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Steffan Lewis
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It's November 5th. Off to see a bonfire & fireworks display tonight when a toffee apple will feature as 1 of my 5 per day.
The wee lad and I ate pizza tonight. Yes, now that's what I call a real pizza. 🍕
In one of those philosophical moods when stuff I write seems clever until I read it in the morning.
It'd be so simple if life wasn't complicated, but also just a little too dull.
After one whole day traveling we are safely back home. Had a brilliant weekend with the family.
Discovering that 4G is amazing. No need to pay ripoff hotel Wi-Fi charges now :-)
The wee lad and I are planning our first heist. Donuts!!
Today's a special day - 3 birthdays and I become the godfather!
My iPhone battery percentage meter goes down like the timer on Countdown! Will it end whit the Ta da, ta da, di da, da dum?
Genius! Added to my list of "Techniques to adopt".
Evian boost sales with a "free cat" offer and tag line: "Moistens the parts other water fail to reach."
Yeah, the Jeremy Kyle mother of the year award.
Tomorrow we become godparents!! So another party in the afternoon. And another party tomorrow night. Sadly, I'll be driving:-|
Wooo, it's Halloween. Traveling 500 miles to my sister so the kids can party. Unfortunately our broom is a sweep only model.
Time to drift off into that dimension we all visit every 24 hours but never get to know. G'night & Peace.✌️
And you know what else...? They end up with a dick head while the genuine girls find happiness.
Tempted to organize an old school rave to show how it used to be done. Bring out those glow sticks, VW badges & water bottles;-)
Listening to some of the bands I used to promote and reminiscing... OMG we had a decade of mindless fun!
The boat is sitting comfortably on its trailer. Thanks to everyone who so thoughtfully helped at the sailing club
It's going to be fun and games recovering my little boat this afternoon. Been getting the trailer ready.
Had a great day on Saturday visiting the Bo'Ness railway.
Been too busy for a couple of days. And there's no end in sight!
Taking the wee lad to see some steam trains today. Quite looking forwards to it myself:-)
Parcel tracking is available for obsessive types like me. My new phone has left the depot.
A magic trick is only magical if it opens a door into a world of wonder else it's Rubik's cube in grey scale.
Never been a godfather before. Stocking up with cotton wool for the occasion.
And I've discovered that iPhoto is free for the Mac... Even more exciting. Oh and we've been asked to be godparents! Thrilled.
I've eaten salad for 3 days. That's exiting!
I've so little to report though!
Ah ha! I've managed to relinquish control of my account! Feels good. Mobile notification activated now!
It's been an uneventful Monday. I like the occasional uneventful Monday.
That's my moan over - oh, except that it's raining, blowing a gale & the wee lad is sick.
Must coin a new phrase for cheep rubbish purchased online. Any ideas?
Yesterday I received a brand new tyre foot pump bought on eBay. It disintegrated after the 3rd pump!...
Very annoying that people were walking out with new iPhones when mine still hasn't arrived after a month. @O2 take note!
Visited the new Edinburgh Apple Store yesterday. Very nice. And more convenient for me than Glasgow.
I've had a very frustrating 24hrs of Twitter constantly blocking my apparently "compromised" account. Hence no tweets.
What did climate look like in 2013? Indicators show it's warming. See our new video-… @NOAA
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Saw this for the 1st time today... Kseniya Somonova animates live with sand Amazing.
I hate it when my computer "Restarts" without warning and it's a relief when it runs properly again afterwards.
"I've been in the business quite a while, thank god you guys are not sick of me" Kung Fu Jungle star @DonnieYenCT
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TURNING POINT "the journey" by Valentina Fedonos - only 4 days left.
#TheApprentice didn't disappoint again tonight. Only 1 stands out though - but not for business acumen!
This is great! - The train is departing from the old page, going to the next chapter.
Time for a Vine! - When you have a flat tire and you realize you have a turnt mini horse instead of a spare.
UK students:This is the final week for entries in to the #AstellasAppChallenge. Get some great tips here: (sponsored)
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@SteffanGLewis saw it too - initially thought it was a firework but too big! excellemt!
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WOW - saw a bright blue(ish) meteor cross the sky from North to South in the sky West of Edinburgh at 23.33(ish) Spectacular!