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small monkey
What are the Internet liberals up to today
So many things are more important than dick size, that's just an extra
I was having such a good day
I don't want to go to dinner with my fucking father GOD UGH
He better be laying some big money on the table
HAHA my dad is trying to get me to come back to work for him. I hope he dies on the way here.
@dog_vitamins he would just respond with "lol what! You're super cute"
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CHVRCHES huntyyyy yaAsszss
Maybe some good will come from this strange situation
Been sipping drinks and drifting in and out of consciousness all afternoon baby!
Pseudoscience is so god damn stupid something
Very embarrassing when grown adults are horny on line
He's a 10.5 in the face and a 7 from the neck down. Am I gonna hook up with a 25 year old???
This guy is so bad at conversation, but what else would you expect from a 5' 9" guy who plays flute in the symphony
Ok well he just shared his private album with me..... Let's see what's in there...
I'm very famous but a lot of people don't know
Famous celebs being taken to jail.
Very Fast Stefan Moving At High Speed
oh nothin, i was just buying some ear medication for my sick uncle... *LOWERS SHADES TO LOOK YOU DEAD IN THE EYE* who's a Model by the way,
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He's super hot but he's only 25 and 5' 9", so he's basically a child.
We had like the most boring conversation last week and neither of us brought up the unmatching & blocking
This guy is always viewing my profile like 30x a day & I've unmatched him on Tinder twice & he blocked me on Grindr
I'm feeling a nice tall long Island ice tea 🍹
It's 2pm why am I not drinking yet
Rob is ok with staying in and watching house hunting shows, this new guy wants to finger my ass in the back of a movie theater... #BYE
@dog_vitamins someone just trying to finger a butthole at the movies...seems perfectly good and normal.
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Please donate to my kick starter for me to get laid (have sex)
Log off of Twitter, save you're soul
this is Daniels mom. He is losing his phone and Internet for have ing SWEAR WORDS and demonic VAMPIRES in his music
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my babie gone!!!!!!!! to soon.... :'(
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Can't believe Gavin didn't know our son was dead.
I'm in HD now. Hoping to get more interactions on my posts.
I think a plane ticket for a baby should cost $9000
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Nothing like a large meal after getting dicked down

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