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He tells me he luvs me 4 the first time & Breaks up w/me cuz I had 2 leave 2 walk my dog who has been limping & was home alone for 8 hours ?
Hahah he doesn't remember me making his nose bleed with a jab but we remember Jacob
Walked into my new job with a Afro and a black eye after them only seeing my hair tied. Thank God she didn't have a heart attack #coverup
A little positive reinforcement goes a long way @playboxingkmj un poco de refuerzo positivo va un largo camino
#warready finally #nodistractions & a positive camp thanks to #Playboxing Maury Ramos the best ,most…
Most people don't know this but I have a deep rooted fear of cats . Don't like them they creep me out bad
Call JG Wentworth 877-CASH now
If one more person asks me when's the fight I'm gonna rip my hair out strand by strand
H8 when protected fighters w managers or a certain team r given favoritism & lose a fight but raise their hands 2 convince judges they won
so I got dropped for the first time in sparring.was a flash , I was off balance and it was a good shot LOL got up & went right back at him
I'm an exception to every rule
From my massage yea ok buddy F off
Ever get a massage & tell the therapist to let up the pressure 10x & he apologizes but keeps hurting u?I wanted 2 front kick him in the face
Ladies n gentlemen Damas y caballeros let the countdown begin
Dana White front row at my fight . Those are my legs
Power -u either got it or you don't.
Tko. Joe Cortez saved her life and they robbed my belt in the rematch . I'm coming back with a Vengeance
My coolest neighbors I'm gonna miss them hawaiifiveoh88
I had Haitian Bouyon yesterday for the first time omg the
When he takes u to meet his family & core friends....,
Perfect gift from my neighbor hawaiifiveoh88 ❀️ love
People get stupid when I take my hairs down . What's the bfd?
Boxing is like life .no matter how hard u get hit , u gotta remain calm,stay focused ,& keep moving forward
My whole schedule was thrown off.3 hours of sleep.sometimes u gotta "go w/the flow" &everything worked out. Got the job & 10x3 w 30 rest!
She wants to kiss & hug my gloves ? Alrighty then
Let me show u my triangle choke 😝
Embrace the Grind
Might not have family to say it but my friends told me today . I love you too ❀️
First attempt #avocadotoast olive oil lemon and pepper flakes
Nice Bolo! Anyone want a fresh clean towel ?
My parents didn't teach me Sh!t & now they are gone. I wonder what my life would have been like if I had the real love & support of a family
When girls say "hey girlie" it makes me cringe πŸ˜–
I don't "do shoulders" I BOX
@stayloboxing I would be on time! You are too damn fly to wait..
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Longest day ever ! Very painful yet productive $$$
Haha one dirty door closed and so many more better ones opened lol #ubf
Humberto Savigne who just demolished Jeff Lacy #ironmikeproductions
I'm up.good morning πŸ‘‹πŸ˜©
IM WANTED - dead or alive