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Your mom's pussy is like a Taco Truck, filled with cheap meat and hipsters blog about it
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Smoke a blunt , & breath happiness.
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Arm has no mobility
9am on a Saturday.... Whaaaa
Define real. Define music. Define real music.
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Fuckin' love pool
I wish i had a Pool Table
I just wanna be tiiiiired so i can schleep
Got me wanted to listen to Sublime🌞 now
Well I'd pop a cap in Sancho & I'd slap her down.
I don't practice Santeria , I ain't got no crystal ball !
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I wish i was tired.
Rose gonna have a big year next year.
Shock Top is pretty good maan
That's a final here in Los Angeles. #Cubs win, 8-2! These two teams are back at it again tomorrow night at 8:10 p.m. CT.
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#Cubs lead the #Dodgers 8-2 as we begin the 7th here in Los Angeles.
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Just like snapping a toothpick
Hell be back though lol