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Steffan Lewis
One final thought before sleep - It doesn't matter how deep you can get if it's the bit you see that you have to live with.
Today's #Okeanos dive is ON! Exploring Keathley Canyon. ROV launches in ~ 30min. Get ready to watch the show:
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It's random - but great to see Google celebrate the 63rd anniversary of @peakdistrict National Park
That's my moan over. It feels good to stomp one's feet once in a while.
Come on Apple! I'm already hopelessly busy - it's just a DB entry that needs adjusting. I'll come there & do it myself!
After another 4 phone calls & 5 emails Apple support achieved... an unnecessary password change... And my problem continues.
Day 4 of the Apple saga. So far Apple has determined that there is a problem with my account. I knew that...
The wee lad is now the Wee Suprendo. His best quote of the day: "Who's Presto and why's he made of hay?"
“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot” – Charlie Chaplin #bornonthisday
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Parking on my own mooring is a helluvalot cheaper than parking here - and more convenient.
The buoys are fixed to the other end of the chain and voilà - a mooring.
I'm hoping to fill a tractor tyre with concrete which acts as a huge anchor. The chain is then attached to the anchor.
...but I am looking forwards to building a mooring.
I'm now the proud owner of a 20m long chain, some buoys and other various metal bits. Sounds kinky? Well no... Sadly not...
It's felt like spring these last few days- hope the trend continues towards a blistering summer!
Had a go on the sailing club's new RIBS this evening. They're fun at full speed!
The 2nd ballon that flew by us this morning had extra lift.
We saw this balloon 1st from a distance. Is it a bird? Is it a plane.....?
Brain scanner + musical instrument = ability to listen for seizures:
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The moonlight looks awesome on the water over the Forth. Apologies for the poor quality pic.
@SteffanGLewis Hi Steffan - So nice to meet you. Stop over and visit me & my gang on Facebook:… - <3 @grammypags1
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The result - I'm 27 hours behind schedule and it's driving me bonkers.
I've spent 6 hours on the phone today trying to sort out problems. And there's still no indication that tomorrow will be any better.
It's been a long and trying day. I can't access Apple services after log in and their tech support can't fathom it!