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I am that change!!! VANDEMATARAM!!! Truly appreciate Sukku and Bunny!!!
Lyrics of Sendhil's b'day video
Excerpt from brahmanandam garu's write up on allu ramalingiahgaru in andhrajyothi. A gr8 exercise for all actors.
Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination and a hard-to-find alloy called guts...
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..making in your mind prior to that".. I don't exactly remember what Rajnisir said except4his signature ha ha ha.I was in a happy delirium
How can I forget PSPK's call after release "This film might hav taken 2 years to make but I as a film maker I know it must have been in the
Still remember the words of appreciation by Chiranjeevi garu and tears of emotion in Srihari garu's eyes when I first narrated the script
Just saw my TL filled with 5yrs of MD tweets. All of us are blessed to be a part of that film which is so fondly remembered by so many..TQ
Done with a schedule last night. Today is a prep day for the the new schedule that is starting tomorrow..:)
@khushsundar: What else can be more apt than this pic??? :-):-):-)” Ha ha ha Especially true for us, hyderabadis
An interesting video on our DOP Sendhil. 😉…9
trailers of both #BangBang and #MaryKom are fantastic. Can't wait for the releases...
Wishing Vinay garu and his team a grand success with #Alluduseenu ... I am missing it, stuck in the shoot..:(
will thrive on content. The life line of traditional industry is glamour. Both of which r in abundance guaranteeing our survival.
Sir, I think both the industries will co exist constantly challenging each other.@RGVzoomin The no budget industry, if it comes into being
And don't take icecream as an example for its content..but as a working model..
Money and establishment is not required to make a film, but a story and determination. @RGVzoomin shows you how.
This can be the foundation for a parallel film industry that can emerge which can even challenge the traditional one in a few years time
Watched By @RGVzoomin 3times since last night. All the aspirational film makers out there watch this carefully
Until baahubali is completed I don't have time for anything else.. I would declare myself if anything props up..thank you..
Jet li.? ranabir..? Where did this spring up from.?? And Hollywood..? As if it is as easy as taking a ticket and boarding the plane.
Some sites report a tiff between me&Samantha based on our tweets yesterday. Do they REALLY don't understand that we were joking? Beats me...
Colors strewn over skies.. Last evening at Ramoji film city. Captured by Sendhil.
yet a riveting role and did complete justice. The two girls were very good. writer jeethu joseph gave a fantastic script..a winner!!
Drishyam is a refreshing change over film.A bit slow to takeoff, but once it did, held me in a grip till the end. Venkateshgaru did a subtle