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My pain is constant and sharp, and I do not hope for a better world for anyone.
New Black Marble album soon
@TEENBITCH666 sorry about yesterday. Here's a list of every time I have urinated today, please like me
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Wait why are my friends in this Facebook group
@TEENBITCH666 there goes Stefan, gallivanting through his youth... Run free, wild stallion
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Cowboy boots with suits & general business wear is so hot imo
Every time a guy texts me and I actually respond I feel like I lost a small battle
Every time I speak of the haters and losers I do so with great love and affection. They cannot help the fact that they were born fucked up!
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Actually I'm just done experiencing emotion in general
It's that time of the month again where I feel physically attractive for three days and then go back to feeling absolutely nothing
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I'm done developing feelings for people worth less than 15 million. The prospective relationship literally wouldn't be worth my time.
Same but I was 18 and he didn't look like an egg
That's what you get for having feelings
Going for a dip
Can I get a fucking amen??
My phone takes half a day to go from 100% to 50% and ten minutes to go from 50% to 0%
Just a normal day in my hood (Vine by @NELLYTWERKS4NIC)
Can my ass stop fucking farting???
Potential Employer: so what are your skills Me:
@TEENBITCH666 this is great! Relations between cops and black people have never been better at this time!
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Texting me "😀" by itself is a sure way to get your number deleted
@shit2002 @TEENBITCH666 Stefan has been my BF since pizza hat boy so...
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Mona: I started my fresh produce delivery business!! Me: Isn't Nordstrom like way too far of a walk from J Crew.
I keep saying this aloud and laughing at myself
20 minutes into Netflix and chill you gotta give her this look
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Fucked up if true 😐b
Local police
Maybe don't text me while I'm trying to decide which porn to watch
Happy birthday Jesus
Your gif is glitching, looks like it's time to delete your account
Should be let sleeping dogs lay, but that's what they say.
Let sleeping dogs lie
Can you fucking stop
Like an angle sent from heaven
This is the most dramatic mp4 file in existence…
George Bush, amazing Muslim and Democrat
I'm training my brain to associate food with insects so I'll eat less
Stefan is dead now this is just a random account
Wait no I found another pair
These are all the jeans I have cause I rarely wear jeans

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