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Kyle S
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All the info you could need on live events, check out this #startup @wembli
Microsoft preparing to get into the wearables game
Meet @erikgreenwald: Code Monkey, Doer of Things and Stuff via #StarterPad #startup
These lights from #Orfos could be the world's safest and brightest bicycle lights ever, read about them here:
Cyclists check this out Orfos is making the world safer for cyclists, read here:
New at @TechFaster @wembli is expedia for live events
I need a PR contact at @escortradar anyone? Anyone?
Microsoft to launch a smart watch within weeks, more here:
Meet Arsalan Mehmood: Android developer via #StarterPad #startup
Meet Pesach: Founder, CTO, Web Developer, Online Marketer via #StarterPad #startup
Thought Leadership > Bought Leadership
I'm a huge supporter and believer in Thought Leadership not bought leadership
Meet JanNowak: Web Deweloper, projektowanie stron via #StarterPad #startup
That and their service is slow as molasses today @BWWings Opelika
Totally unacceptable I've told @BWWings Opelika 4x the men's room needs toilet paper now I'm stuck!!! And pissed
Meet Paulius Vitkus: Project manager via #StarterPad #startup
Which one of these new #Google devices is for you
TheO Smartball is good for the brain
Meet Roman Drokov: CEO / Business Developer via #StarterPad #startup
Dinnering downtown #AU since its a bye week where?
HTML-5 technology is bringing the casino to the bedroom
See why more and more teachers are falling in love with @PhysicalApps
Check out this review on the @Favient wireless speaker that doesn't use #Bluetooth
Google keeps secrets way better than apple, like this
Meet Jonathan Paul: Entrepreneur/ fashion designer via #StarterPad #startup
Google launches 3 #Nexus devices
New technology is helping online gaming giants
Check out this affordable 4K TV
The OSmartball by @PhysicalApps isn't just about making learning fun, it's about this: #edtech
check out this wireless speaker for your #smartphone that doesn't need #Bluetooth
Zac Wertz and @belugashave are bringing the single edge shave back
Want to compare rates for Uber and Lyft with one service? Check this out
Teachers may want to ask for TheO Smartball by @PhysicalApps for the holidays, here's why
5 mobile games for those who like gambling
Everyone needs their privacy, @wemagin can help
See how #HTML5 is helping online gambling
Xperia Z3 up for pre-order today on @TMobile
The Sceptre U500 tv makes 4K/UHD affordable
Andrew checks out this wireless speaker from @Favient that DOESN'T use #Bluetooth
Great reasons devs should check out @askviaduct
Looking for a potential big hit, check this out
The entire Miami Metromover system is down for an undetermined amount of time #BlameJameis
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