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Steffan Lewis
Prince Charles is trending for blaming the rise of ISIS on climate change. His critics must see:…
Marty has had fun making me some new friends.
Like it or not - You're having pics of various vegetables and fruit transformed into characters tweeted over the next few days!
#eatbyapp 2 pears of eyes. Kids' creations appearing (excuse pun) on the app :-)
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The kids' fruit and veg creations look great on the #eatbyapp list :-)
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We're thinking up captions for #EatByApp kids' pics - suggestions are more than welcome :-)
Cute fruit are being added to the #eatbyapp !
No need for a shovel but, still, it's #Snovember !
Playing with food is fun! The wee lad has been directing the photo shoot!
Spelen met je eten tegen verspilling @EatByApp 'All veg were harmed after photoshoot, boiled, roasted, eaten alive'
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* @SteffanGLewis Thanks for following us! We're here to reduce #foodwaste in the supply chain, let's tweet together!
Retweeted by Steffan Lewis Bit about me doing the certificate course in Ecology this year
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Stop throwing away expired food. Stop buying excess food. Stop #foodwaste. @EatByApp keeps track of food. Owners @SteffanGLewis & Barbara.
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We dined on a delicious curry using up our random stuff. So yes, of course we use our #eatbyapp :-)
@SteffanGLewis Really enjoying using the EatBy app. It's fun to use & so easy now to keep track of what's in my fridge. Food waste? History!
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Received an Obeo food waste box trial pack today. We're giving them a test run. Thanks @WeAreObeo
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@SeffanGLewis Sustainable St Albans Week includes feast of sustainable food adventures
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Enjoying #ImACeleb :-) I hope they waste as little as possible in the bush tucker trial.
It seems there's a hurricane outside tonight! Time to batten down the hatches and open the box of chocolates.
Please excuse my Twitter quietness - my own trivial nonsense seems inappropriate to tweet about today.
My thoughts are with the victims of atrocities everywhere tonight.
The planets are slightly beyond satisfying my OCD tendencies - according to my watch. #beyondmycontrol
I had no idea there were so many journalists to send stuff to. I've developed repetitive strain injury from copy+pasting!
It's been a busy morning sending out press releases about being Food+City Award finalists. Time for lunch :-)
Reducing food waste isn't a glamorous mission but i kind of dream about it nonetheless. G night
Just noticed i should have been in bed 2 hours ago. Time to panic sleep.
Leftover smoked cola-ham and a chicken wing in tonight's risotto. Oh and a good glug of Cocchi Americano #wastenot
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In fact, it reminds me of this conversation I had about cauliflower with Ken in the arcade! #wastenot
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All the seafood in our fishboxes is as fresh as possible- giving you a long shelf life and reducing waste. #wastenot #sustainability
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Interesting chat with town greengrocer today,shoppers have asked what best before date is on his loose apples!! @HughsWaronWaste #help
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I'm glad we grow our own vegetables & fruit, keep our own #hens & #bees. You don't waste so much when you work hard to produce it. #wastenot
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Small things make a huge difference. I built @fair_funky on that mantra. Individuals have the power to #changetheworld for good. #wastenot
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I made baked bean cakes... And they're delicious! Recipie to be blogged at some point! #baking #bakedbeans #omnomnom
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I'm sleepy ...But I have to admit - it's kinda addictive watching our app user numbers grow since #wastenot ...It's amazing!
Had a long morning already - taken my mum to the airport at 4am - tempted to go back to bed!
For us nothing gets wasted, all fish scraps are used. Any waste is used for stocks, soups and even bait for @NN733 #WasteNot #EatMoreFish
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Off to bed! Goodnight :-)

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