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boy who tweets
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ISIS ate my ass
knock knock "whos there" noah "noah who" *beat drops* noah couple niggas thats down 2 ride 4 a homicide when its drama time run up on a ni-
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Waka Flock Of Seagulls
And this was a good private catholic school, we were badass.
Me and my friends used to crank that soulja boy on the playground and we were so coordinated. we could do the stanky leg and the 2 step too.
Love me like I loved the Soulja boy album in 5th grade
I'm gonna become a police officer just so I can be a cool nice cop who eats donuts and minds his own business
If i'm 18 in a board room meeting helping to decide the future of a business, what am I gonna be doing when i'm 50?
How many of these fucking tweets are there
I sleep with my laptop as a pillow just in case my cellphone doesn't give me cancer
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I don't interact with people who wear the newer styles of Sperrys
I love 2 interact w/ my follows (unless you're weird in even the slightest way then don't talk to me)
Wanna feel old? THIS is the Dora the Explorer today!
Like if you can't even respect yourself there's no reason for anyone else to treat you like anything other than the piece of shit you are.
I hate everyone but especially sluts
My neighbor just revined like 100 sports vines in a row
@TEENBITCH666 fuck out my face ole king of the hill propane and propane accessories lookin ass
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"@grannywinkle: Me in math" Bitch you is 300 why you in a math class
Hot or Not says I'm a 5.88 but I think that's really pushing it to extremes
I'm tired of fakes 😴😑 I need a real nigga 😍💯 To hold me down 👇🙊 Maybe 1 day 😻👬 A boy like
When u dont know why you would be on a school bus
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I need a real 💯 boy 🙌 Not a temp 😒 Not a corn dog ass nigga 😳👎✋✋ Just maybe...⭐️⭐️🌚 A boy like
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When Britney Spears said "It's Britney bitch"
Fav for a follow back! You know I won't do it. But just give yourself the false hope anyway.
Ppl are inherently bad and stupid
Tweet stealing is so dumb and rampant that there's no point in even calling someone out about it
Is it ok to text people you used to be friends with and ask for all the money back that you spent on them
Bros before thermonuclear astrophysics
I want to go back to the part of my life where I was happy with my fake friends
Eat ya ass AND suck ya dic at the same damn time 👩👩
When there's beef on my tl and I'm just watching
Why buy 🐘 for 💵 💵 when you can get 🔟 🐪 for 💵 💵 💵? Haha the point is, Democrats are stupid. Vote Thom Tillis (R) for NC US Senate
In 10th grade I found a picture on the Internet and put a "colored pencil" filter on it and printed it for an art project and got 100%
The floors are getting waxed tomorrow just in time for the beginning of my neighbor and I's indoor skiing season
Fat free organic milk and soy milk are the way to go.
Almond milk is fucking nasty and I'm actively against it.
My parents are mad about almond milk.
That bug eating kid from Rugrats is all grown up now
Now on Thanksgiving I'm still gonna remember the taste of sweet potato pie and the experience won't be as special
My mom fucking ruined Thanksgiving by buying sweet potato pie too early just because "Whole Foods had a special going on"
Same with chocolate and wine.
How do people drink cheap coffee, that shit makes my stomach turn
Nothing sadder than a man with a grandma ass
If you've ever wronged me in the most tiny minuscule way, I don't like you, I'll never like you, and I'll hold a grudge against you forever.
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