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Jon Finegold
In case anyone is wondering about Facebook dominating mobile, they own 4 of the top 6 iOS apps for all time download
Twitters market cap is 18 bill, is it time for google (ehem alphabet) to buy em. They need a social answer
Is it time to short Comcast stock? Apple TV announcement coming on Sept 9th. If they have an @NFL deal, its over for cable tv.
“The First Version of Google, Facebook, and YouTube and More (and What They Can Teach Us)” by @buffer…
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Is there anyone *not* doing an email newsletter now? I didn't know I was starting a trend
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Four Billion-Dollar Startups That Were Told Their Idea Was Stupid by @benhoffman_ on @Medium
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Latest evolution of @CommonAngels Ventures. Working to earn the right to back great entrepreneurs. @BosBizSara
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I've only seen a Windows phone in 2 places. Microsoft employees and paid placements. Zune 2.0. They just cant get it right
140 characters is not enough to explain how excited I am about this #patsnation #worldchamps #NFL…
3/ Aug 10, ‘15 (20 yrs later) Larry Page starts Alphabet, a New Era for bold businesses. Buffet/Berkshire 4 tech?
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Google's move makes a lot of sense now that I've had time to digest. They are doing so many different things. Those guys are wicked smaaht
Question: If you need a sales team to sell display ads, have u failed? Most of ad $ r going 2 self service on Goog, Twitter, FB, pint, etc.
Really happy to hear Jill Ellis is sticking around!! We've got more medals to win!
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Another @PanMass is done - inspiring event. 6K riders, 4K volunteers, countless supporters, raising 45 million bucks. #amazing #pmc2015
Hey Tom Brady. If Goddell calls to make an offer, don't answer til the 5th ring
It's hard to wrap one's head around how thoroughly discredited, dismissed, and ignored the Internet had become by 2004-2005. 😮
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Boston's B2C problem is one of values. Too much math, rational value, Excel. Not enough soul, emotional impact, Adobe. #BostonB2C
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Great quote by @DraftKings "were ok making mistakes as long as we learn from them" #bostonb2c
"passion is key... trouble is when you find founders more interested in starting a company than what the company does" @bijan #Bostonb2c
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