhone battery percentage meter goes down like the timer on Countdown! Will it end whit the Ta da, ta da, di da, da dum?
Genius! Added to my list of "Techniques to adopt".
Evian boost sales with a "free cat" offer and tag line: "Moistens the parts other water fail to reach."
Yeah, the Jeremy Kyle mother of the year award.
Tomorrow we become godparents!! So another party in the afternoon. And another party tomorrow night. Sadly, I'll be driving:-|
Wooo, it's Halloween. Traveling 500 miles to my sister so the kids can party. Unfortunately our broom is a sweep only model.
Time to drift off into that dimension we all visit every 24 hours but never get to know. G'night & Peace.✌️
And you know what else...? They end up with a dick head while the genuine girls find happiness.