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Steffan Lewis
I also discovered honey and whiskey salad dressing. That's a proper salad - an alcoholic one. But seriously, it blew me away.
Who'd have thought blue cheese and figs would go so well on a burger - definitely my favourite.
I'd have eaten more but I had a less than subtle reminder that I'm supposed to let other people try the nice little burgers.
Obviously they were mini taster burgers- I didn't eat a large quantity of 1/2 pounders. I ate a larger number of tiny masterpieces.
Great time in Edinburgh again this afternoon - ate some special burgers. Very yum. Forgot to take pictures they were so good
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The creators of a new Fed-proof Bitcoin marketplace swear it's not for drugs
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Happy birthday to all birthday people of all ages. Unless you're 41. 41 sucks. Don't worry - just be a little less happy.
Some kid's 21st is trending. Happy birthday to him & to everyone who's 21 today & feeling left out because you're not called Liam.
Joan Rivers sent back from the Pearly Gates due to a typing error. The paperwork said she liked to talk a lot about her virgin.
My eyelids feel like sandpaper and my legs feel like George W Bush. It's going to be a surreal day.
The pain is getting up after only three hours of sleep. There'd better be some gain or I'll have something to say about it.
4:37am now - working nonstop since 10am. Too much adrenaline to sleep. This is not ideal! I need hot apple pie & custard.
Mural Thanks ... and clubhouse refurbishment via @wordpressdotcom
7 powerful stories of living with mental illness:
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I'm craving ice cream for breakfast. See? There should always be a contingency supply of ice cream for such moments.
Started to watch Ocean's 13 - didn't intend to but it's kinda grabbed me. ∆
And coffee from a machine at the service station might be freshly manufactured- but it certainly isn't fresh. Won't do that again
A soggy egg sandwich, packet of crisps and a bottle of water isn't much of a"meal" or a "deal" at £4.60
But judging from last night's debate the Yes campaign was more convincing than Darling's feeble attempt at wisdom.
BTW- I'm not entering a debate over Scotland because I don't know if I even want to decide as my loyalties are equally divided.
Watched the debate over Scottish independence last night. Who could possibly predict what's best?
I'm able to gloat over yesterday's weather! We had it good in Scotland. Makes a change :-)
Another sunny day. Looks like I'm getting my wish for a final Scottish summer hoorah :-)
Oh, I promised a baby meerkat didn't I... Brace yourself...
I need a phone that responds when shout it. I don't care what brand, a phone that shouts back "OVER HERE" would sell it to me.
But my iPhone5 experience has been disastrous. I reserve judgment on the iPhone6.
I use Apple, Microsoft, and Android devices. They all have annoyances but my preference sways marginally towards Apple.
My love/hate relationship with Apple continues.
There's I new Apple Store opening in Edinburgh soon! Now that'll save me many foreseeable trips to Glasgow.
My brand new iPhone5 started to do this yesterday. Pretty - annoying. It's my 3rd iPhone5 in 5 weeks.
It's far too early to be awake and in Twitter on a Sunday morning. What's wrong with me?
Took some photos of a cute baby meerkat today. Will post them in the morning.
OMG I have eaten too much today. Cooked breakfast, farmhouse burger and chips, an Indian curry & too much chocolate.
I hate listening to recordings of myself talking. It's a cringeworthy assault on my hearing.
Great to see some sunshine again :-) and it's Friday. Hence feeling particularly chipper today.
Hearing birds twittering in the early morning before I go to bed always makes me regret that my sleep will be too short.
It makes me a little sad when the long summer evenings start to shorten. But it's kinda nice going to bed before sunrise too.
Ah ha! Thought I'd forgotten to tweet? Not exactly. I have forgotten what it's like not to be frantic.
My wife @BarbaraRLewis is now on Twitter and needs a few followers to get started!
I have a dilemma- cornflakes or to steal some of the wee lad's coco pops. Hmm... A difficult decision... Coco pops it is, then.
Monday morning. I love Mondays when I'm working on a brilliant project (or if I'm on holiday).
There is more to life than melted cheese on toast. I just can't think what it is right now.
Travel broadens the mind - but a broad mind doesn't compensate for stupidity. Especially on first dates.
Insomnia and amnesia is a bummer combination. I've forgotten why I couldn't sleep.