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Steffan Lewis
The moon rising over the Forth this evening was spectacular.
Another glorious evening! And a week of late summer ahead. It keeps staying better!
Congratulations @jamieoliver on 4 million followers. I've a long way to go. Looking forward to tonight's #ComfortFood :-)
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Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on thier big announcement.
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It is against the law to possess any type of alcoholic beverage. (Saudi Arabia)
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Monday after a cracking weekend feels more like a Monday 'ought to.
When your 85 yr old mother sends U to post office 4 stamps+U return w Psych Jimi Hendrix stamps, the reaction is priceless.
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I love that feeling like I'm swaying after a day on the water.
Bananas microwaved and served with vanilla ice cream and melted chocolate I'm in heaven.
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Had a fantastic afternoon on the #forthbridgesfestival flotilla. Turned out to be a spectacular event!
Looking forwards to the #forthbridgesfestival flotilla tomorrow. It'll be a spectacle with over 120 vessels.
From satanic geckos to pink fairy armadillos, the most absurd creatures on Earth
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Hoping the weather stays this good for #forthbridgesfestival flotilla tomorrow.
Time to quit the iPhone twitter app. Latest update only allows me to see the latest 50ish followers! Is this intentional?
Thanks For all the FF mentions BTW
Tired now - Anf fully loaded with pain killers.
...and here's my Ex tooth. It was a cereal killer.
Here's a rice crispy man struggling to keep his crispy rice head above water.
Off to Party tonight :-) yes that's spelled with a capital P.
I really want to post the picture of my pulled tooth and bone but it really is too graphic - even for me.
The wee lad's jelly and cream "volcano" was too reminiscent of my pulled tooth to look appetising.
Check out this great #lionfish research project that needs our help!
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#RIPJoanRivers who's in either heaven or hell. Whichever, she'll be making them laugh.
Mmm. Honey on buttered white sliced bread. Simple and proper comfort food :-)
Anyway, enough already about my tooth.
What makes this pain more annoying is that there was nothing particularly wrong with my tooth- just too big & unnecessary.
Finally felt brave enough to feel the gaping hole where my tooth was with my tongue. Feeling even more sorry for myself.
Ibuprofen are OK for muscle pain but they're not helping much now I've a chunk of skull ripped outa my mouth.
Paracetamol are like a miracle cure for two and a half hours, then it's an hour and a half of painful waiting to the next dose.
It turned out, after an hour of tugging by 2 dentists, that my molar was more attached to me than expected. Feeling sore.
"Numbers are the musical notes with which the symphony of the universe is written."
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Bugger, I've just been reminded that I'm having an 'unnecessary' molar out tomorrow! I'll probably find an implant in it.
So now everyone knows I sleep! But what do I wear in bed? Now that's private! (A Spongebob Square Pants onesie perhaps)
Now that I've sent everyone to sleep with my ramblings on privacy it's time for my own shut eye.
Shit, I've just let everyone know I have a mum. Oops - not very clandestine of me. Must try harder.
I have more of a problem with Facebook sharing what I watch on Netflix to my mum than the government reading my boring emails.
The belief that privacy can only be achieved by anonymity could lead to permanent paranoia and no friends!
Although I have a few followers & volunteer a little about myself, I only reveal what I want. This is also one of my freedoms.
I would never reveal something on Twitter that a friend or even acquaintance told me in private. That's not what I'm about.
The concept of privacy has become more subjective. My tweets are public,for example, but my thoughts can still be private.
Watched tonight's BBC Horizon about privacy and the Dark Net. Fascinating and just a bit concerning.
NOAA lists 20 new coral species as threatened under the Endangered Species Act
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Hmm. A cream tea for breakfast. It works for me.
3 things it's best not to discuss; politics, religion and scones. Is the jam on top, or the clotted cream? I'd rather not say.
It's going to be a long day! Bracing myself.
Xie Fei on the challenges of making Black Snow after the student protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square:
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There's no luxury on earth like marshmallows in hot chocolate. Or am I too easily pleased?
Apparently I'm too old to be a geek or a nerd. That's ageism for you.
You can tell when someone is typing an angry email. Computers could know soon too - and add the emotion to the text
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