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.@THEM0NZTA The face your man was staring down at last night?? The body that he was feeling all up on?? Stop getting yourself embarrassed.
@TEENBITCH666 Jesus is a biscuit let him sop U up hunty!! Lord knows U need it with that face! And fix that body!!!!!
Retweeted by bad gal Stefan
.@THEM0NZTA don't you have to get back to work at Walmart? I don't wanna waste your time because I know you really need the money.
. @THEM0NZTA I don't HAVE to sneak out to get fucked huntie. Funny you mention it because your boyfriend was actually here last night!!
@TEENBITCH666 at least I don't have to sneak out of my parents house to get fuck U dead beat ass corner store weave wearing ass hoe
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.@THEM0NZTA it's cute you keep trying to read, but I think that's your mom coming around the corner in the Odyssey now, maybe next time.
@TEENBITCH666 listen here shitney Houston!!! Maybe your makeup could look like mine if u didn't do it on the bus!!!!
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.@THEM0NZTA okay busted bitch. Don't waste the data on your tracfone getting dragged now! Isn't it time for you to hit the street corner?
@TEENBITCH666 why U mad bc my contour game on point and I pull richer niggas than u!!!!!!
Retweeted by bad gal Stefan
"I'm cool but I'll never be as cool as Stefan 😎" - people who are already pretty fckin cool
Monica stays hating cause I snatch her weave on a daily basis. Like have a seat bitch and stop getting yourself slain.
Dude...... duuuuuuuuudddeeeeeeeeee
Who is this omg his jawline 😫😍�
Um no, I meant what I said: "bible study clubs near me"
Yeah print and frame three of these for me. And oh, tattoo it on my ass too.
*slurping noise* ooooh zaddyyyyyy!!
Some people say that im two or nine IM ELEVEN SO SHUT THE FUCK UP
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one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for a few people here and there when we feel like it lol
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When she say "go deeper" but you all outta dick
"There ain't no more dick to give you mom, what the fuck you want from me" - @YUNGFETISH
Just some basic life updates
I smell like a fucking weed dispensary
I was dancing in the parking lot of the Midnight Diner
@TEENBITCH666 I love when you get high and make snap stories lmfai
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'Sorry that I have a beautiful butthole' - @TEENBITCH666
Retweeted by bad gal Stefan
Why is this bitch so salty Lol. Like stay mad bitch, your weave been snatched!
People always think we're a cute interracial couple 💞
Nikki and I are stoned as fuck and we're at a diner
"long-term mindset" ok have fun being single
I know that's right, these bitches stupid.
Going on a date with a regional vice president of a bank tonight. What are you doing? Probably jacking off into a sock.
. @WhiteHouse um hey, are you guys hiring?
If I buy three drinks I wonder if I get to pay for all three
Wow, and I thought Black Friday was over.
This bitch I'm working with is so busted it's ridiculous. Praying for her. 🙏
Like how are you gonna be fat but still have a flat ass. That's rude.
What if condoms had temporary tattoos on the inside like you rolled off the condom and there was a picture of a dinosaur on your dick
Retweeted by bad gal Stefan
"Stefan that's not how it works"