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Next NBA Live -betting Webinar is this Wednesday beginning at 7 PM EST. I urge everyone to participate: DETAILS HERE:
Tonight's Steelers/TITANS selection is now posted w/analysis @ #NFLBestBets
This 1st period looks like a 20-minute power-play for Hurricanes. Shots on net: Carolina 15, San Jose 3. Score: 0-0
I knew that dude was going to miss that FG in Carolina cause the coach is an idiot on so many levels on that drive.
Eli Manning might be color blind. I'd get that checked out.
2 #NHL games for Sunday are now posted w/analysis #HockeyBets #BestBets
We've also previewed a bunch of other games in Week 10 in our blog section
We've added 1 more #NFL game and now have 5 selections posted w/analysis @ #NFLBestBets
Slowing way down in the #NHL today because Saturday's this year in the NHL have been a nightmare.
Just 1 #NHL game for Saturday is now posted w/analysis #NHLFaceOff #BestBets
Greatest tweet ever. RT @Renzo_Soprano: Is it wrong to eat a blueberry muffin that looks like my dog?
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Next Webinar for NBA live betting on Betfair goes this Wednesday. Details here:
On a 50.00 bet last night in the Cleveland/BOSTON game, we turned it into a $960.00 profit. We were free-rolling 6½ minutes into that game.
Last night was a great night for BETFAIR's live betting in the #NBA and we really hope some of you that attended the Webinar benefited.
4 Sunday NFL picks for Week 11 are now posted w/analysis @ #NFLBestBets
2 #NHL games for Friday are now posted w/analysis #NHLFaceOff #BestBets
#Jets came to play tonight, Man. do they look good #NHL
Our 3rd NBA Webinar for #LIVEBetting went last night and we turned a small investment into a another big profit,...
3 NHL picks, I NFL pick and 1 college football pick for Thursday are now posted w/analysis @:...
Tonight's Bills/Dolphins NFL selection is now posted w/analysis @ #NFLBestBets
3 #NHL games for Thursday are now posted w/analysis #NHLFaceOff #BestBets
Thanks to everyone that joined tonight's #NBA #Webinar. We played 4 games and free-rolled on all 4. We'll do it again next WEDNESDAY.
Tonight's FREE NBA betting Webinar will begin about 7 PM and I have room for 2 or three more. More details here:
1 #NHL game for Wesnesday is now posted w/analysis #NHLFaceOff #BestBets
Tonight's #NBA #LiveBetting #Webinar starts at 7 PM. Give me a shout if you plan on joining.
Home teams are 6-0 in the NHL so far. 3 other home teams, St. Louis, ARI and Nashville are all winning.
4 #NHL games for Tuesday are now posted w/analysis #NHLFaceOff #BestBets
Congrats to Felton McVoy for being the sole survivor in our annual 50K #SurvivorPool. There were 8 left from 589...
1 NHL pick and 1 NFL pick for Monday are now posted w/analysis @: /
Thanks to everyone that joined my NBA webinar the past two Wednesday's on Skype. As it turns out, Skype only...
Tonight's EAGLES/Panthers selection is now posted w/analysis @ #NFLBestBets
1 #NHL game for Monday is now posted w/analysis #NHLFaceOff #BestBets
BETFAIR Webinar for NBA basketball goes this Wednesday. All welcome. Details here:
In our $75 Survivor buy in pool worth 32K, there are 2 Survivors left. Good luck to Armand Hake and Donny Craig.
Incredible day. 8 #Survivors left and 7 were eliminated. Congrats to F. McVoy, our sole survivor in our annual $50K pool. Nice XMas present
So that's how you prepare for a team when you have 2 weeks to do it. #Brutal #Bears
Glad we won but that game is why shootouts must go. It's a shame for #RedWings or #Bolts to lose that one in a skills contest.
What an entertaining game between Lightning and Red Wings. To the shootout. I hope we win it, naturally.
Tonight's Bears/PACKERS selection is posted w/analysis @ #NFLBestBets
PI Jets. Offense. That's 4 that I've seen. There's probably more that I haven't seen because offensive PI is this week's flavor.
This week's zebra meeting went like this: Call more offensive PI penalties. See ya all next week
Just saw 3 offensive pass Interference calls in 3 different games in last 5 minutes. Have not seen 3 off. PI calls in last nine weeks
2 #NHL games for Sunday are now posted w/analysis #NHLFaceOff #BestBets
We're officially in on Tampa Bay +3 -105 at SIA #NFL #Bucs
We've added one NFL selection and now have 5 NFL games posted w/analysis @ #NFLBestBets
#BadBeats happen and they always will.
extreme bad luck in both UTAH and LSU. That just shows we need a miracle to lose and whomever picked the other side needed a miracle to win
3 point lead with 50 seconds left and getting 6½ points w/LSU and we're gonna rip our ticket up. I blame that Utah receiver for it all.