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The bottom line on SAT scores in one chart
Hmm, they got me pretty close at 35, just 4 year off.
So many modern churches go down about like this. What about a hymn or a truly spirit filled message from the...
Me at the beginning and end of the year!
I love my Kristen Popham Garland she's my one and only.
The Who were so far ahead of their time in 69-70 they were doing things that took other musicians over ten tears...
Well played Jesus, well played.
Here Is Definitive Proof That "Frozen" Is Literally The Same Movie As "The Lion King"
Headed to the hospital, apparently mom fell at walmart and cut herself rather badly and needs stitches.
Yep, both are great examples of the Hero's Journey. Beth Everett
Good going Pinson UMC choir.
Very funny and he makes some good points.
Online test to see if you are Wheat Gluten sensitive.…
Not eating wheat gluten can really make a difference in your child's health.
Good job, tifton First UMC.
You said it Papa Francis!