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everyones goin on holiday this year n i'll be sitting at home
what a load of codswallop
weather be like: mon - 17° ☀ tues - 14° ❄ wed - 6° ⛅ thurs - 9° ☔ fri - 21°☀ (with a chance of snow)
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I'm never sure if I actually have free time or if I'm just forgetting everything I have to do
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Looovely weekend ☆
This weather pisses me off, I feel like I have to be outside, but I have nothing to do.
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oh god, i'm terrified
just focus on YOU. focusing on when someone will call or talk to you makes you have anxiety. right now, live for YOU!
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i need a cuter face and a thinner waist
why do people put their uni's and what they're studying in their bio's, what are you getting from that
I've seen so many stay-at-home moms today. I pray for the ones that are in their late 20's/early 30's that wear Crocs and let themselves go.
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do you know what my son is being for halloween? a ghost, because he decided to drink and drive.
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the question is why are bras so expensive
Ever stop to think that girls can wear what they want and if a boy tries to take advantage then its cos he's a fucking idiot???
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Had a burger last night with the bf. Was reeeeal yummy.
Craving short bread biscuits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't think I could hack having more than two friends. Not that I have a choice but yeah