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This pic of Chargers King Dunlap and Eddie Royal isn't photoshopped. AMAZING! (via @ChargersRHenne)
This is what you call never giving up! (via vine/SkatingVines)
This baseball prank is hilarious (via vine/I.D.E.K.W.T.D) -
The Golden State Warriors' new arena drawings look a little too much like a toilet
That time that @MettaWorldPeace made sneakers with teddy bears on them.
We got @TheRealC_Portis & @michaelb4jordan in the house. Mike's not related to that b-ball guy. SN is on! ESPN2.
Thanks for playing the #SNPhotoGame! Catch our show in an hour and see which submissions made it on air!
Here is our #SNPhotoGame submission! Jay Cutler in Jurassic Park!
We’re playing the #SNPhotoGame! Put Jay Cutler in serious situations where he doesn’t care. We’ll RT our favorites!
SUPER COOL: James Harrison asked his kids if he could come out of retirement before re-signing with the Steelers
This youth football team’s attempt to epically run through their banner didn’t go as planned.
Well... there's a reason Geno Smith's name ends in NO.
Darko Milicic is becoming a kickboxer... YEP, kickboxer. READ:
Unlike the Jets, the Bears have opted to NOT call timeouts during their touchdowns.
Bad play by Geno Smith... At least he didn't butt fumble.
EXCLUSIVE: Jay Cutler is AMPED for Monday Night Football...
Desperate fantasy owners right now...
Eagles CB Cary Williams is not first Philly athlete to be "talkin' 'bout practice"...
Yep..this is happening on our show. We're recapping the football weekend. SN is on! ESPN2
Cam Newton would have a 0 fashion rating in Madden if that existed:
When someone tries to slide into bae’s DMs:
This high school player’s motivational speech is second to none
We were lucky enough to receive a copy of the trick play Johnny Football drew up for the Browns.
Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell fantasy owners...feel free to do this right now:
Marshawn Lynch = 99 Bout Dat Action Boss!
Tarvaris Jackson has 99 coin toss in Madden.
Why was Tarvaris Jackson out there at the coin toss?
😳😳😳😳😳 The game is
Today ... Peyton is Eli and Eli is Peyton.
Peyton is going to walk off the field after that INT like...
The Seattle kicker just missed that FG...and he still has more fantasy pts than Peyton.
Peyton may need to bribe these refs with some free pizza next half.
In Billy Madison is the Broncos vs. Seahawks in a nutshell...
The Seahawks just ran a play from Varsity Blues.
Awesome picture of the day. UPSIDE DOWN FOOTBALL!