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Wtf did I just retweet
You could say it's one of my... many talents
I type properly when I'm drunk it just takes a lot of time and concentration
Oh wow.... Oh wow... Oh wow
I've also never heard the gangnam style song
I've never listened to Drake or Kanye West
It's just the single, not the new album. But it's really good.
Why would you fuck bread
Literally no one I know irl would think there's anything wrong with this. Twitter is so different.
My pussy good 😊 Pussy sweeet 🍭 Pussy good enough to eat 😋
Beyonce Newton was classic, who the fuck hacked her.
Where is stefan? He needs to show me how to do a death drop
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I want to go home
@TEENBITCH666 tell them you're running for president
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> I'm an aerospace engineer >> Nice. I'm a trust fund baby.
I'm interacting with people who have PhDs and I'm just like "haha,,, cool"
We found some sangria. People are talking to us now
We're in the corner talking about everyone
Me and this one lady are dressed way better than everyone else and she just came up to me and said "so, um where's the vodka". God is real.
An almost hot guy just showed up
I'm being awkward and telling people about when I was addicted to salt at 5 years old
This is actually a party, not a dinner.
@TEENBITCH666 are you at least at a place with good ranch dressing?
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I'm there now. Kill me
I don't even have time to pre-drink
@TEENBITCH666 consider it a fundraiser for your campaign
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Shoot me in the fucking face
I'm once again being forced by my parents to attend a dinner with people I fucking hate.
Driving a VW and drinking something other than Starbucks doesn't make you fucking special
@TEENBITCH666 this will be the first election that I can vote in and im voting for you #Stefan2016
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