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Steffan Lewis
Parcel tracking is available for obsessive types like me. My new phone has left the depot.
A magic trick is only magical if it opens a door into a world of wonder else it's Rubik's cube in grey scale.
Never been a godfather before. Stocking up with cotton wool for the occasion.
And I've discovered that iPhoto is free for the Mac... Even more exciting. Oh and we've been asked to be godparents! Thrilled.
I've eaten salad for 3 days. That's exiting!
I've so little to report though!
Ah ha! I've managed to relinquish control of my account! Feels good. Mobile notification activated now!
It's been an uneventful Monday. I like the occasional uneventful Monday.
That's my moan over - oh, except that it's raining, blowing a gale & the wee lad is sick.
Must coin a new phrase for cheep rubbish purchased online. Any ideas?
Yesterday I received a brand new tyre foot pump bought on eBay. It disintegrated after the 3rd pump!...
Very annoying that people were walking out with new iPhones when mine still hasn't arrived after a month. @O2 take note!
Visited the new Edinburgh Apple Store yesterday. Very nice. And more convenient for me than Glasgow.
I've had a very frustrating 24hrs of Twitter constantly blocking my apparently "compromised" account. Hence no tweets.
Saw this for the 1st time today... Kseniya Somonova animates live with sand Amazing.
I hate it when my computer "Restarts" without warning and it's a relief when it runs properly again afterwards.
"I've been in the business quite a while, thank god you guys are not sick of me" Kung Fu Jungle star @DonnieYenCT
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TURNING POINT "the journey" by Valentina Fedonos - only 4 days left.
#TheApprentice didn't disappoint again tonight. Only 1 stands out though - but not for business acumen!
This is great! - The train is departing from the old page, going to the next chapter.
Time for a Vine! - When you have a flat tire and you realize you have a turnt mini horse instead of a spare.
UK students:This is the final week for entries in to the #AstellasAppChallenge. Get some great tips here: (sponsored)
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@SteffanGLewis saw it too - initially thought it was a firework but too big! excellemt!
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WOW - saw a bright blue(ish) meteor cross the sky from North to South in the sky West of Edinburgh at 23.33(ish) Spectacular!
2014 pantomime season begins with #TheApprentice. Suddenly half the nation become expert entrepreneur critics. Oh no we don't!
When someone comes from behind and scares you !!!!! 😂 (discovering vine:)
I've loads of DMs with "TwitterCard" links. I won't click one - looks like spam. Does anyone know what they are?
A clever idea for creating houses with built-in trees
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A new device aims to eliminate seabird #bycatch by preventing birds from getting hooked in the first place:
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All I need now is a delivery of freshly made croissants and my lazy Sunday morning will be complete.
Sundays were too predictable when I was a kid- Church, lunch, rainy afternoon, sandwiches, bath & bed. I appreciate Sundays now.
What it must be like to be a sperm.
Why do people advise that cakes & buns should cool down before eating? NO I tell you. Eat them while they're deliciously warm.
Not very tidy, but very delicious :-)
"We don't have to give up our privacy to have good government, or our liberty to have security." - Edward Snowden
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“HAB” you heard? Our new video shows how harmful algal blooms are predicted and tracked: @NOAA
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Doing biannual massive purge on spammy accounts (and people who've churned me) If I unfollow you accidentally let me know!!
"Naughty in a really intelligent way" - Dir @JasonReitman on Emma Thompson's voiceover in Men, Women & Children #lff
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A lovely Autumn day - I love this time of year so long as it's sunny and not foggy or wet or windy - so about 30% of it.
Tonight's sunset :-) vimeo:///videos/108270797
The Violin Teacher by @B_Diril - looks brilliant. Help fund a great #IndieFilm project.
ROV video footage - this is what I sometimes get up to:…
Naturally, I'm fishing for some free psycho therapy - Twitter style.
This chip, for instance, was perfect in every way. It was the best chip in the box by about 1.5 inches.
Paradox of perfection: An imperfect detail doesn't necessarily detract from the perfection to which all the details contribute.
And while I'm on the subject of perfection...
Why the saying 'the devil is in the detail' when perfection is necessarily the sum of the details?
Our trip into Edinburgh this afternoon was great but consequently the wee lad now has a very long list for Santa.