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Starr Charles
I walked into this little food market and you would think people would be STARING at me for having my ass out, but I'm fully clothed !
Since ppl try to fwm n post rude comments on my instagram, instead of me blocking & deleting imma start Givin them wat dey want.. ATTENTION!
I just wanna go home , eat , watch movies , and fall asleep. #ifonly
I swear I am not a morning person at all ! #Urrrghhh
Just finish working out lawd I'm tired!
Had to come to the #hood to get my nails done #theydothebest Although, I'm picky as hell so hopefully…
I'm never on time for anything... lol
I got lost in a world that I didn't belong and lost myself, but now I found me. #GrindMode
Even when I lose I'm winning
Been stacking up like I'm fundraising
"Done" saying I'm "done playing".
I'm really tryna stay focus on fitness tho but the shit takes time and motivation
Well I wish I had a trainer boyfriend shit.
I wish I had someone who was really into fitness and know what they're doing to give me a reason everyday to wake up and get fit.
I think that's what you call a trainer huh? Lmao
It's suppose to be raining all day today so looks like Imma be cooling in da house all day by my lonely.
A bottle of champagne, slow jams, and cleaning up wraps up my night...
6am individuals be having me like 😣.. But I love it at the same time .. 😕
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I'm just walking the "play smart" road until I reach the end so I can leave you feeling dumb and clueless ..
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Sometimes you gotta sit back n watch and let ish naturally take its course
Position yourself now and grind, for how you want to live and how successful you will be in the future.