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I asked for two larges . I get a medium and a large that isn't filled to the top. Can u hear #refund ? Listening skills people!
I'm burning up! No joke my body temperature feels like 105 degrees
Twitter is dumb & Instagram is for people who can't read
Two of my clients that I care about very much are not well.tonight I ask God for their speedy recovery & put my needs aside .
People please don't spread words 2 me unless it's detrimental 2 my health&directly involves me I don't need to hear he say she say Bullshit!
She is in for the fight of her life . I'm stronger than I have ever been
I remember when I had 3 fights & fought a scary chick w 19 some1 said if u can't beat a (9-9) u will never b world champ . I knocked her out
At the #climax of all #chaos, #conflict and #change, there is an opening for creating and #creativity.
Never fall for a guy that listens to R Kelly Radio on Pandora .
Almost made u love me Almost doesn't count
Felt weird having my opponent following me on here 👀 i hope she understands. she's awesome but it's business til after the fight#blockedd
If u ain't wit me u against me . #distraction
I don't see myself as others see me
Don't u love when u forget the shower is on high pressure stream then u turn it on & it zaps u in the back of the head w/cold water in A/C?
Work then work & more work wtf