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"OMG, I love your shattered screen." Said no one ever. #StaplesDeals @LifeProof
Decisions, decisions. Get advice from other #SmallBiz owners on how to make the right ones.…
It's 2014. The words "bulky" and "desktop" don't go together anymore. #StaplesDeals
Wipe out those germs by microwaving your breakroom sponge. Yup, it’s a thing. #SmallBiz…
48% off printouts, reports and crumpled up paper basketballs. #StaplesDeals
Feeling a little “dead” after last night’s premiere? #CaseOfTheMondays #TheWalkingDead…
Need to show them you're in charge of this meeting? Problem solved. Happy Leif Erikson Day.
Have a great #SmallBiz finance tip? Show us what you've got! We'll RT our favorite.
@KINDSnacks is out at the @Staples on Columbus Blvd for the Staples #BreakroomTour!!! We're sharing a…
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Ink and sleep. Things we never seem to have enough of. #StaplesDeals
Time to kick timesheets to the curb? A sense of trust can help you retain key #SmallBiz talent.…
Dear friends, I just got this new tablet. See you never. #WeeklyAd Deal ends 10/8.
We swore to keep today's #StaplesDeals a secret. OK. You broke us. Here you go:
It's about that time. Go enjoy a pumpkin-flavored something or other today. #MakeMoreHappen
Looking to make your passion a reality? Aviva Weiss, CEO of @FunandFunction, shares tips on starting a #SmallBiz…
Watch the G and the B from @GandBcoffee serve up some small business advice!…
Toast, bake and broil? Pretty sure we just became best friends. #StaplesDeals
It's payday & the #WeekendsComing. Let's celebrate with gourmet coffee that we can't pronounce.
Are you a thinker or a go-getter? Find your #SmallBiz office personality + an ink & toner deal!…
You see we're on a balanced coffee diet. #OfficeLife
99.99% jam-free printing? Now that's the dream. #StaplesDeals
You'll sleep well knowing you saved 82% on this. #StaplesDeals
Let's take a trip down memory lane and see how coffee breaks inspired greatness.
Take a Break: The @Staples Breakroom Truck will be parked in Gov't Center until 4pm today with *free coffee & snacks*
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One thing that can make or break your #SmallBiz – morale. What's your #ProTip on keeping your team going?
Check out the @Staples Crazy for Coffee Pinterest board which has some great coffee recipes #coffeetalk
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Every office needs one. No, not a printer. Get up to a $50 Staples Gift Card when you buy a Keurig brewer #CoffeeTalk
Time for another giveaway from @Staples Answer this next question. #coffeetalk
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There’s nothing like a fresh pot of savings — we mean coffee. Only $3.99 for Maxwell House, limit 2. #CoffeeTalk
Want to Be Your Own Office Barista? @Staples can help with these great recipes #coffeetalk
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Give the people what they want! Save 20% on K-Cup packs now. What’s your favorite flavor? #CoffeeTalk
According to that same survey, 19% of employees don’t even break for lunch. Do you as the business owner? #coffeetalk
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Q2 If you are a hardcore coffee drinker, what’s your favorite brand? #coffeetalk
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You know I love to give away free stuff and we have 5 giveaways today from @Staples, so stay tuned. #coffeetalk
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For the next hour I'll be hosting a #sponsored #Tweetchat for @Staples to celebrate coffee! #coffeetalk
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Do you love coffee? I love coffee. To learn how breaks can benefit your #SmallBiz, join me at 1pm ET today w/ @Staples #CoffeeTalk
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Owl we want to know is what your coffee personality is. Take the quiz!
You provide the music. We'll provide the water and lighting effects. #StaplesDeals
Had to bust out the heavy artillery because it's THAT day of the week again. #CaseOfTheMondays
Hmm, would you rather pay $5 for 1 cup of coffee or $3.99 for 240 cups? #StaplesDeals
When you're like: "I WANT THIS," but should wait for a deal: Enter the #WeeklyAd. Ends 10/4.
Pull-ups. Crunches. Crunching chips counts, right? Shop our tech wearables & #feeltheburn
We feel like adding a little excitement, so we're going to let YOU reveal today's #StaplesDeals
What gives you the boost you need to complete your list of projects and #MakeMoreHappen?
Starting your own #SmallBiz? Brian Morgan, CEO of @AdventureLifer has 3 tips to get you started.…
If there's ever a great time to spill coffee on yourself, it's today. #WeekendsComing #LeavingEarly #TGIF
Thanks to all who entered our #MakeRoarHappen sweeps. Staples & @katyperry would like to congratulate winner Audra!